The Aquatic Update is now out for Minecraft bedrock, which includes


  • PotatoChipQueen 1 week ago

    What a perfect time for my cat to break my laptop so I can’t try this out for another month…

  • Mr. Meme 1 week ago

    This is stupid why is ps4 minecraft being forgotten

  • cheks 82 1 week ago

    On ps4 ??

  • Zoo Key Kni 1 week ago

    what about ps3?

  • You’ve Been Trolled 1 week ago

    Is ps3 our yet?

  • KarolBigFire / carrots channel 1 week ago

    No you can’t lier

  • I love music And songs 1 week ago

    Not minecraft Xbox one

  • james the child 1 week ago

    Guess ill check my pc soon lol

  • MICHELE GUNTER 1 week ago

    Why is there no turtles, beacons, blue ice, or the mystery mob un mine? The rest of the mobs were in there though.

  • Fox123 PlaysGames 1 week ago

    Is PS4 getting this update

  • kidsansmerks /sans 1 week ago

    Is it on PS4?

  • RainyBump206 1 week ago

    I thought it was coming to 360. 🙁

  • Woody Rogers 1 week ago

    I’m not finding drowned are they in the update? Also tried to drown a zombie and it died???

  • MLO99 1 week ago

    ps3 too ?

  • mark Zuckerberg 1 week ago

    Does it even update for the PsVita

  • bulbasaur farts 1 week ago

    Xbox360 ain’t there 😪

  • Random Stuff 1 week ago

    Please make java and bedrock edition playable with each other on realms

  • Jacob 1 week ago

    Is anyone else having issues with the sprinting?

  • Viking C5 1 week ago

    What about PS4 . .

  • Nightcore Matrix 1 week ago

    is it out for 360?

  • holly merculieff 1 week ago

    What about ps4

  • Edog0909 1 week ago

    What about ps4

  • David Kollin 1 week ago

    When is it out on ps4

  • Michael Jimenea 1 week ago

    I have aquatic update in mcpe

  • Orange Smoke 1 week ago

    I’m happy Xbox 360 is not getting this update.
    Oh wait they are, just not today.
    I don’t want this update on Xbox 360.

  • Miska Viertola 1 week ago

    Can you find and make a video about all biomes seed with this update?

  • Just Juan 1 week ago

    can we have the seed of that world?

  • Jax_Atax 1 week ago

    1.4? You mean 1.13?

  • OMG_Its_Widow 1 week ago

    Can we just start a petition to make sony stop being money hungry assholes and allow cross platform play and bedrock edition

  • Cleinden 1 week ago

    So all of these features are on all minecraft platforms including PS4 correct?

  • oh yea on the bedrock but not the original version of mc

  • Zelda Fan 1 week ago

    What about the switch

  • LOLLBACKED! 1 week ago

    when will come out for optifine?

  • melbourne transit 1 week ago

    Xbox 360

  • Kinga Brons 1 week ago

    Why is it not on PS4

  • Naveed Ashraf 1 week ago


  • TobiCevaLuke 1 week ago

    Me when ik what the song at the end is : YEAAAAAAAH WHOOOO SPAGHETTI! * flips table and throws spaghetti every where *

  • Xy20 Gaming 1 week ago

    Um in ps3 why don’t work

  • Xy20 Gaming 1 week ago


  • Xy20 Gaming 1 week ago

    um going to dislike the video because it still not in ps3 >:(

  • Theme park edits 1 week ago

    Is it on Xbox 1 edition

  • Freakygamer01 1 week ago

    I also noticed that new inventory animation were it fade in and out instead of just appearing

  • Galactic Collector 1 week ago

    Omg I was like why is this guy talking so fast and I remembered who I’m watching lol

  • [Redacated] [Redicated] 1 week ago

    Your lying its not out yet

  • Stuart Macrow 1 week ago

    I don’t like is sorry

  • Argo Tiger 1 week ago

    Where is the java edition for this update?

  • iain appel 1 week ago

    I don’t have the update for Xbox 360

  • Chiropractor 1 week ago


  • Dat Boi 1 week ago

    If I got a penny every time he said water, I would be a millionaire

  • Slice of cake 1 week ago

    Now i have to wait for june 21 for it on my switch.. i have java on my pc 🙁

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