Today we play Lucky Block Walls with the Astral Lucky Block


  • Bacon Cow 8 months ago

    Anime is my life so pls dont

  • Eslot Takenis 8 months ago

    its haunted weapons that why the mobs are invisible

  • James Bradley 8 months ago

    Ben n Alex died today

  • Pan!cing gamer 8 months ago

    SAO and shokugeki are da best anime

  • just ified 8 months ago

    Blade didn’t get banned he got beaned

  • AbelPlayz 8 months ago

    Jerome play Prison architect

  • Pankaj Kurkure 8 months ago

    Please reply

  • reeve lester 8 months ago

    jrome my minecraft username is harryp0tterjr so i say who wins harry p0tter wins vs spiderman #like this plz

  • Jasmine Clarke 8 months ago

    Put a death counter on, I just think it would be amusing 😊😄

  • Tyler Godfrey 8 months ago

    I don’t like pizza sad face

  • Quinn Short 8 months ago

    where’s is tewity gosh please get more tewity

  • Music ForYou 8 months ago

    Alex – Sooooooo do you like… Pizza?

    Ben – Making my way downtown, walking streets mining holes!!

  • Pepperoni Lover 8 months ago


  • ariff john 8 months ago

    shokugeki no soma great anime

  • Nathaniel Mao 8 months ago

    wheres Tooty

  • Gabriel Im 8 months ago

    I like spuderman so I say Spider-Man

  • NewRedskin 8 months ago

    More lucky block walls

  • Joshua Williamson 8 months ago

    harry potter

  • Brendyn Wiersum 8 months ago

    You should do dk lucky block wallz

  • swishcurry34 lol 8 months ago

    wheres tewtiy

  • 15Briannakay 8 months ago


  • 15Briannakay 8 months ago


  • Shawn Eley II 8 months ago

    play Roblox I subscribed

  • Shawn Eley II 8 months ago

    why does Alex s Minecraft skin look like a grape that is a pimp

  • Willie Watson go go go 8 months ago

    3k to sud

  • landon falk 8 months ago


  • Torin 8 months ago

    Naruto manga is good the anime is meh

  • Willie Watson go go go 8 months ago


  • Robert Doyle 8 months ago

    Your the best jerome

  • Corey Kerlick 8 months ago

    The invisible mobs are haunted weapons

  • michael dulude 8 months ago

    you should do a bacca lucky blocks walls

  • twisted dream 8 months ago

    everyone get mad when they don’t play walls but I still mad about everyone forgot about survival dome

  • Brooke Bierbaum 8 months ago

    I ordered pizza but got a sandwich

  • jesus ramos 8 months ago


  • Owen King 8 months ago

    do a delta, rainbow, and a spiral!

  • Savage YoloBro 8 months ago

    it is a good anime. naruto can rasengan u Ben so… and king nasty tricks doesn’t work on hisbharem just XD

  • nicholas7355 8 months ago

    do a og walls with the mining and stuff no lucky blocks

  • Partyguy 101 8 months ago

    sword art online is great both seasons

  • Ganteng - Corporation 8 months ago


  • Mikado Lam 8 months ago


  • Brooke Bierbaum 8 months ago

    AVADA KADABRA (yes it says dab)

  • Geraldine Brouillette 8 months ago

    as weird as this sounds unlucky bows are better than lucky bows

  • insect161 8 months ago

    Those r potions r like lucky block n not luck potions

  • SwagMasterRashawn 12 8 months ago

    kms….He said sword art online is stupid….😭😭😭😭

  • Ethan Malik 8 months ago

    no Dragon Ball Z is the best

  • Baccaking182 8 months ago

    Jerome why no hunger gamez

  • DynamicCobra Gladden 8 months ago

    sword art online I think it good

  • Stephen Torraco 8 months ago

    bens awesome didn’t know thought he was nasty

  • TheKyloBoy3398 8 months ago

    Hey Jerome I told this To pdawg too but he is an important part of my life and so are you because you inspired me to make my own YouTube channel so I want to thank you

  • Phantom_Marionet Gamer 8 months ago

    I was lmfao the entire time Jerome had the superhero potion on XD

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