• xisumavoid 1 month ago

    No more snapshots for a few weeks 🙁 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7cTqvc_gxU

  • Willego MOCS 1 month ago

    Nice sub count

  • Evan McFarland 1 month ago

    loving the update vids X keep it up!

  • Dominicentek Playz 1 month ago

    Redstone is easy!

  • Sarcastic koala 1 month ago

    A 36 second long water path that zombies travel on so by the time they are done they will always be drowns and you won’t have any redstone.

  • MetObsessed 1 month ago

    I’m sorry X, this design is really clunky, I mean any other design would seem more effective, hope to see a better one from you, but I can wait for Tango coming up with something nice.

  • Samuel Ritchie 1 month ago

    I think they should make a hostile fish mob, maybe like a shark or barracuda

  • Quang Nhật Nguyễn 1 month ago

    666k subs…
    Illuminati: Stay right where you are

  • Molly O'Kami 1 month ago

    In order to extract the items, why don’t you use the sluice method and have the items fall into a hopper at the end?

  • Wall Street 1 month ago

    Update already ruined

  • 1ceWizard 0108 1 month ago

    Finally a good use for zombie spawners!

  • Fan Youtubers 1 month ago

    Gold ingot farm too 😀

  • McBossBrine 1 1 month ago

    I wish the trident be ably to apply sharpness

  • Omer Idan 1 month ago

    Put alabs above the hoppera for the xp

  • BaconAnimates 1 month ago

    upcoming major updates set to be released in Q2 2018.(Q2); July, August and September
    (trust me the wiki isn’t always right)

  • Coool Beeenz 1 month ago

    Six hundred sixty six thousand subs

  • Michael Lacy 1 month ago

    I attempted to create my own version of a trident farm using a zombie spawner and water but it caused my world to crash and now i cannot load it without it crashing. Not sure if it’s a snapshot issue or what

  • Yamindrago 2r 1 month ago

    You have 666k subscribers!

  • Синий Пёс 1 month ago

    @xisumavoid, 666 666 subscribers, Lol

  • Jacob thekid 1 month ago

    You got 666 666 subscribers thats cool

  • stoopid apples 1 month ago

    GG on 666k subscribers!

  • xX_CrissCross_Xx 1 month ago

    666k subs XD

  • KAGAME ONI 1 month ago

    holy sheet 666k subs

  • NameTenYoutuber 1 month ago

    who likes episodes of xiumy gives as abbreviation <3

  • The Hermithood 1 month ago

    I remember posting a comment to dinnerbone about a farm like this when the snapshot first came out. Glad to see it being made, great video xisumavoid 🙂

  • Remixer Sam 1 month ago

    First of all, I’m a big fan of you, and second, you can use command CommandBlockOutput = false to make [@:Summoned new Zombie] not appear on the screen.

  • cute gamer 1 month ago

    Waoh your subs is littrely devil number 666 illuminati confirmed

  • quangvinh tat 1 month ago

    Wat is dat sub -.- 666k that amazing…..

  • yoni591 1 month ago

    666K subs!!!! you need to celebrate! Or not 🙂

  • The Derp Dude 1 month ago


  • Darth Diglett 1 month ago

    666k subs

  • Michael Tucker 1 month ago

    X / Xisuma, can you do some sort of Evil X special for hitting 666K subscribers?

  • BoullGaming 1 month ago

    666k subs… ‘o’

  • ItsNinjaBoy 1 month ago

    I’m really proud of making my own drowned farm. *watched xumavoid’s video* ok where’s the tnt?

  • FutureGaming Alex 1 month ago

    Like how nobody cares about minecraft anymore

  • Zielony Zółw 1 month ago


  • GameCrush 1 month ago

    666 subscribes…

  • i just dont like how zombies turning into drowned to a small water there is no disease or curse on the water that they will start converting..i hoped they will change that zombies that actually drowned will be turned into drowned zombie and then the zombies will start walking underwater or swimming if a player going into a sea the drowned will swim up and surprise attack the player . 😀 put some ship and pirates and pirates that is drowning will be converted into a drowned zombie if some creature have a poison attacking the drowning pirates underwater and die they will convert if no poison they just die.. 😀

  • FinDoesMC - Minecraft, Music & More! 1 month ago

    he has 666K subs O_O

  • Looxond 1 month ago

    Delet this or mojang will nerf it

  • Alisdair Kennedy 1 month ago

    -666K subs
    -Trident is Satan’s weapon

    Xisuma is Satan confirmed

  • Skillplants 1 month ago

    you have 666k subs. EVIL

  • Cows 101 1 month ago

    Instead of chicken jockeys they need to be fish jockeys and ride fish

  • Nihiles 1 month ago

    It would be better if you just had the mobs flow through water for 40 seconds then finally reach you. You could probably use multiple water elevators or something so that you stay inside of the spawner range.

  • It's Nugget 1 month ago

    666k subs LOL

  • Michael Hernandez 1 month ago

    New idea: when the drowned hits you your bubbles under water will go down faster and you will die

  • Draco Malfoy 1 month ago

    @xsumavoid in mcpe when i spawned them in deep water like 3 or 2 blocks deep they can swim like actual players!

  • GamerXGirl GTA 1 month ago

    666k subs!?!?

  • Amey Studio 1 month ago

    I think developer should change the way we get triden because it will be too easy to get most awesome weapon in game

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