• Koray A RuneScape player 2 weeks ago

    nHo was faster.
    Docm made a video.

  • Adrienne Kangas 2 weeks ago


  • Nicholas Lewis 2 weeks ago

    nice snapshot but it will be better with llamas

  • BobsYourUncle 2 weeks ago

    Mojang style sea cucumbers, silly and useful.

  • Pro king 2 weeks ago

    You are my favorite youtober

  • CIZeeK 2 weeks ago


  • Pigoman 8 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft is coming together know

  • bluedazz 2 weeks ago

    Can you place sea pickles in flower pots? Also coral. That would make some great new décor.

  • crazymammoth 2 weeks ago

    me thinks we should get a glowing flower now

  • Multiverse boy 27 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickles wow just wow ?????

  • אסף ביטון 2 weeks ago

    Pickle Rick in minecraft!!!😂😂😂🥒

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  • sajjad Mohamed 2 weeks ago

    omg the sea now verry amazing

  • Jorith Zwaan 2 weeks ago

    Name one ‘rick’?… that really should do something.

  • Giovah AHC 2 weeks ago

    Shit Pickle!

  • No Copyright Music 2 weeks ago

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  • Lisinski Gaming 2 weeks ago

    I’m hoping this update will bring the life back into Minecraft for me but I have a feeling it wont

  • Fir3Cl4w 2 weeks ago

    We need things you didn’t know about minecraft 7! 🙂

  • Da Beast 2 weeks ago

    The dill pickle returns


  • Bowie te Loo 2 weeks ago

    Why do they give light? To replace torches but than underwater?

  • LukeAsArts 2 weeks ago

    I wish it gave of light outta water I’d instantly retexture it as candels

  • GrannyGamer1 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickles IRL are animals. Can we breed them? Bone meal them?

  • Jayden Troy Stevens 2 weeks ago

    3 words:

  • Muzik Bike 2 weeks ago

    3:28 I actually reported that bug

  • Flamingpaper 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickles are an animal, not a plant

  • Maizuma Games 2 weeks ago

    When you said “it functions like a torch but in water” my brain auto-completed the sentence to “But with Llamas”.

  • epicicecream123 2 weeks ago

    This is a really big dill

  • Gamen met Joost 2 weeks ago

    You forgot:
    -the Phantom menbrane
    -the new Potion

  • Cub there’s been a leak, and they were right.. The corals have been renamed; be on the lookout for the NAUTILUS CORE it’s in the loot tables :/

  • PokeJofe Jr4th 2 weeks ago

    why not a sea cucumber?

  • Mr.Greedy 2 weeks ago


  • LagiNaLangAko23 2 weeks ago

    Are they farmable? Any news about farmable corals?

  • Nick Nethervers 2 weeks ago

    So basically a pickle rick reference

  • Clewl Tetsui 2 weeks ago

    In real life they’re animals, but since there’s that bonemeal thing, I guess calling the Minecraft ones “plants” is appropriate, plus they don’t do a whole lot of moving…

  • Clewl Tetsui 2 weeks ago

    I believe those are tongues, not flowers 😉

  • Dee Cacho 2 weeks ago


  • Finestjosh 2 weeks ago

    Kevin the jellyfish catcher has finally made his big debut

  • Wafity 2 weeks ago


  • Ryan Farthing 2 weeks ago

    Have they fixed the crazy horse glitch

  • Acituanbus:GLaDOS eddition 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickles(also know as pyrosomes)are colonies of small organisms who all combine together to create a large,moving worm-like “creature”,they’re pretty neat……

  • The Helpful Pug 2 weeks ago

    How many times did you have to redo a take because you laughed trying to say “sea pickle?”

  • Wolf Of Rebellion 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if Mojang will implement an easter egg related to Nemo the clownfish or pickle Rick or Subnautica

  • filmflour 2 weeks ago

    These pickles light everything up underwater. That is why it is called a “see” pickle.

  • Sharen Dailey 2 weeks ago

    sea pickles are animals in real life

  • uKnowItsUrBoi 2 weeks ago

    Im just wonering, how old are u?

  • LandoHitman 2 weeks ago

    Fantastic video! Very informative. Do the pickles grow in a similar fashion to netherwart? (Plant one and eventually get 4)

  • CrimsonFlame 666 Top 10s 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickles are baby pyrosomes

  • Vilma Cuevas 2 weeks ago

    Wish they could add vegis and fruits or soda and drinks

  • John Kilpatrick 2 weeks ago

    Have you heard any rumors about when the custom settings will return?

  • Icenberg 2 weeks ago

    Sea pickle is an animal not a plant

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