• Gijs van den Heerik 1 month ago

    i thought that water could flow through signs now
    isn’t this the case?

  • Tacobell1384 1 month ago

    Is the level of the riptide enchantment just increase the speed you are pulled at or does it increase how far you go? For instance, if you gave yourself a level 90 riptide trident via console commands, what would happen?

  • TwenGames 1 month ago

    wow the dried kelp looks pretty cool here

  • Poin Pixl 1 month ago

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  • Marijn R 1 month ago

    I suppose its something, but not exactly 1.5 sec. You need to walk in, look up, aim at the right spot, hold down the trident, and at the top swim out. Its not like the piston elevators of old, just run in and you end up at the top, fool and idiot proof.

  • I'm Wiisi 1 month ago

    Simple tutorial: Source of water and 30 bocks up or so anotherone.

  • Nochsta 1 month ago

    How fast is it compared to a bubble-vator?

  • The sword of Crundee 1 month ago

    x is um a void

  • The Uprising Firefox 1 month ago

    The sign water holder will stop working soon

  • Linus Monnberg 1 month ago

    i posted about this idea a while back in a comment on your video…
    Feels bad man

  • Exalted Fox 1 month ago

    erm am i early?

  • Muumipahpa 1 month ago

    could somone tell me what that *sus* means? 1:11

  • Felix St-Gelais 1 month ago

    You can use the trident to jumpstart the elytra

  • OverFlow 1 month ago

    Want updates comes out sign can’t hold up water anymore🙁

  • OverFlow 1 month ago


  • Jack M 1 month ago

    I am living for that dried kelp block, idk if anyone else

  • Matthew Boyce 1 month ago

    What if when it puts you in the top you automatically get put into an elytra launcher? Huh … Good Idea? Okay I’ll stop.

  • VulpisFoxfire 1 month ago

    Speaking of elevators…it does occur to me that the change to zombies throws a wrinkle into any mob farms that use a water elevator to move zombies around. On the other hand it also makes separating them out a touch easier now…instead of villager-wrangling to lure them in a direction, you just need a water elevator with a drop-shaft under it…zombies will sink out, and the rest will float up.

  • Ninjadiggs 1 month ago

    In the new water update water will flow through trap doors and signs :/ so you’ll have to redesign all things which use that to hold back water

  • PiranhaCraft 1 month ago

    Myth: Does the momentum of a slimeblock piston jump into a single water source(where you need to set of the trident) boost your riptide dash ?

    [Because you can dash 30 block from an idle position, maybe you can go futher if you use riptide from momentum]

  • Jesus_McGee 1 month ago

    You can also, if you have a loyalty 3 and riptide 3 on a trident in the rain, you have unlimited elytra flight

  • TFOH pronounced tea-foe 1 month ago

    I knew this was gonna be a thing. It was only a matter of time.

  • Victor Vu 1 month ago

    any update on release?

  • Jet Lag 1 month ago

    Gotta go fast.

  • 23IJkauffman 1 month ago

    has Xisumavoid forgotten about the water physics? the water will go through the sign/trapdoor/pressureplate

  • Joshua Waters 1 month ago

    Mate you know with a piston bolt you can go 28 blocks per second, and with Xcom’s epearl launcher you can go 100,000 blocks in a couple minutes without crashing the server. Soul sand also is very fast elevator, and you can climb ladders twice as fast when in water. The trident uses durability when using the elevator, but it’s a good concept.

  • daffy 025 1 month ago

    Using riptide III you can pretty much fly when its raining

  • Extra Mental 1 month ago

    Uh, are you sure the floating trident is a bug? Like it is a magic weapon

  • Futuristic Bot 1 month ago

    1.13 change logs:
    Added everything to make you aquaman

  • The slayed dragon 1 month ago

    who else saw “this is what a caption looks like” at the bottom of the screen?

  • DolanProductionz 1 month ago

    How is the sign not being waterlogged?

  • ali_p_q games 1 month ago


  • BeastlyNinja 1 month ago

    I swear the word “Riptide” will forever remind me of Anaklusmos from Percy Jackson 😟

  • BrickBoss PW 1 month ago

    myth busters please and can you pin and shout out my channel?

  • nodws 1 month ago

    You dont even need the pressure plate, just a hole in front of the water source

  • Raven Harris 1 month ago

    when tridents were first introduced into the game I used the riptide enchantment in the rain and kept launching myself up, I went to about 7000 blocks high in the sky before getting bored.
    I challenge you to go higher and post your score if you read this far.

  • LandoHitman 1 month ago

    Xisuma’s videos are always so cool. I love the vertical half slab video he made. Or the redstone blocks always in the, “on,” phase.

  • thanapat jaturamaeteevong 1 month ago

    Now! Minecraft dont need aquaman mod anymore

  • FLYER 1 month ago

    Dont even try the new Bedrock Beta…

  • Skeetto Clawforte 1 month ago

    Can you see what you can come up with combining this with Mumbo’s water-vator?

  • AdamplayerRBLX 1 month ago

    666k subscriber’s

  • Ezio Auditore 1 month ago

    Why not say 20m in 1 second?

  • Zhiyuan Wu 1 month ago

    This update has really been the update of elevators, hasn’t it? First the soul sand (which I find pretty quick accompanied by ladder + water), now the Riptide…

  • Dragon Slayr 1 month ago

    Same concept with elytra for infinite flight, since elytra don’t close in water unless you touch the bottom.

  • Christina Bogan 1 month ago

    🤔 I thought the sign wouldn’t be able to hold back water when new water mechanics comes into play.

  • R0SILE tk 1 month ago

    Said progress wrong you fucking idiot

  • Nick Moore 1 month ago

    Is this current snapshot stable enough to start a new world in?

  • ggergU 1 month ago

    Fun fact: You can fly with elytra and riptide enchant on your trident while in the rain. No need for rockets. 🙂
    btw you can also do this without elytra but you would need a lot of riptide tridents!

  • DraxLeiTM 1 month ago

    Having pretty much grown up on this game it’s nice to see it still getting updated

  • Mark Arend De Boer 1 month ago

    There is a bug that when you look up while flying with an elytra you get kicked out of a single player game

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