Today we play the 100vs100 PIXELMON MINI GAME!



  • lazerman27 8 months ago

    Happy Canada Day 150

  • Kat The Empoleon 8 months ago

    when your mad that he didn’t use stone edge

  • Hayden Boutte 8 months ago

    PIXELMON season 2 plz

  • Shadowsniper 95 8 months ago

    The fact that he didn’t use disarming voice on the Clefable pisses me off so much. It’s a decent fairy move, and he could have won that game if he used it.

  • David Bartolon 8 months ago

    hi buttholes

  • Donovan Moser 8 months ago

    what is the name of the modpack

  • I got a Phone 8 months ago

    It was 106 vs 106 cause the 6 you had already

  • Springy Lord 8 months ago

    wowowowowo he doesn’t even know how to evolve his favorite pokemon he said use a upgrade on a porygon 2 it’s a dubious disk you noob

  • Sandra Evans 8 months ago

    get a bunch of friends and do a pixelmon tournament or another pixelmon island

  • • • 8 months ago

    watching this with double speed because I’m too impatient not too

  • AWES0MNE5S 8 months ago

    Jerome, you have 106 pokemon each, its because that you have 6 pokemon that are not in your pc (they are in your inventory thingy). if you wanted to each have 100 pokemon, you would only need 4 pokemon in box 4

  • Thaniele Lontoc 8 months ago

    I think when jerome sent out shieldon he is pretty lucky because he made a lot of double protects

  • IFluffyI Playz 8 months ago

    U should of not wasted the skarmarony

  • ice75521 8 months ago

    its 106 pokemon 😕 they forgot to count ones on them

  • Ign: SaveingWolf 8 months ago

    6×5 = 30 a box 30x3boxs =90 90+6 in inventory =96 so you need 4 in box 4 maks 100

    I haven’t watched all

  • Alexander Elderhorst 8 months ago

    lol he had 6 too many pokemon rip slaking and metagross

  • k9 death21 8 months ago

    where H4M

  • k9 death21 8 months ago


  • k9 death21 8 months ago

    we want H4M

  • k9 death21 8 months ago

    do H4M

  • k9 death21 8 months ago


  • levi fire xd 8 months ago

    Jerome I vote Jerome

  • Carissa Hawkins 8 months ago

    go jerome!!!!!!!!

  • Eduardo Medina 8 months ago

    jerome plzz play pixelmon agian i enjoyed that series

  • STEALTHY25 8 months ago

    Did Jerome not realise what attack his clefable did with metronome. IT WAS JUDGEMENT the signature move of ARCEUS

  • Carissa Hawkins 8 months ago


  • Lindsay Britt 8 months ago

    I won my first basketball game but lost my second game it still was fun though

  • Lodith Sempron 8 months ago

    : each box has 30 slots so 3 boxes full 4 slots in box 4 cause 6 in main

  • xXMatthewEX GamingXx 8 months ago

    its 4 because u got 6 on your team☺

  • Christopherweg 8 months ago

    Please tell me what Mod you are using 😀

  • Ricki Larsen 8 months ago

    f you jerome i just wanted a shout out

  • Hiho Tito 8 months ago

    i think u should do a super long stream when u do a 1000vs1000 battle

  • Enrique Navarro 8 months ago


  • BISHAL SUBBA 8 months ago


  • Kieran Clark 8 months ago

    going to summer camp today

  • Dani R 8 months ago

    why did Jerome not use copycat I would say it is one of the best move in the world

  • Cutie Mudkip 8 months ago


  • YoloGateGaming 107119 8 months ago

    Let me. Axes you a question.Audino if this was farfetched to you

    The Puns

  • Anna Kuhlmann 8 months ago

    can you use the pixlemon lucky blocks more and if you do can you play pixlemon rullett

  • killer x 2 dj 8 months ago


  • Beulah auhiha 8 months ago

    You can get yourself in this place Mine^craft P.r.e.m.i.u.m A.c.c.o.u.nt totally free the low risk or just will work

  • Valley TROLL 8 months ago

    when jerome doesnt mega drain i literally tilt

  • Jargon Me king 8 months ago

    Gona report this for nudity

  • Mel Barkhaus 8 months ago

    you guys got 106 because of your current 6 slots in your queue

  • Tennao 8 months ago

    just to think that jerome would have won if he didnt think about his miscalculations in counting

  • Alessandro Landolfi 8 months ago

    Everyone is commenting they had 106 Pokémon, please watch the full video and not just the very beginning

  • xXBlake GamingXx 8 months ago

    This is awesome

  • Shawn Chau 8 months ago

    Was anyone screaming for him to use guillotine on bisharp

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