• Hasan Fahs 2 weeks ago


  • Pro Potato55 2 weeks ago


  • QtLady 2 weeks ago

    Maaaaaaaaan what a cool snapshot

  • Determined Games 2 weeks ago

    Do you know when this update will come out? I’ve been waiting for it feels like an eternity!

  • Ian Kyle Maturan 2 weeks ago

    It would be awesome if Hermit Craft 6 is in a buffet world.

  • michael Haczynskyj 2 weeks ago

    Water elevators are not gonna work then when this update comes out

  • makanivalur 2 weeks ago

    Oooh, I was just thinking if the cave world gets enough cool customisation, then it would be super cool to have a Hermitcraft season entirely in a cave world!

  • Katy Themm 2 weeks ago

    Love the update videos! Can’t wait to see the next one

  • Joep Van Gorp 2 weeks ago


  • C. BIGGY 2 weeks ago

    When I watched this video was uploaded 17 minutes ago…this is the first time I clicked on a video so fast after its upland.

  • crazymammoth 2 weeks ago

    oh i like that beacon sound

  • PigBuster Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Cub I don’t know if you have covered this or not but when you grow a 2×1 spruce tree the ground around it will turn into podzol

  • Sam Teinert 2 weeks ago

    So is caves like nether but less buggy looking?

  • TimeLordian01 2 weeks ago

    100th like 🙂

  • ivan eend 2 weeks ago


  • Bruce Lee 2 weeks ago

    Before 1k views

  • The Lorax 2 weeks ago

    Isnt “caves” basically just overworld nether?

  • MeshMN 2 weeks ago

    Big thumbs DOWN for making all undead mobs sink – I have no idea wtf they are thinking with doing this – why even bother making a drown mob if all you were going to do is make ALL undead mobs sink? This feels more like shots fired from Mojang trying to break as many mob farm designs as possible by changing the very physics of the game. Not that there isnt a solution to the various elevator designs but seriously – the change shoots their design and creative team right in the face – why do it?

  • Oryx TheMad God 2 weeks ago

    rip mob grinder elevators

  • Sasha 2 weeks ago

    Mannnnn…buffet world gen is sweet. Hoping to see it in Hermitcraft 6!

  • Muhammad Saad Afzal 2 weeks ago


  • Oryx TheMad God 2 weeks ago

    the caves generator in buffet mode is the nether

  • Чашка Чая 2 weeks ago

    Я дебил

    Читать дальше

  • Redstoner KBC 2 weeks ago

    I think I’m going to make an fish tank with xp floating around inside.

  • roceratoman jura 2 weeks ago

    how do you tame the skelly horse?

  • Alpi_I 2 weeks ago

    And now I can use a skeleton pony as friend in my underwater village! YAY

  • BRIE FINGT 2 weeks ago

    i love you i was your 24th subscriber

  • Evan Guthrie 2 weeks ago

    The caves generation looks awesome.

  • Tango Tek 2 weeks ago

    Finally! Seed Copying!

  • FalconM&M 2 weeks ago

    I actually got the heart of the sea last snapshot. According to my friend, he was killing drowneds as well as other mobs, a creeper blew up and it dropped a heart. We have not the SLIGHTEST clue as to how we got it, we immiately went into creative and were unable to replicate what happened. Has anyone experienced something similar?

  • Derisis 13 2 weeks ago

    RIP mob elevators and spawner-based grinders

  • Seannyyx 2 weeks ago

    you spotted a few things Xisuma hadn’t but also he found some you hadn’t.

  • Hugman 2 weeks ago

    Thank you! By precising some tiny facts, you’re helping me, and the Minecraft Wiki to grow up!

  • Lego Damen 2 weeks ago

    It should only be the skeletons who sink and breath for ever

  • cubfan135 2 weeks ago

    Forgot to mention there are new names for some biomes (although the ids remain the same for now). For instance ‘Extreme Hills’ is now ‘Mountains. ‘Mushroom Island’ is now ‘Mushroom Fields’, and ‘Mesa’ is now ‘Badlands’ to name a few. Also Depth Strider works with Dolphin’s Grace for super swimming speed.

  • Cameron Bertrand 2 weeks ago

    To all those complaining about the undead mobs sinking and ruining mob farms, why do you think they added the soul sand and magma block effects?

  • I’m honestly quite upset that a lot of these new features were implemented in a chance-based way in one mob that is the drowned. It really kills game design and is very lazy on mojang’s part.

  • John Gibson 2 weeks ago

    Sinking Skeletons? Won’t that mess with mob farm water elevators?

  • Alugia7 2 weeks ago

    Beacon sounds, yes. Conduit sounds, no

  • abhishek gourav 2 weeks ago

    Should also have added underwater JARVIS… don’t these mojang guys see your videos???

  • David Pattemore 2 weeks ago

    New music is cool

  • Vitomir Maricic 2 weeks ago

    freediving topics are my favs. Cool.

  • 2Arcticwolves 2 weeks ago

    Love the updates. 🙂

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