Looking for all the variants of the new underwater ruins, and trying


  • poke io 2 weeks ago


  • Clorax Pual 2 weeks ago


  • Trev Auton 2 weeks ago

    Have they even made it so you can find tridents in ruins yet? Or will that be added in a later snapshot

  • Dr. Fatal 2 weeks ago


  • Card Master 2 weeks ago

    Nice video!

  • EP1C Annihilator 2 weeks ago

    can’t wait for the console update to come out

  • james Walster 2 weeks ago

    … hi

  • The Puppet 2 weeks ago

    When does the offical update come out??

  • Furry Ferret 2 weeks ago

    Your my third favorite Brit

  • Evan Bufkin 2 weeks ago

    Woah 15 comments… Well hey Toycat! Im excited for this update. I hope its just as good on ps3

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  • BSJ IN YO HOUSE 2 weeks ago

    Seaillgers should be underwater villagers

  • DI Moosification 2 weeks ago

    I feel sugar cane just looks better on sand. Also, I really hope this update is also for PE.

  • Ethan Schwandt 2 weeks ago

    If the ruins are extremly common… are they still considered “old, and wonderous?”

  • Aaron Bros Gaming 2 weeks ago

    That is what is known as awesome

  • SMCgaming YT 2 weeks ago

    I hope this update comes out soon

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  • Legend Status 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft is dying, fortnite is getting started

  • 8-bit Modern 2 weeks ago

    I hope you get to 1 million Love you and your channel

  • The Almighty Loafer Oath to The Loaf 2 weeks ago

    Toycat the stone axe is from the admins prismarine guards!!!!!! Its a reference!!!!!

  • Kai The Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Hmm.. The terracotta blocks are purple terracotta, and they have crossed swords arranged to look like a ship wheel… Maybe the next snapshot will show us basic forms of shipwrecks?

  • Rhys Noble 2 weeks ago

    Thank you toycat for keeping me updated 😊

  • greetthemoth 2 weeks ago

    the terracotta thing you found is where we will find the trident sticking in.

  • Lalthapui Dargawn 2 weeks ago

    You kept on chating

  • Owen Conway 2 weeks ago

    Hi toycat 588

  • Owen Conway 2 weeks ago


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  • Trevor Cash 2 weeks ago

    Just wanted to let you know (if you’re reading this then thanks) that I saw someone playing survival in this snapshot yesterday and they found the riptide III enchantment in a zombie spawner.

  • Wafity 2 weeks ago

    nice video

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