• IbnTV 1 week ago

    This update will hopefully revolutionize automation!

  • Kelly Cox 1 week ago

    Minecraft tower defense.

  • xisumavoid 1 week ago

    You can make tower defense game with this 😀

  • Jonathan Bennett 1 week ago

    Wither killer next?

  • Rajesh Ragoobir 1 week ago

    Gotta love the minecraft community, the developers just added the features without any explaination, and within hours people in the community have figured out how these features work.

  • ann onn 1 week ago

    Drowned, not “drowners”

  • Teodor Dimdal 1 week ago

    I want there under the floor of my base. lel

  • King Kurto 1 week ago

    This is super cool. cant wait to start messing auround with it.

  • Wdomino Games & Media 1 week ago

    I love the mystery surrounding the conduit and the other items, heart of the sea and such. I think there is even more to this than just a beacon 2.0

  • Stavinair Caeruleum 1 week ago

    …this doesn’t look strong enough to kill a witch… they’d have to either increase the damage or the dps.

  • Kenneth Harris 1 week ago

    Hmm How many needed to kill witches? Might be useful addition to afk farms. 🙂
    Also Does it affect players? I know about the buffs but, wondered about the damage proc.

  • Royal Gemstealer 1 week ago

    Great vid. Thxs for the info!! Keep up with the updates

  • Chronic Complainer Reviews 1 week ago

    Try doubling conduit size. Try placing a cube of conduits with center hollow, put water at center and see how that works. Maybe try a tower with hollow center. Can conduit do damage to targets falling past it?

  • Darkdragon902 1 week ago

    How about instead of making what’s essentially an underwater beacon, Mojang can take some of SimplySarc’s ideas which are similar to the functions of the conduit and apply them to normal beacons.

  • lunchmeat5000 1 week ago

    What’s a forcefiled? Is that angrily cramming files into a file cabinet?

  • RiverPlasmaHero 1 week ago

    Ooh, there are a lot of things you can do with this!
    Farms, minigames and getting rid of those pesky underwater mobs around your ocean base all come to mind.
    Thanks for letting us know Doc!!! 😀

  • Skull Bones 1 week ago

    I hope this will change factions it will hit players near the base

  • Logan Willett 1 week ago

    I think it’s to kill threats to it which is why they have to be so close, you could use it for a mob grinder

  • Pants are PBE 1 week ago

    I’m the only dislike. video was posted 9 hours ago : ]

  • westingtyler ideas 1 week ago

    you could make a moat around your castle that really keeps you safe from mobs.

  • Gafriie 1 week ago

    it’s for drowned

  • Esperologist 1 week ago

    Looked like only 4 of the 8 were contributing. I wonder if off-setting the connection to the water would increase the contribution or if they only work directly to one side of themselves… also, if they can contribute vertically.
    Perhaps the lack of contribution was due to a circular reach pattern and the ones in the corners didn’t have many valid targets within reach… which would also mean that a set of four underneath the kill pad could have better contribution than the 4 corners did.
    Now I’m tempted to try getting into the snapshot myself to experiment.

  • IceMetalPunk 1 week ago

    Am I correct in saying this is the first vanilla method of infinite passive mob grinding at a distance? (Not counting having other mobs attack each other.)

  • Pineapple_123 1 week ago

    Can you make an wither killer in the nether and have them around it to make an auto killing wither thing??

  • Minecraft 1 week ago

    Slime funny
    I am Japanese

  • matt carter 1 week ago

    I think you can even merge the spheres, adding more damage per second

  • streamdungeon 1 week ago


  • LagiNaLangAko23 1 week ago

    I thought it can go up to 100 blocks.

    Now I wish they’d make a version for the sky that generates an updraft.

  • Nabeken 1 week ago

    Maybe adding Sea Lanterns will make the effect reach farther. Watch Slicedlimes Video

  • Mr. Creeper 1 week ago

    New Dimension coming?

  • Mr. Creeper 1 week ago

    The Conduit Thing looks like a Endercristall! Maybe its a key to a new Dimension or boss.

  • TheRealEvanSG 1 week ago

    Well, I think mob spawner farms just got a whole lot smaller.

  • Nathan boulton 1 week ago

    @Jacksucksatlife was asking about this in his latest video :-O 😀

  • AusTinTGR 1 week ago


  • Brad Haupt 1 week ago

    Possible wither farm?

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