• Barbu Bogdan 3 weeks ago


  • chompy gator 3 weeks ago

    Ilmango is my spirit animal.

  • kraorus 3 weeks ago

    slow falling? should be interesting for jump maps

  • Legit History 3 weeks ago

    I thinks it’s good that they needed the trident

  • wernt0 3 weeks ago

    The changelog said that tridents with riptide will stay so it disappearing is a bug.

  • xXSKELLY BONExX 3 weeks ago

    2:52 it turns you to a chicken? ( Get it?)

  • xXSKELLY BONExX 3 weeks ago

    6:04 try it in rain

  • Dominicentek Playz 3 weeks ago

    If trident with riptide is used in underwater in survival mode, it will disappear

  • Veralium 3 weeks ago

    potion of fast falling -> potion of gravity

  • so with punch 2 skeletons and a creeper farm you can make an effective creeper launcher now!

  • MayaMC 3 weeks ago

    Do you get fall damage with the potion of slow falling?
    Edit: in this snapshot, you take no damage, just looked it up 🙂

  • Darkking Ice 3 weeks ago

    I don’t think I Have ever repaired an elytra.

  • yangyin 3 weeks ago

    If you had a trident with riptide and it’s raining do you think it’s possible to fly without a elytra of course the trident would be lost but if you had a few of them…

  • SangheiliWarrior 3 weeks ago

    That potion of slow falling will be really nice dor building when your try to get a good look at you base from a high perspective. It will also be good if you are in the end and you dont have elytra yet and you fall into the void, it will give me a chance to save myself

  • 15 Redstones 3 weeks ago

    I think it would be nice if adding a spider eye would invert it into a levitation potion.

  • Myers 3 weeks ago

    The animation doesn’t work for me
    how did you do that?

  • ossi_ 3 weeks ago

    Why isn’t the Potion of Slow Falling an inverted Levitation Potion?

  • DarkSlayerJ 3 weeks ago

    Slow falling pot + Riptide (once it’s fixed, there’s no way it’s supposed to just poof after a single use, it’s probably not supposed to leave your hand at all) = New way to fly in style.

  • TheComGeek 3 weeks ago

    Scicraft testing shit, glorious

  • Randy Vallian 3 weeks ago

    so we enhanced before this snapshot to get op trident

  • Magicow 3 weeks ago

    How slow is a chicken with slow fall?

  • RiverPlasmaHero 3 weeks ago

    Well, I’m not happy with the changes to the tridents, but I really don’t mind the phantoms actually having a use.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date Doc!!! 😀

  • Killkor 3 weeks ago

    New Riptide

    Do a barrel roll!

  • WitherBossEntity 3 weeks ago

    roll tide

  • Moose 3 weeks ago

    Tridents were already underwhelming. What the fuck were they thinking.

  • mormengil 3 weeks ago

    Potion of slow falling is super useful when building, with it you can place blocks beneath other blocks without water or preexisting scaffolding!

  • jotacraft95 3 weeks ago

    THEY DIDN’T NERF THE TRIDENT (all caps so it’s seen. not actually mad) . you can’t combine riptide with other enchants because the trident stays on your hand, so you don’t need it to come back to you, nor it would be a good idea to have a lighting strike right in front of you. and in fact riptide actually required rain in the previous snapshots

  • oneeyedziggy2 3 weeks ago

    just got an ad for scientology on here @docm77, can’t imagine you’re ok with that.. if you have any knobs for which ads appear on your videos, might want to tweak them…

  • Lothar Quest 3 weeks ago

    I don’t know if this was on the last snapshot you played, Doc, but did you notice that it takes longer now for the player to gain up his oxygen again? I just noticed in your video… 8^)

  • Dominic L 3 weeks ago

    That feeling when the small youtubers that Doc used to introduce to the youtube commutity get more views than him.

  • dauxanh 64 3 weeks ago

    – the trident is not that powerful in the first place!
    – you can’t block with the shield while holding it! in a sticky situation, you might die for not blocking! (i die in hardcore mode because of it)
    – you can’t enchant sharpness so it’s always 3 hit kill vs normal mob!
    – after you throw it! you have nothing until it comes back to you!

  • Josh Blaho 3 weeks ago

    Kek, “SciCraft Testing Shit” XD

  • Kieran Xyphon 3 weeks ago

    Potion of Slow Falling + Riptide Enchantment + rain = Flying without Elytra

  • TheSidcraft 3 weeks ago

    The riptide trident disappearing is a bug, the intended feature is it stays on your hand, making loyalty irrelevant. It also makes sense to block channeling on the same weapon, why would you want to strike yourself with lightning? 😉

  • bugmancx 3 weeks ago

    “Scicraft testing shit”… lol

  • lagging_daze 3 weeks ago

    I guess since Riptide lunges you forward with the trident, whereas you have to throw the trident with channeling or loyalty so its use would contradict with potentially conflicting enchantments. It should be a bug that the trident disappears upon use.

  • ZephaniahNoah Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I really don’t like the idea of repairing elytra like that. At least we have mending :/

  • ZephaniahNoah Gaming 3 weeks ago

    I don’t think they should nerf the trident. I think they should make it more of an ene-game item. Or more rare.

  • The Manly Astronaut 3 weeks ago

    That server name hahahahahahahaha

  • Brian Trephan 3 weeks ago

    You can literally fly if you combine slow falling with riptide

  • djAnakin 3 weeks ago

    Any idea when dolphin’s are gonna be released? I feel like they’ve slowed down.

  • elxnoxelx 3 weeks ago

    Doc feet in water you can use riptide to jump 30 feet in the air, and you can riptide in the rain on land !!!

  • Caleb Weiberg 3 weeks ago

    The disappearing trident thing is a bug.

  • Simon Elyptica 3 weeks ago

    thank god they changed the item for the trident, the other 3d thing was shitty
    swear i wasnt gonna use it just cuz the item looked out of place

  • BunnyJakeHQ 3 weeks ago


  • Falameezar 3 weeks ago

    The trident seemed like it would have been fun before the nerf. Not a game changer like the elytra, but pretty cool. Now it seems useless.

  • DutchKing72 3 weeks ago

    I didn’t even know you could repair the elytra with leather, and i just play the game for 5 years lol

  • Tasorius 3 weeks ago

    trident is kill

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