• Beylords 8 months ago

    hi my gamertag is Beylords can you add me on the realms please thx

  • Muhammad Saad 8 months ago

    Hi plz ad me to your raelm my gamertag socialseeker513

  • faisal mohammad 8 months ago

    Plz add me my gamertag is Unboundlotus211

  • Cow Craft 8 months ago

    Ecko I subscribed please add me to your realm your the best youtuber ever so please add me to your realm my gamer tag is FanaticToast424

  • LinusAbsolut 8 months ago

    And about that subject of phones. I got my first phone when I was like 13 lol.

  • LyfeBroo 8 months ago

    Ecko plz add me gamertag: LyfeBroo

  • coolcraftermc 8 months ago

    Ecko can i join pls I’m not small youtuber who wants fame with the most awesome youtuber and I watched you since you had 500k and I love your videos I’m your number one fan👌and pls my gamertag:forwardvoice102

  • enderben playz 8 months ago

    Gt enderbenplayz

  • PROGAMER119900 8 months ago

    When are you gonna make a download for soggy adventure

  • lorcan mcneill 8 months ago

    u should make a map download tutorial

  • CrimlesticPlayz 8 months ago

    Yo eco try playing terraria

  • greenboy2012 8 months ago

    I friended you ecko

  • youssef mohamed 8 months ago

    can you do the next episode in day time

  • GianticPizzas 8 months ago

    Do it again pls

  • dxdog 67 8 months ago

    Everyone please sub to me

  • Leonardo Caballero 8 months ago

    How do you become a sponcer

  • Dboss baby 8 months ago

    I want to join please!!😣

  • Dboss baby 8 months ago

    “Dbossbaby73″pleassssss i beg you!!

  • RockyDBZ Hamza101 8 months ago

    Bro can you add me to join your realm my username is SSGSSGODGoku101 ok no one adds me can you add me plzzzz thanks

  • Tyler Buchanan 8 months ago

    Minecraft windows 10 edition just freezes on me

  • The awesome moose 8 months ago

    My gamer tag i AppearedQuill72

  • Jake Coughlan 8 months ago

    My username is Redheads597 or GrovelingTax there both my accounts

  • killerbeenl 8 months ago

    New show: Learning bedrock redstone with mumbo. >_<

  • Dr.boomexplode 8 months ago

    Hi can I get invited gamertag is drboom033106

  • CYBER MC//NCPR GAMING19 8 months ago


  • Jax Vlogs And More 8 months ago


  • Average Idiot 8 months ago

    Everyone is beging for an inventation they wont receive lol

  • FireBoyPlayz 8 months ago

    Please add me gamertag – FireBoyPlayz777

    Please add me I just got XBox and want to do new things. Hope you get 1,000,000 million subscribers

  • Rithy fun 8 months ago

    gamertag:Green 2017

  • Valerie Acevedo 8 months ago

    Add my sun it’s HaloBossKid55

  • RaginPlayer 8 months ago

    All the commands blocks are stuck on impulse plz tell me why

  • chanafish 8 months ago

    Hi ecko please please can I join your Realm.Gamertag:TheMan9uy

  • Pikachu947 8 months ago

    Add me on xbox guys, BreezyOwl947

    Like so many other people can see, including ecko

  • Harry Houtsnipper 8 months ago

    *Can I join your realm, I never ever joined a realm before (and I willl play nice)* GT: BlueElephant350

  • Crazy Hands-Minecraft&More 8 months ago

    Ecko can I be invite IG KaiEnder25

  • A saiah2005 8 months ago

    So hype can I join love u and it would be a dream come true

  • A saiah2005 8 months ago

    my name tag asaiah2005 my friend HyperBlade 1 inv him to?

  • Rhys Andrusiewicz 8 months ago

    Hey my nametag is alightrookie I’ve like the vidio please

  • Mark Cerra 8 months ago

    Can join I subscribed and gamertag is PrimeApollo8598

  • Mark Cerra 8 months ago

    Gamertag is PrimeApollo8598

  • blaž Zelnik 8 months ago

    This is on xbox?

  • Rjasper 02 8 months ago

    anyone wanna join my realm?? like this and comment down or add me GT: rjasper02

  • VanillaWolf Lk 8 months ago

    I meam i can try Gt: VanillaWolfLk

  • jake potocsky 8 months ago

    Jakepo44 is my Xbox

  • Abou B. 8 months ago

    Ecko can I be invited to your realm plz (I will play by your rules) GT:UrbanAura397174

  • PigsDaBomb 8 months ago

    Can I plz join your realm I subscribed and liked the video and I’m a big fan, my gamertag is Piggles101

  • YTslimeXDgaming-minecraft pe 8 months ago

    ima youtuber so can you add me

  • CoC PA!N 8 months ago

    I’m looking for epic builder for my realm anyone has interest ? lets play togehter  🙂 🖒
    My Gamertag GuardianPain97
    If you added me as your friend please invite me and show me how well you can build

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