• xisumavoid 2 weeks ago

    Don’t forget to check out the April fools prank if you haven’t seen it already 🙂

  • Lucas Torres 2 weeks ago

    Xisuma, the advancement “very very frightening” has the trident symbol because of the channeling enchantment for the trident, with this enchantment lightning strikes the mob the trident hits while raining!

  • Austin Martin 2 weeks ago

    Here’s the very important question: If we now have to use the Phantom Membrane to repair elytra, will Mending still work with it?

  • Ronny Danger 2 weeks ago

    Hey Xisuma! Nice vid ! At 7:00 as you sunk slowly I recon you still had the slow falling effect which caused that ‘bug’

  • FuriousGamer 2 weeks ago

    You can only use comparators and repeaters underwater. You can’t use REDSTONE underwater :<

  • SweManTwizts 2 weeks ago

    Finally i can be a chicken

  • SweManTwizts 2 weeks ago

    What happens if you throw a trident on another player? Will the other player pick it up or will it bounce away?

  • SweManTwizts 2 weeks ago

    youre falling slowly because you had the slow fall on. 7:05

  • WhiteNova 2 weeks ago

    What would happen if you have the slow falling effect active, and then was given the levitation effect from a shulker?

  • KaptainWutax 2 weeks ago

    Holy crap! Yeees! finally we can do realistic elevators! Levitation and slow fall

  • The Hermithood 2 weeks ago

    So now you can float like a chicken and sting like a bee 🙂

  • Alekay Argote 2 weeks ago

    8:15 That’s a bug. Cub did not loose the rident. I think that the idea is to make the trident with riptide to not be able to be thrown. You hold to it. That way, the Loyal enchantment is useless and the Channelling is Dangerous.

  • Querez 2 weeks ago

    Would be useful when your elytra breaks in the middle of the end or very high up in the air and you might die.

  • XxGalaxyGamerZxX //Gaming 2 weeks ago

    If you saw in creative the trident stayed but in survival there is a bug ofthe trident disappering

  • Kal Adder 2 weeks ago

    you still have the falling command on….not a water bug

  • Rccamo3 2 weeks ago

    0000000 I wish they would add whales as a mob since theres supposedly whale sounds. A large creature like 15 blocks long (or whatever real life scale is) and you could get a lot of meat/leather (or blubber that can be crafted into leather) from it, it has high HP, and it swims away. it would have a defense mechanism. When it swims away, it may start an attack where it will slowly wind back its tail, then slap you with it. If you were positioned right and fast enough, you could dodge it. But it would do massive damage (maybe kill you?) Ignore armor, and set your oxygen level to 0 if youre underwater (if blunt impact doesnt kill you, itll knock the breath clean out of you). Also, that attack could turn a boat into planks and sticks like it used to (this is awesome due to items now floating in water, theres be floating wreckage!) I think having a huuuge mob that isnt a boss in minecraft would be awesome to have in the ocean since this update is all about it. Give a logical mob to deep ocean. I wonder if theres a way to tell mojang my idea. What do you guys think though, as players. Not sure about drops or anything, thats just my initial idea.

  • Gunda sathvik 2 weeks ago

    U sink slowly but tu slow falling

  • Runar Berendsen 2 weeks ago


  • Braden Magliolo 2 weeks ago

    The textures were disgusting

  • Nahtch 2 weeks ago

    I think they should change the name of the slow falling potion to gliding

  • Not4Ucrafter 2 weeks ago

    I think, that riptide will cause that you can’t throw it, it always pulls you, that’s why you can’t throw on land. I think the vanishing is a bug, and that it’s supposed to stay in your inventory,

  • magic 2 weeks ago

    10:03 get out or its all ogre; shreck hates intruders

  • Zachary Jesenovec 2 weeks ago

    *M O Y A N G*

  • DiscoLizzard 2 weeks ago

    Aww, you’re lucky! The USA had april fools on sunday 🙁

  • What is bedrock edition

  • Dark Arceus 2 weeks ago

    I think it would’ve been cool if brewing the slow fall potions with glowstone dust made levitation potions.

  • Sh33p 2 weeks ago

    This is bloody perfect for a moon themed map, add infinite jump boost and infinite slow fall and you’ve got gravity

  • Dread, the Mad Smith 2 weeks ago

    Bubbles sinking with Magma Blocks looks absolutely horrible.

  • David I 2 weeks ago


  • Tolis Den Paei Kala 2 weeks ago

    with the same way can charge a creeper ?????????

  • Mr マックラ 2 weeks ago

    So using the trident in rain with Channeling, you can sort of farm witches…
    Also have you tested how the Slow Falling potion works if you drink it while falling?
    Edit: I just thought, that if you combine the Slow Falling potion effect and Riptide trident, could you gain altitude and essentially fly without elytra?

  • p75369 2 weeks ago

    How does slow fall interact with the elytra? Longer glide time?

  • Paxton Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Very, very frightening is a Queen reference, iinm.

  • Elite falcon Gaming 2 weeks ago

    What I hate about this is how slow you sink in water

  • Jaluca Bester 2 weeks ago

    One of the trident enchantments allows you to summon lightning at will,thus allowing you to complete the “Very very frightening ” Advancement

  • AndyH 1 2 weeks ago

    That trident change seems very lame.
    Especially for something that’s dependent on environment.

    Since it’s almost absolutely useless. It’s a true throwaway joke now. Whatever that is.

  • Sarfnic Games 2 weeks ago

    3:02 snow appears to now appear on the top of blocks

  • Frostbit-N Games 2 weeks ago

    What’s the use of getting riptide if it’s only a one time use?

  • TiTanAEfull 2 weeks ago

    jokes on you mojang, the textures still worked for me >:D
    i was still able to change to whatever resourcepack i wanted xD
    so i,ll just act like nothing happened

  • TheOreoGamer214 2 weeks ago

    it was the slow falling potion

  • Matheus Vieira Cipriano 2 weeks ago

    It is cool, I think guy!

  • Captain Smiley The Dog 2 weeks ago

    Swamp looks like the swamp when you install the Biomes O’Plenty mod. They may as well add the mud block.

  • Minecraft Short Film霜雷 2 weeks ago

    Thanks your Snapshot videos!

  • FootSoldier51 2 weeks ago

    Using a combination of Slow Falling, Slowness and Jump Boost you could make a cool low-gravity effect.

  • Tyler Sargent 2 weeks ago

    A slow falling potion should be able to be inverted into a potion of levitation by using a fermented spider eye…

  • TheShaggyCreeper •_• 2 weeks ago

    Here come the moon themed maps

  • Mandalorian Huntsman 2 weeks ago

    It’s treason then 9:30

  • I have an erection. 2 weeks ago

    Elyria and slowfall = super flight?

  • golden bro 2 weeks ago

    I already see a command hold wool in your hand thats retextured as parachute and it makes you to slow fall if you hold it in your hand 🙂

  • BonesToPick 2 weeks ago

    So the potion of chicken

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