• sarthak munda 1 week ago

    Hi Cub, what would happen if you set up a conduit block on a guardian temple? Lots of prismarine around for it, would it kill the guardians and the elder guardian for you? That would be a pretty sweet way of capturing guardian temples from now on

  • SlidingSilver 1 week ago

    Dolphins are probably there to make it much harder to get your items back once you die in the ocean, and also to find *SPECIAL* Treasures… which they still need to implement.

  • FATHAN KC 1 week ago


  • David Valenzuela 1 week ago

    Hmm too suspicious for me, seems like an April fools joke. -____- i’m watching you guys.

  • Vargas Wynter 1 week ago

    Thanks Cub! Great video. Looking forward to all the new things for 1.13

  • David Kahnt 1 week ago

    What is the death message for being killed by a dolphin?

    Player died angering a dolphin?

  • kejoki 1 week ago

    I wonder if boats work differently on blue ice?

  • T and S Productions 1 week ago

    Blue ice is much much MUCH faster with boats than packed ice. Check out docm77’s video

  • ScifMilch 1 week ago

    I think the Dolphins are a little bit too small

  • Monty Pig of the Doodle Clan 1 week ago

    3:28 “We also have 3 new items in the game this week, the heart of the *sea*, which you can *see* right there…”

    I *sea* what you did there…

  • William Shaver 1 week ago

    From the sound I heard is making me wonder, are they going to add whales to the game? That would be something if they did

  • deathdouspart0x 1 week ago

    I’m gonna make a blue ice white dragon xD

  • Jake Siegel 1 week ago

    Great vid

  • Icenberg 1 week ago

    Conduit block is the most useless block ever…

  • Evan Guthrie 1 week ago

    I thought you were supposed to be able to grab the fin and ride it. I guess they will add that later.

  • LandoHitman 1 week ago

    Fantastic showcase Cub! Great video

  • Jack Green 1 week ago

    Doesn’t work with prismarine slabs and stairs ):

  • Teagan Smith 1 week ago

    neat! can’t wait to see it in pocket edition!

  • SnowCrasher 1 week ago

    When I first saw the word ‘conduit’ I thought it might be a new redstone component, but this is still a pretty interesting functioning block. There’s going to be whole new kinds of lighting sources and mob farms using it now.

  • ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴀʀɢᴜs 1 week ago

    The Conduit is A beacon but Underwater

  • Kevin Johnson 1 week ago

    so conduits are basically water beacons

  • Cam LeWren 1 week ago

    Hmmmm conduit gives you water breathing, haste, and “water vision” …. And is powered by prismarine. Elder guardian is under water, casts mining fatigue, and in a dark Temple.. made of prismarine! Could it be possible he drops the heart of the sea?! I think I saw a water Temple in the background of this video, Cub wanna give em a shot?

  • Adam Eason 1 week ago

    finally… dolphins…
    i wouldnt be surprised if they throw it into a full version soon.

  • That1Dog 1 week ago

    use boats on the blue ice, you go SUPER FAST!

  • Alex stewie 1 week ago

    Do items move faster on blue ice in a water stream?

  • VY Canis Majoris 1 week ago

    That is amazing

  • lol lol 1 week ago

    Welcome your new sub cub
    Also the water 💧 colour change is my favourite

  • Noob Weaboob 1 week ago

    Drown goes down
    That rhyme tho

  • SLAP TRAP 1 week ago

    should team C.I.M. Join the hardcore hermit? Cubfan-Iskall-Mumbo

  • Sence Kite 1 week ago

    Yeah nice vid and I look forward to you for 1 million subs have a good day

  • Ember 129 1 week ago

    In my experience, fish are also killed when they swam too close to the conduit

  • Hopeenkaivaja & friends 1 week ago

    So if mumbo would put a conduit block in his base at Hermitcraft the whole sea would get the effect

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn 1 week ago

    This is such a cool new update!

  • John Pap 1 week ago

    swEEET AHAHA thats awesome

  • nodws 1 week ago

    Dont eat the yellow ice!

  • Patoune _ 1 week ago

    I can already see guardian farms with this block

  • Maciej Miłosz 1 week ago

    The surface is so fucking boring right now

  • abhishek gourav 1 week ago

    When are they going to add chicks in the game…those who didn’t get it congratulations you sir are innocent and possibly a gentleman…

  • Dracula Vlad Ţepeş 1 week ago

    Great updates so far, It would be cool to see some hostile abyssal fish on the bottom of the deep oceans.

  • Grant Chamberlain 1 week ago

    You should be able to ride dolphin

  • Wortigon2000 1 week ago

    I have several questions
    1st: does dark prismarine, or any other blocks while at it, function with the conduits?
    2nd: can dolphins be tamed?
    3rd: are there also baby dolphins, or only one size?
    4th: do we get to keep the increased view distance underwater, even if we’re not technicly in water? (like a corridor going under the water surface, with conduit based lighting/decoration on the bottom, that would also function as a view distance increaser, so we could see out underwater bases better?
    5th: does a prismarine/conduit contraption give out light when it’s above water level? I mean out of water.
    6th: do conduits react to redstone signals at all? or give redstone signals? like to a comparator or something, when it’s activated. (above water I mean, even if it has that water block around it.


    Do neutral or friendly mobs get the conduit buff?

  • Ryan Farthing 1 week ago

    Since the conduit takes prismatic to activate I speculate a elder guardian drops the heart of the sea

  • Andrew Watson 1 week ago

    When a dolphin picks up an item does it reset the despawn timer? If so, you could always travel with a dolphin so when you die, they will keep your items from disappearing while you try to find them.

  • beast530 gaming 1 week ago

    Conduit=mob grinder

  • FofukiGuJi 1 week ago

    Rip minecraft.

  • Ear Tests 1 week ago

    They are really doing a great job upgrading

  • Danbearpig 1 week ago

    The conduit is cool, but… that name does not make sense for what it does so far. Subject to change I hope.

  • PineCone 1 week ago

    You forgot the new underwater visibility (it gets darker deeper down in the water)

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