• Fighting Illini 2 weeks ago

    Play more roblox murder with tewity

  • Canaan Ferry 2 weeks ago

    I just got a channel so I can finally comment and subscribe to all of my fav YouTubers!

  • Destroyer 9000 2 weeks ago

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh buddy

  • Dragontheflame42 Dragon 2 weeks ago


  • Marc Galindo 2 weeks ago

    Super sayian 3 jerome

  • Daniel the Progamer 2 weeks ago

    Can you do ark pleas
    Thanks jrowm

  • Lyoko IronHeart 2 weeks ago

    Huh, I never Knew ye Guys Knew Bon Jovi…

  • James Rudd 2 weeks ago

    I had poppy

  • Justin 2 weeks ago

    can you do a project e luckyblock

  • 6NOGames 2 weeks ago

    Near 7:12 in this stream Dasha cuss’s and they try to cover it up with “I SAID SHUTUP” no You

  • CausedByNight21 2 weeks ago

    Mah ears hurt from that intro 🙁 I thought Ben was naaaasty

  • Tori W 2 weeks ago

    That intro was rip my ears 😵

  • JetBlast 2119 2 weeks ago

    That oh buddy…

  • JD Castro 2 weeks ago

    Jerome whenever there are bombs, don’t use your best armor.

  • OKM 5406 2 weeks ago

    Jerome, can you please play monster industries with Tewity, Ben and Alex. But with no pranks.

  • Wallace Abberton 2 weeks ago

    Jerome you need to continue terraria

  • Smug Cirno 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for the earape

  • gamerboy forlife 2 weeks ago

    1:11 my ears are bleading🙁

  • glich 76 2 weeks ago

    My mum almost killed me cuz your intro was soooo loud

  • ATeam 2 weeks ago

    dacia is why I watch these

  • NyAnCaTbOy6 2 weeks ago

    do lucky block walls everyone gets 100luck blocks or -100luck blocks! plz

  • Tyler Mcdonagh 2 weeks ago

    Jerome do more town of salem and move or die

  • Henry Tudor 2 weeks ago

    Play smart NOT QUICK

  • Alexander Elderhorst 2 weeks ago

    ok Jerome your issue in these blocks is that you use your good set of armour off the bat while everybody has heaps of bombs and it degrades your armour sooo quickly remember the rainbow armour last time? Put on a less valuable one to take the bullets first and so you do not damage your own armour with your bombs. Then cleanup with good armour.

  • Bobby Hudson-Lloyd 2 weeks ago

    woah we’re half way there ohh squidward on a chair!

  • Daniel Wilbraham 2 weeks ago

    Where’s Tewity Been

  • Steve c bondy 2 weeks ago

    Ooooooooooooooooo beny

  • Gerrycorn_ Ducky 2 weeks ago

    Bork 193

  • Angus Feng 2 weeks ago

    Jeromes so ignorant he drops so much stuff. A mob zooka and he’s like OH IMA JUST OPEN A BUNCHA BLOCKS NEAR THE FIRE

  • Joeman Does Gaming And More 2 weeks ago

    GREAT idea Jerome

  • Grisha che 2 weeks ago

    get ender chests to store all the items yu get

  • Tarek Deyaa 2 weeks ago

    Im early

  • Du Flash 2 weeks ago

    I like it

  • dan howard 2 weeks ago

    Jerome would have bean able to win if not for sigils erasing the orbs

  • dan howard 2 weeks ago

    It’s aculy an undicied for real mach

  • dan howard 2 weeks ago

    And bring back tewty

  • Angel Tosca 2 weeks ago

    #bring tewty back

  • Blackwolf07 2 weeks ago

    Can someone tell me how to add the lucky block mod on Minecraft pocket edition plz it would really help

  • Draggy654 2 weeks ago

    Are alex and datia dating?

  • Zackary Simler 2 weeks ago

    When will you do vids with preston again

  • Calla Yang 2 weeks ago


  • Chris Balatsas 2 weeks ago

    Austin and Andrew cheat allot

  • Camelia Taha 2 weeks ago

    all lucky blocks were made for pat n jen

  • Wicked 180 2 weeks ago

    I’m so confused are dasha and Alex dating or just really good friends?😂

  • ZongKuo Liu 2 weeks ago


  • Thien Bui 2 weeks ago

    Who heard when jerome started the vid with his omega mega ultra dope cool oooooohhhhhh buddy ( only the ooooooooohhhhhhhhh) sound like the IMA FIRE MAH LAZAR

  • Thien Bui 2 weeks ago

    Does anybody look in the chat?

  • Thien Bui 2 weeks ago

    When u jump super high it means u can get some decent loot

  • Patrick McLaughlin 2 weeks ago

    Oooohhhoo Dash has nice hair

  • dank memes 2 weeks ago


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