• Kloe 1 week ago

    Yay! These new features seem really fun and I love the beacony conduit effect, it’ll make bases great to build

  • FilipeGamer1012 1 week ago

    7!! Me

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle 1 week ago


  • FlameEmperor 1 week ago

    My god.

  • Redstoner KBC 1 week ago

    I showed my friend this video cuz she likes Minecraft and dolphins.

    She said your voice is sexy 😂

  • The Intensegamer 1 week ago

    Did you know that if you’re in survival and you hit a dolphin it will be angry with cycle you

  • Adrian_ Zombturtle 1 week ago

    WTF gravle ?

  • DoctorPhrog 1 week ago

    This HAS to mean there is going to be a boss mob added to drop the heart of the sea… it’s so similar to the wither dropping nether stars.

  • Flambo 98 1 week ago

    Docm77 you can use riptide in a storm while using elytra

  • Andrew Baker 1 week ago

    Maybe the Heart of the Sea drops from Elder Guardians?

  • SangheiliWarrior 1 week ago

    That vision underwater looks really cool but it seems to have some problems on YouTube

  • Zarda1 1 week ago

    The heart of the sea can be found in treasure chests on the bedrock version.

  • Kieran Xyphon 1 week ago

    Is the new item like an underwater beacon? I’m not sure if Doc specified that enough

  • joshua neill 1 week ago

    i hope they change the structure of the underwater beacon

  • Rentta 1 week ago

    What is the range of conduit ? One part of most important info you missed 😀

  • Infernity Aliyooo 1 week ago

    Man, I haven’t played Minecraft is forever but this update makes me want to try it again.

  • sircaran 1 week ago

    you only need one layer of the 5×5 ring if the conduit is surrounded by water and is in the center (works if the ring is vertical as well)
    edit: 5x1x5 ring is the minimum, each additional block in the cube surrounding the conduit extends the range

  • ThomasGrillo 1 week ago

    Thanks for the snapshot info. 🙂

  • Zreknarf 1 week ago

    11:50 don’t dolphins breathe air? oh well 😛

  • alysoffoxdale 1 week ago

    I’m surprised the dolphins “suffocate” in air. Real dolphins are mammals and breathe air.

  • GlitchReaper 1 week ago

    That Conduit Power effect seems suspiciously like the power of the Nexus from the Realms of Atlantis series. They must be having a field day with that one! #atlantisinminecraft

  • Mr. Creeper 1 week ago

    NEW Boss incoming!!!!

  • stefan schelling 1 week ago

    Cool to see Freestylefox in the video

  • Benrex 777 1 week ago

    looking forward to mc 1.13

  • C҉H҉R҉I҉S҉ 1 week ago

    You can find the nautilus shell and the heart of the sea in burried treasures

  • Caleb Weiberg 1 week ago

    Nautilus shell is also from fishing.

  • The One and Only Mlay 1 week ago

    That’s an AMAZING accent you have my friend. 👌

  • Miles 1 week ago

    I could see elder guardians dropping the heart of the sea. Dropping like one or two sponges always seemed a little little.

  • Clewl Tetsui 1 week ago

    Maybe later the heart of the sea will drop from a boss, or at least elder guardians, but treasure seems likely too.

  • Duke Toucan 1 week ago

    What is the range of the conduit beacon thing?

  • Aifoscoookie 1 week ago


  • Clewl Tetsui 1 week ago

    I’m confused as to why dolphins would suffocate/”drown” on land… I would think that if they were trapped underwater for extraneous amounts of time that then they would start drowning… #MinecraftLogic
    on the other hand a dolphin probably needs wet skin 🤔

  • Clewl Tetsui 1 week ago

    Underground vines in Jungles sounds cool… lag doesn’t…

  • Critique 1 week ago

    I didn´t like when you have killed the dolphin ! It was very cute and you are very ruthless !

  • CraiZen Creations 1 week ago

    Swimming through 1×1 holes was a bug, but they brought it back as a full feature.

  • Voxdalian 1 week ago

    Coming up soon: Nessie. Kappa

  • HexDroid 1 week ago

    no rideable dolphin? 🙁

  • Wizard Engie 1 week ago

    Isn’t Ice already Blue?

  • Rob Ducharme 1 week ago

    Not sure what I’m missing here, but can’t you just type /gamemode 0 to get to survival mode, and /gamemode 1 to go back to creative? I noticed you had a menu of different modes… I’ve never seen that before.

  • Philipp Hoehn 1 week ago

    3:55 school*

  • AndyH 1 1 week ago

    to be honest, night vision potions are mostly used in caves and underwater. If they would make aqua infinity effective even when not on solid surface and haste effect that do stack with haste from beacon, building or even living underwater in survival would become completely viable from the early game to the end game.
    Quality of life changes are underrated but definitely needed.

    If the removal of underwater night vision is final (which is very unlikely), being underwater would be a pretty unpleasant experience.

    And relying on the nautilus thing for the effect is not a viable replacement both for the difficulty of getting one of those and the need of setting it up everywhere you go, which is not a good idea if the sea is intended to be explored.

  • Paragraph8 1 week ago

    what a chilled intro. you gonna make an album of that? 😄
    sth to fall asleep for me

  • Sadiction 1 week ago

    Oh yeah they should make it so you can very little in the swamps.

  • Crispy Bacon 1 week ago

    Is this a mod? This seriously looks like Mo’ Creatures and a bunch of environmental mods.

  • BrothersBricks 01 1 week ago

    The 1×1 is not a bug, it’s been re added into the game

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