Can we find the right chest out of 1000?!?
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  • PopularMMOs 3 months ago

    I can’t believe how many chests were in this map….LOL. I hope you guys enjoy! I will be commenting to a bunch of you!

  • MartinGames YT 3 months ago

    Pat i herd you sad condoms and not candles

  • Fazboy 1987 3 months ago


  • Victoria Dorosz 3 months ago

    It should be 100 chests

  • Jane Heppenstall 3 months ago

    Hai pat and jen! 😀 :3

  • brayden duinink 3 months ago

    pat` a`lwa`ys seem s `to get a big he`a`d

  • nichole asdaho 3 months ago


  • Hassan Abdulla 3 months ago

    why pat come on that quartz parkour is easy you don’t need Jen to help you just go run don’t stop when you stop the momentum is lost

  • dafne Hugs 3 months ago


  • Owe Owe 3 months ago

    Int captions Jen said walking in the boys instead forest 😎

  • Funtime Foxy Playz Minecraft 3 months ago

    Hi :3

  • Callum GamingTV 3 months ago

    I love you!!!
    Jen (Stay Evil)
    Pat (More Videos)

  • Charlucar Gaming 3 months ago


  • abody dody 3 months ago

    hello pat ilove you

  • DJ NIGHT WING dead 3 months ago

    My name is DAVID

  • Owe Owe 3 months ago

    Then in the funny captions Pat said good boy check common peace” lol

  • Funtime Foxy Playz Minecraft 3 months ago


  • doggy lover 20 3 months ago


  • Änna Smith 3 months ago

    hi please sub to me

  • doggy lover 20 3 months ago


  • Overload Games and more 3 months ago

    do a lucky block hunger games on this map
    like if u agree

  • SniperCoC444 3 months ago

    Pasense por mi canal subo Minecraft

  • a nice guy 3 months ago

    Is a beatiful day outside bird are singing flowers are bloming on days like this kids like you should be burning in hell 🙂

  • jay cruzada 3 months ago

    pat and jen play hypixel or roblox

  • Owe Owe 3 months ago

    The most funnyiest in the funny captions Pat said:oh my condoms!” Try the captions please leave a like to my captions 😎 boy! Subcribed!

  • Red animator 3 months ago

    play 15 Ways To Enter A Base 2. it’s a awesome map for awesome people like you!

  • squiderp 12 3 months ago

    React to Popularmmos singing the pokemon theme song by Youtubers Sing

  • Ridwan Ali 3 months ago


  • Vincent Nguyen 3 months ago


  • Wardatul Haiqal 3 months ago

    Pet my ACER No on I on my Samsung

  • leon derek luces 3 months ago

    BTW dantdm also played this map and I will spoil MUAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Jago Fry 3 months ago


  • Soy Sauce 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that kept hereing Condom and Not Candel……Yeah Probably

  • Finley Davies 3 months ago


  • Pacific best 3 months ago

    SOOOO MANY CHESTS (chestception!)😎

  • Jo Robinson 3 months ago


  • Xyrus Diño 3 months ago

    Oh wait it wasdan tdm

  • Mattias Beskow 3 months ago

    Would be a pain if i would dislike the 420s dislike

  • KanimetionZ 3 months ago

    play bayonetta

  • Princess K Disney 3 months ago

    Do a meet and greet

  • Micheal Schimanski 3 months ago

    It’s my birthday today so pat can u be my finad

  • TheSwordMaster 3 months ago

    Cc iskskss

  • Николай Тодоров 3 months ago


  • Julia Witczak 3 months ago

    if anyone reads comments before actually watching i am writing a spoiler so unless you don’t want to find out yourself what will happen do not press read more… (p.s. dan played this too)

    this is a horror map

  • Zeina gaming 3 months ago


  • unicornlover23/ nerdgamer 3 months ago

    if u watch bfdi:

  • Angelina Noor 3 months ago

    Btw dantdm played this and I’m so excited that watch you guys play it

  • NetherCat 3 months ago

    Check my chanel

  • Michael Selner 3 months ago


  • Fianna Holzman 3 months ago

    Why you no say ah before vidios

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