• McMatrixKing YT 2 weeks ago

    Hi Preston I have been watching your channel for 2 and half years and you have always been what I look forward to getting home. Thank you for making great videos everyday

  • Janet Moscaya 2 weeks ago

    YO PRESTON!! I have THAT AMAZING FIRE SHIRT!! FLAMEZ R ON!! I’m from the Philippines.. It’s hot too.. BUT ITS MORE AND MORE HOT THERE (I guess)

    (If my English is bad, *sobs*)


  • Janet Moscaya 2 weeks ago

    Good Luck with your wife 😉

  • Colyat 2 weeks ago

    I feel the heat preston im also texan

  • Alpha_VampWolf 2 weeks ago

    Ive been watching for what seems like forever and seeing you marry the woman who makes you very happy is just so amazing to see! She is absolutely gorgeous, im happy for you both!!! Keep smiling! 😊❤️

  • Nate Hughes 2 weeks ago

    When did he sell the mclaren?

  • Sophia C 2 weeks ago

    Bedtime stories is a real thing…

  • Life of Silver 2 weeks ago


  • 昭 夫 2 weeks ago

    The only person who can make a 20 minutes parkour video.

  • Maclp3 GamesYT 2 weeks ago

    Do Blank By Disfigure or Disfigure by Blank idk which it is

  • Chelisa Gotobed 2 weeks ago

    you are right preston i don’t miss wallstreet

  • Andrew Fong 2 weeks ago

    get the whole pack together and do a lava run

  • JJRacer 2 weeks ago

    I HATE YOU PRESTON YOU CLICKED BATE my YouTube channel is jjracer44 srry my name is not jjracer44

  • Ghost Origins 2 weeks ago

    Preston Happy late honeymoon and wedding!!

  • Arika Kwok 2 weeks ago

    Do some more pubg in your PHONE

  • wolfloner 5 2 weeks ago

    preston u will win

  • Rhino Dino 2 weeks ago

    Yes wall street that’s an awesome movie also Preston for some reason comments aren’t loading for me so congrats on the wedding also u need to watch more movies

  • ninja subeditor 2 weeks ago

    Sorry preston I wasn’t there to watch your wedding:( but very very happy marriage life 🙂

  • Ross Dalley 2 weeks ago

    preston wins

  • Limco Red 2 weeks ago

    Preston i want to play in your server but its premuim can u make i cracked-premuim pls 🙁 Please reply to my comment ^_^

  • HR Striker Gaming 2 weeks ago

    You already played this map Preston. You played this map with Unspeakable and Moosecraft. I’ve been watching your vids for 1 and a half year😂

  • TheExile !! 2 weeks ago

    Wall street is a noob

  • winter Queen 2 weeks ago

    its winter for me :p

  • Hunter Gates 2 weeks ago

    Hey prest pls mention me and find me my xbox account is JediKai1203 no spaces and make a vid with me pls

  • Hunter Gates 2 weeks ago

    Pls do and make more vids I love the way you play minecraft

  • iiDev_Breezy YT 2 weeks ago

    Wallstreets face is the demonic skin of nakroth in aov

  • Hunter Gates 2 weeks ago

    I just want to say u awesome

  • Cameron Mayea 2 weeks ago

    Yo he brought back a good movie talking about bed time stories

  • Lewis O'Reilly 2 weeks ago

    In support to shot

  • Chezca Macedo 2 weeks ago

    hi preston your pro in Minecraft pocket edition

  • Lewis O'Reilly 2 weeks ago


  • Dino Nakajima 2 weeks ago

    Walle is a big stupid noooooooobbbb!!!!!!

  • Luke Kilshaw 2 weeks ago

    nooo green walstreet

  • Rocco Pizza 2 weeks ago

    Take that back or ill put 10 butter biscuits in you mouth😂😂

  • Everlynch marticio 2 weeks ago

    preston!please help me i dont know how to make account on minecraft please teach me

  • HUNTER 1427 2 weeks ago

    You should play giant lava run and small lava run 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Best gamer 2 weeks ago

    Walley is such a cheater

  • tafa hegab 2 weeks ago

    You oh Wally a ring😄

  • Stacy Yeo 2 weeks ago

    Preston be patient in parkour.

  • Hayley Peters 2 weeks ago

    Preston good luck in the future

  • CookiePuff 2 weeks ago

    Preston is fighting himself lol HAHAHHAHA

  • unspeakable gamer 2 weeks ago

    Love your vids

  • Robel Kidane 2 weeks ago

    Please stop dabbing ☺️

  • Lux Lacis 2 weeks ago

    Preston I would get told off if I said scrubs


  • Cloudfactor 2 weeks ago

    preston could you play some more bedwars with wallstreet and shotgun

  • Githendra23 2 weeks ago

    Hey everyone i posted this comment for you guys because i need your help to grow my channel, i know that my videos are worst than other but thx if you guys check out my vids 🙂

  • genefe dormido 2 weeks ago

    Taht what im talking anout my man

  • pizza wolf gameing 2 weeks ago

    every one thats reads this messge look a my vedios and subscribe

  • TheDragonKnight 2 weeks ago

    Im glad this vid has prestonplayz in it

  • Paul Ruff 2 weeks ago

    Can’t believe he hasn’t seen “Bedtime Stories.”

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