• xisumavoid 3 weeks ago

    I’m having dinner then Ill be streaming over at https://www.twitch.tv/xisuma 🙂

  • Zippy2707 3 weeks ago

    For petes sakes

    Why did I laugh when he said ‘1.13 inches’ closer? XD

  • ___303 ___ 3 weeks ago

    Wow those graphics are smooth and sharp

  • Item Frame dupe still works

  • judumo 2 weeks ago

    Question: If I update my 1.12 world to 1.13, will the oceans generate these new features, like sea grass, fish, and turtles, or will I have to use MCEdit to shave and reset the current ocean chunks?

  • Bryan Kopkin 2 weeks ago

    Omg i thought that parrot ocelot thing was just my luck! Omg

  • iZer0 2 weeks ago

    “Fixed a couple of crashes” – i didn’t had crashes before… Just now when i try to entry to my world XD
    I need to back to 18w21b then

  • D4rkn355Inf3rno 2 weeks ago

    Well, there goes my plan to amass a ton of dolphins easily and create Sea World now that they despawn 🙂

  • a cool cat 2 weeks ago

    When this new snapshot came out it won’t let me access my game

  • Lordodragonss 2 weeks ago

    lol, they fixed “bug” I thought is a feature…

  • There is an other bug not fixed : in survival you can breathe underwater in spaces where there was blocks before, like if you dig down on the ocean floor you can breathe in the hole you’ve just made
    Sorry for the faults I am French 😅

  • Furkan Kapucu 2 weeks ago

    Squids are very rare

  • islam der 2 weeks ago

    A good video

  • The Gaming Ducklett 2 weeks ago

    when I try loading my 1.12.2 world in the newest snapshot my game stops responding and I had to forcefully close the game.

  • gudenau 2 weeks ago

    That feeling when Xisuma finds a rendering quark that you have known about for years because you made mods. :V

  • Super C4 2 weeks ago

    Yeet, every update video is amazing!

  • Rot Z 2 weeks ago

    So, instead of releasing 1.13, they release this.

  • AdamMCdestroyers 2 weeks ago

    My problem is when I spawn horses in my test world it does not show

  • Larre500 2 weeks ago

    Wow, and this is why even I do not want to implement a new server just yet. Snapshots are still very buggy. Hoping for the actual release of 1.13 coming very soon.

  • Ian Wilkinson-Gruber 2 weeks ago

    Oh I’m sad I liked the green iron horse armor

  • Magnakay Violet 2 weeks ago

    Next time on Minecraft Geographic: Turtle Man in the World of Dolphins!

  • Infinity Gaming 2 weeks ago

    When are they going to fix the customized option in the development of the world? I want to change things! (Correct me if they’ve changed it)

  • Jelly Joe 2 weeks ago

    5:57 i think what they did was add the color change but they didn’t remove the colour from the water

  • Matthew Buri 2 weeks ago

    Hey xisuma I’m opening a server like hermitcraft called revolve survive and I wanted to know if u and some other hermits wanted to join.
    I also wanted to know if u also could help so h some admin work thx galaxygames1.

  • Skain 2 weeks ago

    5:21 I guess that’s because those glass blocks are on a boundary between a swampland and a river biome, and obviously the swamplands are known for having a differently colored water. I bet that’s what’s happening there, the color of the water on the side of the glass blocks hasn’t been updated to include the new colors and it still displays the old ones

  • Matthew Buri 2 weeks ago

    So kan u just read my here pls

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 2 weeks ago

    Dolphin madness. Hehe.

  • MeshMN 2 weeks ago

    ok well 18w22a will not run nor load 18w21b worlds -couple days worth of work gone
    dont they even test launch a few times before releasing snapshots that wont run?

  • Coyt Anderson 2 weeks ago

    You spotted another bug when destroying the glass blocks where the water didn’t fill in after destroying the block as it should have because there were two water source blocks next to it.

  • LagiNaLangAko23 2 weeks ago

    Waiting for farmable corals and craftable coral blocks.

  • FlyOver Balkan 2 weeks ago

    Cannot open chest in world generated in previous snapshot ?? How about you ??

  • Angela Lippert 2 weeks ago

    Any ideas on how high dolphins can can jump out of water?

  • Andrew Cullen 2 weeks ago

    I hope it hurries up! I wanna play realm with my buddies

  • Àņøňýmőůş 2 weeks ago

    *_Slow Motion Dolphins_*

  • Australian Sloth 2 weeks ago

    The same thing happened to me when I upgraded my snapshot survival from 18w16a to 18w19a, *ALL* the seagrass disappeared and was replaced by air pockets in around a 200-300 block radius around spawn! And there is also this lighting glitch where like 50% of the same radius (randomly spread out) was full of light all day round, so now it’s *rare* to find a Drowned, but quite often I can find creepers, witches and spiders floating in the water, ’cause they spawn in the air pockets underwater and the float up to the top.
    I’ve found a way to fix the air pockets, which’ll hopefully work;
    /fill [FIRST CO-ORDINATE] [SECOND CO-ORDINATE] minecraft:water replace minecraft:air
    I’ve tried it in another world, and I think it works, but any other ideas? And what can I do about the lighting glitch?
    Hope someone can help.

  • Raymon 2 weeks ago

    Did that fish jump out of the water at 2:50???

  • Klevin 105 2 weeks ago

    So this bugfix snapshot is still not released? the dolphin thing is getting more and more annoying lmao

  • CleanixX MC 2 weeks ago

    Did you see this odd salmon dying although it was in the water…?

  • puttanesca621 2 weeks ago

    have they fixed the lighting big where everything is light level 15 after opening a single player worldto LAN quiting and loading same world?

  • Koelkastkip 2 weeks ago

    at 1:00 i am glad they improved performance again 😀

  • Mac Mcleod 2 weeks ago

    This is crashing when I fly quickly into unknown territory. Brings down the multi-player server I’m on (even if I’m the only one on it).

  • SuperCool_Saiyan 2 weeks ago

    so are horses gonna look horrible forever?

  • Kimberly Martin 2 weeks ago

    Great video Turtleman

  • Grumble Beard 2 weeks ago

    I noticed the other day on ps4 if you have just one bow in your inventory you can craft the first dispenser, but it doesn’t take the bow away. You can keep crafting dispensers as long as you don’t click away, which is good as I didn’t want to bother with making multiple bows

  • Sarah Schreffler 2 weeks ago

    In latest snapshot it seems like boats are sinking instead of floating!

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