• xisumavoid 1 week ago

    I’m only publishing a video on the second channel tomorrow and Hermitcraft on Sunday! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL5W9kuKIQtXEVAxSadB2BQ

  • JRPGAMER-Minecraft & More 1 week ago

    New Snapshot 18w10d

  • frank grimes 1 week ago

    I feel like sponge should spawn in the reefs as well. I mean…it’s fairly obvious.

  • kejoki 1 week ago

    It’d great if you could make dyes out of the coral polyps which would let you color the dead coral. Hmmm…

  • DutchKing72 1 week ago

    I don’t like the coral, the colors are way to bright, like someone has threw in some nuclear waste and make the coral glow, real coral is not shiny and glowy like that (only on the discovery channel)

  • OH MY GAH 1 week ago

    Signs no longer block water…


  • Knuf Wons 1 week ago

    I think the coral reefs are just a tad too primary in pallet. Most reefs that I’ve seen tend to be a bit more muted and not that pure in color.

  • RockYY 1 week ago

    honestly i dont like that phantoms burn in the day

  • Mc Facebook 1 week ago

    How about coral tools ???

  • Keenan Horrigan 1 week ago

    Will we be able to produce coral in any way?

  • Pyrrh Pianissimo 1 week ago

    Considering your world generation comments… does that mean I can search for a seed now (on the snapshots), to play when 1.13 comes out, and it won’t completely break it? 🙂 Or should I just wait…

  • kornkorn 1 week ago

    xisumavoid i have a question. on logdotzip’s vid he went to the “past” can you prove that it works or not 😀

  • Nathan Murphy 1 week ago

    Minecrafts ruined Redstone is ruined I quit


  • Freddie Perkins 1 week ago

    With the new update what’s the bet that season 6 of Hermitcraft will be based on loads of islands?

  • Chester Marsden 1 week ago


  • Sindri Joynton 1 week ago

    Could you please start a series for INTO THE BREACH, the second game from the FTL devs? I would watch the hell out of that series!!

  • KHaL Yeleytr 1 week ago

    The red coral block is awesome! I love the texture. But the pink one is like endstone, ugh

  • gagep_dot 1 week ago

    Oh crap how will mob farms work now?

  • euanpc 1 week ago

    how do you play on the snapshot using the old client(the new client crashes my game instantly when i try to play using it)

  • Tooth Ward 1 week ago

    Hi Xisuma i was playing on the snapshot today and come across a monument with in the monument i found a Buried Treasure map have you seen this or not

  • Treeless Phantom 1 week ago

    2 words, debug stick.

  • Little BlueDragon 1 week ago

    I realized also when you fly, you’re automatically sprinting (if you already pressed the sprint key) so we don’t have to press the left control to sprint when flying more than once o3o

  • Liam S. 1 week ago

    That moment when hundreds of thousands of farms and underwater bases are now ruined because signs can no longer block water

  • mesoth 1 week ago

    Would be cool if they added underwater rivers… Like, small valleys underwater filled with brine (a new liquid perhaps?) or something like that.

  • TheRedstoneEnderman 1 week ago

    prediction: there will be a 18w10e

  • Raymond Benjamins 1 week ago

    Hmm. Not too sure about how it looks. I think the coral structures are a bit too big. It could also use a little more fish…

  • Daniel Jerman 1 week ago

    bottom of your shoes have steve faces

  • Diamond Jub 1 week ago

    will water flow through trapdoors? or just flow over them?

  • An owl 1 week ago

    I’ve never entirely been a fan of Minecraft colors, these coral should present new colors instead of being variating textures for wool. The coral also looks too much like aquarium decor than real sea life, not just in color but by the way the blocks are placed down. I just wish some people at Mojang could stick their heads into the water and see how coral reefs actually look, because I believe I speak for others when I say this wasn’t what I had anticipated.

  • βΣΨΩΠD RΣΔSΩΠ 1 week ago

    When do we get baby squids!?

  • Sara Fimm 1 week ago

    Are there going to be sponges in the Coral Reefs? The “four armed” coral looks similar to Saguaro Cacti. The little buildings of coral also look sort of like Brain Coral.

  • Corbbin Goldsmith 1 week ago

    Hi, xisumavoid, I’ve left you a message on your channel page. Check your Community tab in the Creator Studio to read it. Thank you!

  • Josip 1 week ago

    anyone know when the update is getting released?

  • camerica7400 1 week ago

    I think the corals should me more dull. This is like the update that ruined minecraft I don’t dislike all the changes but this looks like it might cause fps issues on some computers. I also don’t like that they are adding all this crap which is starting to feel a little non-minecraftish and that we still don’t have tech stuff for the game !0!

  • Kasper Fox 1 week ago

    I hope the update to trapdoors didnt flood my submarine, i wont know until they add more water mobs…

  • Burner 1 week ago

    Maybe they should add water breathing as a effect you can use in a Beacon.

  • protoolpat1 1 week ago

    can you right click around items with a bucket to remove the water on signs etc…?

  • I wonder if minecraft would be able to generate the *great barrier reef*?

  • Jarit Lekanne gezegd Deprez 1 week ago

    If you make a 3*2 pool with stairs filled with source blocks, you have a small half deep pool. When you right click the center of that pool with a bucket with a certain fish, you can duplicate it forever. ENDLESS FOOD SOURCE IN SURVIVAL. please make a small video on this xisuma!!! It would make a great small fish farm👌

  • prince gold 1 week ago

    How sad is it that for years Mojang just left it like that

  • cool guy 1 week ago

    need green corals 😀

  • Omegazor 1 week ago

    Man I just hope they add something to swim faster..

  • Emiel Kollof 1 week ago

    Hey Xisuma, might it be a nice idea to run a copy of the hermitcraft server on the new snapshot? I’m especially curious about what will happen to Mumbo’s base with those water walls. 🙂

  • That boy who likes birds 1 week ago


  • minetheblocks 1 1 week ago

    It dose work you need to put a bucket of water in the block that has the Fence or cobblestone wall or stairs in it

  • Trooper57 1 week ago

    i think its awesome

  • Nicholas Passmore 1 week ago

    You can water log wall things using debug stick

  • Tim Weiner 1 week ago

    If you put water into a stair, does the bottom of the stair drip?

  • Thor Ganley 1 week ago

    the water system ruins factions

  • xin shiraki 1 week ago

    A very nice video, nice one! 🙂

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