• Rolf Karl 1 week ago

    show tha dolphin please

  • zein 1 week ago

    I can’t wait for it to come out

  • zein 1 week ago

    I love this update and it’s features

  • commandblockcraft 1 week ago

    Plz Make A video of all the cemestry Minecraft thing plz

  • Hoot Owl 1 week ago

    I thought you would do a livestream for this snapshot and sadly I missed it because I wasn’t home. At least I can watch it now. That you for keeping us informed on the latest snapshot! We really appreciate all you do for the community. Keep up the amazing content. Take care.

  • Rune Jørgensen 1 week ago

    Conduits works in the end and nether, meaning water all the place

  • EnderKittyyYT 1 week ago

    Yay yaha yay dolphins!!!! What will be added in next snapshot….possibly sharks!? We will never know…

  • XxxX Cloud09 XxxX 1 week ago

    Ice doesn’t burn in daylight ecko

  • BURNMONSTER 5122 1 week ago

    Really ENJOY this AWESOME update so far. Thx for the Live stream Scott

  • GD Shadowcast - Pixel gun and more! 1 week ago

    Damn, I missed it 🙁

  • Blake 1 week ago

    I played it on Xbox

  • Aaron Rhodes 1 week ago

    The syntax was changed to /effect

  • Element Z 1 week ago


  • Element Z 1 week ago

    I love your videos ecko

  • Element Z 1 week ago

    Yeah the uptade came out for the mcpe

  • allmightyvon AV 1 week ago

    Please be a boss portal. Please be a boss portal.

  • KodyVlogs 1 week ago

    Live steam Hypixle

  • TehPeashooterSpartan // TehPlantsVsZombiesSpartan 1 week ago

    Man I LOVE THIS UPDATE. I Subscribe 😀

  • Game Slayer Sean 1 week ago

    Your supposed to surround it with prismarine blocks then it activates XD

  • Hall Dall 1 week ago

    Your livestreams are the best and I subscribed to your channel and I love your videos!

  • j_plays 21 1 week ago

    Sorry I could not watch this love stream I was at school I apologise

  • j_plays 21 1 week ago

    (●~●) Ű Ü 8) =) 🙂 O_O ○_○ ●U● ●_● T_T ×D XD xD xp ●×●

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