Today we play Lucky Block Walls using Disney Villains Lucky Blocks in


  • Anna Hacker 4 months ago


  • Isaiah Johnson 4 months ago

    Mk ultra glitch confirmeeeeddddd

  • hunter loftis 4 months ago

    Y’all should do kingdom hearts lucky blocks

  • Kyle Gorel 4 months ago

    If Ben is a bean, doesn’t that make squishy a squid?

  • Kookie Kookie Stole my Kookie 4 months ago

    I just got a rip headphones users

  • MAK Kaloczy 4 months ago

    Go spy kids!!

  • Crafting Dj 4 months ago

    Do a nerf free for all in the office

  • 3:30

  • RandomAce 4 months ago

    I know not all of you will see this comment, but for those of you who do I hope you reach your goals/dreams! 😀 My biggest goal is hitting 100 subs before 2018!

  • Hawks 4445 4 months ago

    Do 2v2v2v2

  • Apez27 Gaming Channel 4 months ago

    Does blade have a YouTube channel?

  • EpicScenes 4 months ago

    I know not all of you will see this comment, but for those of you who do I hope you reach your goals/dreams! 😀 My biggest goal is hitting 100 subs before 2018!

  • Master Shark 4 months ago

    “It’s still the weekend” looks at watch and it’s 11:57 on Sunday night. Yep

  • Jon Milton 4 months ago


  • Nightmare Plushies 4 months ago

    Someday I will kidnap Jerome and tell him to take my real life donation

  • Nightmare Plushies 4 months ago

    And that sound really stupid wat I say

  • Zachary Peterson 4 months ago

    Dr facilier is princess and the frog

  • :Cool :Aura :water :M 4 months ago

    The only famous about Jerome is his nose

  • Rex 51 4 months ago


  • Eric Martinez 4 months ago


  • Ryan Giraldo 4 months ago

    Capture the flag

  • Reuben Sutton 4 months ago

    loki, ultron and others are also technically disney villians

  • Lightning Craft 4 months ago

    Very likely Disney owns Marvel

  • Allen Konjovic 4 months ago

    Do a kingdom hearts one

  • Justin Boberg 4 months ago

    When will he learn strength doesn’t stack, like he gave up health boost 2 legs for a strength that would do nothing.

  • doms life 4 months ago

    At least it’s no shave November jerome

  • Nevaeh Hamilton 4 months ago

    dr falsifier is forom princess and the frog

  • Daniel Gallegos 4 months ago

    Raw talent am I right?😂

  • XxSonictazexX 06 4 months ago

    Battleship tournament

  • Sam Playz 4 months ago

    Remember when jake pal was in disney

  • Mike Proctor 4 months ago

    Bacca Beard the pirate .

  • Johnle Aguirre 4 months ago

    Spy kids lucky block

  • Tam Htam 4 months ago

    RIP and gg

  • Ashley Ang 4 months ago


  • Steven Harlow 4 months ago

    How does Jerome have an estimated net worth of 1.4 million?

  • little scientist 4 months ago

    Would you rather watch the Little mermaid or the bacca mermaid and the parmashan pits

  • Gabi Barukcic 4 months ago

    I want to see you play with evryone monopoly in real life

  • GamingbrineMC - Minecraft & More 4 months ago

    Spy kids lucky block???
    Oh my GOD!!
    SPY KIDS!!

  • TheGamer 10 4 months ago

    Why don’t you make nice posture clothing lucky blocks like all the armor are nice posture clothing merch

  • JayHack JK 4 months ago

    second channel:BRING BACK SHELL SHOCK

  • Weixian Tan Wei Xian 4 months ago

    I hope that he will do more of lucky

  • jason tse 4 months ago

    do Q&A with them

  • Cbry3melie 11 4 months ago

    Your beared suits you jerome…. it looks good on you. ♥

  • JoshuaGamingMCPE 4 months ago

    do a nerf gun war with the whole nice posture squad except for ben 🙂

  • Le Nick 4 months ago

    36:35 the milk is literally on the hotbar

  • JGS Gaming 4 months ago

    Yay we will finally see what blade looks like

  • dbz king 4 months ago

    Play Yu-Gi-Oh

  • Mangekyō Sharingan 4 months ago

    Spy kids

  • Caden Sawyer 4 months ago


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