• xisumatwo 2 weeks ago

    ive uploaded a video to clarify whats going on with the world version compatibility. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7L0kxInyyk 🙂

  • Soon to be Gaming Channel 2 weeks ago

    “eventually i will shut up” lmao 10:55 – 11:00, or at 10:58

  • Spiderman's ButtonUp games 2 weeks ago

    “Buff A” “buf ayy” *NOT* “buff et”

  • Nightlibra - UnSpoken 2 weeks ago

    Another noteable bug that was fixed was Players could ride Boats that are floating underwater.
    Personally I think that would have been a cool feature, but guess it was a bug that got squashed ):

  • Ynga plays 2 weeks ago

    Hardcore Hermits Series 2!!!! HYPE!!!

  • JSB 360 2 weeks ago

    When can we ride dolphins?

  • EtherealPanda 2 weeks ago

    X! Please do a test to see if water elevators will still work for mob grinders.

  • Ashington06 2 weeks ago

    So, we have sea horses now.

  • Aiden Smith 2 weeks ago

    12:24 Silence…. A while after The sound design is fantastic!!! Noice Man

  • i sexually identify as a nut button 2 weeks ago

    hardcore hermits 2 confirmed

  • Andor Fedra 2 weeks ago

    I’ve noticed that certain items in your hand will glitch out and make them nigh-unusable. was that the case with you? the items i had difficulty with were drinking potions, and the trident.

  • Stacy Plays 2 weeks ago

    Xisuma promise me that if you hit 1 million subscribers in this channel make a face reveal video…..^^^_^^^^

  • RTEDA // Razqha The Enchanted Diamond Apple 2 weeks ago

    In Bedrock Edition When you swing with dolphins you will be speedy

  • Hayds 126 2 weeks ago


    Hardcore hermits season 2? Hype!

  • Michiel Stikkel 2 weeks ago

    HardCore Hermits Season 2 is comming! You could see the world!

  • Shannon 2 weeks ago

    You cannot mine stone or even trees with tools. This snapshot is terrible. In survival you cannot play it’s so bad!

  • Shannon 2 weeks ago

    Jungles didn’t lag for me?

  • FloW; 2 weeks ago

    when will full version release anyone knows?

  • Lo Pikachu 2 weeks ago

    Wait so you can’t force crash your game now?

  • 7h3F33d3r 2 weeks ago

    It would make the map download bigger, but couldn’t you pre-generate and alter the nether in the same manner as the overworld?

  • CherrieyChatters 2 weeks ago

    Just found a sad bug that -when using tools- after you break the first block with it the item goes crazy in your hand, and you can no longer break any other blocks with it. Tested in both regularly generated world and superflat. Makes it rather difficult to play the game in survival. Unless this is just me.

  • Shadowy Nightis 2 weeks ago

    When 1.13 finally releases will you do a full review of all the changes in the update? Thanks

  • Thomas Wagner 2 weeks ago

    In Java Minecraft
    the resistance gives you 20% less demage every resistance level :
    • I => 20%
    • II => 40%
    • III => 60%
    • VI => 80%
    • V =>100%

    You had resistance VI.
    😋Of course there is no harm by drowning.

  • Azeena McLaughlin 1 week ago

    You should try digging blocks with or without tools.
    Just so you know, it doesn’t work

  • _Dyker 1 week ago

    So this guy i watch is doing a UHC singleplayer livestream series in the new snapshots, he wanted to kill the wither in a few days but maybe the world generation is gonna do no good.

  • tyrannus 1 week ago

    Pls Link the changelog in the description

  • Reichskeks 1 week ago

    3:18 – did u check the seed in the previous world before your game crashed or how did you get the seed? 😮

  • Juuso Parmi 1 week ago

    Roofed Forest
    Sunflower Plains
    Two New Ones That I Found!

  • Angry Commenter 1 week ago

    You talk too much

  • Christian Largo 1 week ago

    now I ‘ve regret making a Single player world using experimental gameplay

  • SlashStrikeZ136 1 week ago

    I hate how the undead mobs stay underwater

  • Blake Landry 1 week ago

    The way to get Dolphins grease you must swim with the dolphins and they will follow you eventually you’ll get it

  • Short Man Walking 1 week ago

    Have they fixed the Guardian/Ocean monument and Witch/witch hut spawning issue yet?

  • Arch Wolfz 1 week ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that he pronounced buffet wrongly?

  • Pastel Kat 1 week ago

    Those chunks are loading just as fast as my old computer normally loads chunks :[

  • The Hermithood 1 week ago

    Something tells me Jarvis is getting an upgrade 🙂

  • Christopher Doubiago 1 week ago

    Bedrock being updated before java is real stupid

  • Ryan Stephenson 1 week ago

    So many secrets hidden throughout all your videos! Hardcore Hermits S2 CONFIRMED!

  • Zakimals 1 week ago

    When I am writing this xisuma hasn’t uploaded a 18w19b

  • Haley Fortuno 1 week ago

    The sinking mobs pose quite an issue for traditional spawner farms… hmm.

  • Ràbal Alsalem 1 week ago

    Can u shut up when we try to listen to the sounds

  • Braeden Bailitz 1 week ago

    I figured out how to get Dolphins Grace, you just need to sprint swim underwater near a dolphin

  • Oreole1 1 week ago

    may lay not mi li

  • Danielle Teresa 1 week ago

    I made a world with the caves and it’s like an apocalypse world where humans are forced underground that would make a great survival map.

  • Reece Swanson 1 week ago

    It’s not buffET it’s pronounced buffAY like a bunch of food that you eat

  • violine1101 1 week ago

    9:47 – You’re using English (UK) translation, the biome names haven’t been changed there yet, they only changed for English (US) so far.

  • Grass Hopper 1 week ago

    Pretty sure the ‘How Did We Get Here?’ advancement just got a bit more difficult…

  • Van gg 1 week ago

    So long old school mob watervators… oh wait, soul sand XD

  • TheFifaBoy 1 week ago

    I have a question, if u starting, a world, and u make him “costumise” + 1.8 world, then, if u logging from 1.13, u can play in this world? Cause I opened a 1.8.9 costumise world, and I tried to login this world from a 1.13 snapshot, and I couldn’t play in this world, because something wasn’t supported in costumise, can u pls help me?

  • Jimmypl007 1 week ago

    is anyone able to download the server files for these snapshots ?

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