A new structure was found in the reveal for the turtle, which is


  • Bonnie roleplay 5 months ago

    Wait behind and to the right of the UBO there is this WIERD transparent thing is that just lighting or a new VERY WIERD water mob I’m trying to find other secrets in the picture.

  • Deathbypvt 5 months ago

    you can see another creature in the top left corner. it looks like a manta ray to me

  • Jerrod Benson 5 months ago

    I like turtles

  • David Gobert 5 months ago

    Wait will this come to ps4 one of my sisters favorite animals are turtles

    Its a crazy obsession…

  • Oshawott who is secretly Genji Shimada 5 months ago

    Maybe since they’re changing the water physics, and you wont be able to get air from partial blocks like slabs or doors anymore, its a little spot to catch your breath? Heck, unlikely as it is, maybe it has a property that restores your air just by being near it? we have no way of proving or disproving it yet

  • Ethan Hawksley 5 months ago

    *A T L A N T I S C O N F I R M E D ?*

  • Person Pacman 5 months ago

    stop adding new MOBS

  • Anthony Usery Jr. 5 months ago

    Yup videos over less than 2 mins in, now 4 mins of blah blah blah thumbs down!

  • Cyberra 01 5 months ago

    I’ve made a point of glancing down at the ocean floor since noticing a suspiciously square-shaped hole and finding a dungeon that the gravel had collapsed into

  • Dallas Webster 5 months ago

    hey toycat here’s a cool seed 4 seed Sunday with a woodland mansion at spawn!!! the seed is 229655329974(1)651827
    not sure about the 1 in brackets just try with and without it
    the world size must be classic

  • Greedo Gamer 5 months ago

    Maybe it leads to ATLANTIS!?!

  • xElmo Rulesx 5 months ago

    How in the hell would this be an accident?! They clearly know what there doing. I doubt they are that stupid.

  • richfiles 5 months ago

    I love your vids. I wish I knew how to say your name tho… Even at 0.5 speed, I still have no idea how to _actually_ pronounce it! Most impressive! 😛

  • MattMan Games 5 months ago

    Underwater dungeon?

  • master gaming 5 months ago

    maybe turtle nest

  • ETHAN KUNST 5 months ago

    I reckon the new structure will be an abandoned den in the ocean

  • Firefox9001 5 months ago

    I dare you to understand this video on 2x speed

  • 호박폭탄 PumpkinBomb 5 months ago

    I hate turtle’s texture

  • Cassidy Drake 5 months ago

    they seriously need to add new features to the jungle beside​ parrots -.-

  • Deysi bannda 5 months ago

    So do you think on 2019 Mojang will Focus on the sky adding birds or flying things/animals.

  • New Tuber 5 months ago

    Mojang is full of secerts

  • Charuben 5 months ago

    I want to see a jungle update because I always try to avoid jungles Because they are boring and just slow you down

  • Caleb Hyatt 11 5 months ago

    It would be cool if the turtle laid eggs and u can harvest them, hatch them, tame and have one as a pet

  • Horatio yen 5 months ago

    trident is the structure?

  • CraiZen Creations 5 months ago

    Why do you talk so fast? You give me seriously bad anxiety when I watch your videos man.
    Talk calmly, you’ll attract more viewers.

  • Wigo Sleutjes 5 months ago

    XD i forgo that fossils existed in minecraft

  • Chloe Peacock 5 months ago

    I see a chiseled stone brick block

  • Susana Alonso 5 months ago

    I see another mob behind the turtle to the other side

  • Jase Hurl 5 months ago

    They ‘accidentally’ showed us

  • Sodium Chloride 5 months ago

    ngl sometimes I use subtitles when I watch your videos.

  • world4saker 5 months ago

    i hope you can ride the turtles that would be cool

  • The guy that does super cool Stuff 5 months ago

    Seed behind you eagle mountain from angry birds behind you (789461)

  • Gabriel Lamme 5 months ago

    Maybe…. just maybe it can be…. a little bit of…. Atlantis?….

  • Gabriel Lamme 5 months ago

    I think they should work on the desert next like add more stuff or the Mesa biome

  • Brandon Bolarinho 5 months ago

    Is the update for ps4 ?????

  • Brandon Bolarinho 5 months ago

    I’m more excited for turtles

  • The Mitch Zone 5 months ago

    TURTLES?! There was a reveal for Turtles in Console Edition?? Where the hell have I been?? 😐😒

  • Cameron Rice 5 months ago

    They showed what the “turd” will look like

  • A1diamond 5 months ago

    ugh the intro is so annoying you take 1 second after the vid starts to actually say the intro

  • DaPinkSheep Sheep 5 months ago

    I️ really want them to add iron boats ahhhh

  • Gaming orb 841 5 months ago

    Winter is coming…

  • GraberJoel22 5 months ago

    wait a minute… what if that inside the structure is the trident? Just like in Terraria.

  • Da Gek Show 5 months ago

    it is 2018 and it is still not out 🙁

  • jedigrandmaster 5 months ago

    im exctited for the trident

  • Henderik Wolters 5 months ago


  • INLINE 5 months ago

    1.15 The Ascension Update
    Finally adds some sort of sky dimension filled with cool floaty stuff. Also floating islands in over world which are about as difficult as the woodland mansion.

    God I can dream.

  • Mariotom123 5 months ago

    The structure seems small, it will likely contain some loot, but the turtle is great.

  • Amos Rose 5 months ago

    Who else hates the old water but loves the new?

  • Zarr0ch 5 months ago

    Do you naturally talk that fast?

  • Lucky OPgecko 5 months ago

    Let’s hope turtles don’t drop fish because that won’t make any sense, I want them to drop turtle shell and you can craft turtle armor

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