• xisumavoid 2 weeks ago

    how would you rate the update so far on a scale of 1 to 1.13? 🙂

  • Lugia Krafter 2 weeks ago

    If you need a source block for the physics to kick in then i wont destroy most farms

  • FNAF and Undertale can be friends 2 weeks ago

    That Enderman though.

  • If they do this to signs and trap doors it would ruin so many farms

  • fireballJJ1 2 weeks ago

    Oh I have so many ideas for the water in the stairs. Such as water canals

  • Trent Schuster 2 weeks ago

    when is update aquatic coming out for console

  • Technosvoices 2 weeks ago

    I am loving the update videos! One question, are there plans for another hunt the hermit? I LOVE those!

  • Jabba Blade 2 weeks ago

    i hope they will left some blocks for air pocket 🙁

  • XxDrastic GamerxX 2 weeks ago

    What will happen to dungeon farms that the mobs go up when u use the sign-water-sign technique, will water flow through the signs in the future snapshot or will it just stay as is.

  • The Galactical Pigs 2 weeks ago

    I was a steve too.

  • trick chins 2 weeks ago

    The new water physics is going to ruin so many AFK Farms

  • trick chins 2 weeks ago

    Signs need to stay the same

  • Michael Balfour 2 weeks ago

    So you can now do better piping for water features using stairs?

  • Fair Play 2 weeks ago

    The water mechanics are phenomenal, absolutely terrific.

  • Zeldon567 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if Mojang is subscribed to xisumavoid and the like so they can take notes from the snapshot videos?

  • Perunavallankumous 2 weeks ago

    “I don’t know why I’m Steve, I’m supposed to be Alex.”

  • Egettaja 2 weeks ago

    Is this on xbox? I haven’t played minecraft in while but this update looks awesome!

  • Russell Flowers 2 weeks ago

    Did I hear an Enderman… under water?

    lol… should have watched more before commenting!

  • Me 5253 2 weeks ago

    After the update will you still be able to use torches to save yourself from drowning

  • Help i'm stuck in this photo. 2 weeks ago

    I recently made a water elevator and now im wondering if this update might ruin it :/ Perhaps I can use soulsand to make them float up faster :3

  • Argom42 2 weeks ago

    I just want to point out that if you make an underwater base, the visibility doesn’t stay the same as when you’re swimming, which is disappointing and I hope they change it. You should be able to see the same in a building underwater as you can in the water itself, and since you’re still underwater in a bubble of sort, you should be able to hear all the ocean sounds. If someone could bring this to mojangs attention, I’d really appreciate it, I don’t have any accounts for contacting them and I don’t want to get them

  • Daniel 2 weeks ago


  • Desert Foxchild 2 weeks ago

    Hey Xisuma, can you please test Depth Strider and see if it makes you swim faster underwater?
    It feels like it but I am not sure. It certainly needs to because otherwise it will become much less useful after 1.13 update.

  • Genergy 2 weeks ago

    if only you could put 2 different slabs on top of each other

  • I’m just a shadow 2 weeks ago

    This gives so many more possibilities for building.

  • Colvane 2 weeks ago

    Great, but where are my vertical slabs?

  • Frontrider 2 weeks ago

    lava would be great, because that would mean that modded fluids can do the same thing.

  • the lorax licker 2 weeks ago

    this is the death of tnt cannons

  • Brycen Carlson 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else notice the waters strange behavior at 3:43-3:47 watch the left hand of the screen. I wonder if the game is having trouble figuring out how far the water is supposed to extend after the source is placed on the stair block.

  • gamecraft hiihhi 2 weeks ago

    very smart enderman it dies if he totches water and its under water in an big enough air bubble

  • Brandon Bollwark 2 weeks ago

    Rip all mob farms using signs

  • Armando Poveda 2 weeks ago

    What about water source block inside extended pistons?

  • Unknown User 2 weeks ago


  • YellowBunny 2 weeks ago

    Something about the way those stairs are placed at 3:21 seems off.

  • sasuke 2 weeks ago

    I think making the new water mechanics work the same way as glass panes and iron bars with every block would be better as it doesn’t force us to work with the new mechanics as we actually use those old mechanics in some useful stuff (that is just my opinion at least)

  • sasuke 2 weeks ago

    I got a piston..
    I got a slap..
    movable water source

  • Kris Johnstone 1 week ago

    Holy hanna, moveable water! I hope that stays. It likely won’t, but damn the things that could be made so much simpler if it could.

    Also, I REALLY hope they change the waterlogged facet to allow flowing water across pseudo-blocks. It would look so nice to have a little etched channel of stairs with water flowing down it. It wouldn’t even be hard to do, literally a few changes to the texture but remove the height change or divide it by 12 or something around that range so the height change is much much smaller.
    I imagined 2 steps arranged so the engraved section is in the middle and water flowing down the middle. It would look neat as heck.

  • mmseng2 1 week ago

    Both rows of slabs were bottom side slabs… just sayin ;]

  • ThatBoxGuyDraws 1 week ago

    I’m A Steve YEAH

  • Eddygeek18 1 week ago

    liked for the enderman lol

  • OldManJenkins 1 week ago

    Dhey should keep signs the way they are with the water. That way people can still use it for fun

  • Ryan Bilafer 1 week ago

    X, both of those are bottom side slabs

  • Delve 1 week ago

    Interesting fact: Steve used to have a beard.

  • Thảo Ngọc 1 week ago

    You knoư what be good, Underwater Village ( you know)

  • anicecupofoldmilk ! 1 week ago

    One idea I have is that if you put a painting underwater, paint particles will start to come off it, after a while, the painting will be distorted.

  • The7kings ._. 1 week ago

    If it’s undead what did it look like when it was alive

  • Catherine Rose 1 week ago


  • Purple Fire 28 1 week ago

    5:40 What does the label “minecraft:enderman_holdable” mean?

  • pmcall221 1 week ago

    Moving water source blocks open all kinds of traps and puzzles and gameplay ideas. That’s a huge thing that I hope stays since the waterlogged tag is block dependant.

  • Quasimations 1 week ago

    NO just keep signs if they don’t many Redstone things will be destroyed

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