• GBloxers 1 week ago

    Why doesn’t the dead coral come back to life temporarily when above water and it’s raining?

  • EasyGoingMC 1 week ago

    This update is going to be huge! They haven’t even added the different biomes yet

  • LilRachelK 1 week ago

    I really hope there’s new music along with this update

  • Ender Bob 1 week ago

    Now that you can breath underwater it’s possible to get everything that you need to survive (except wood) without leaving the ocean

  • Carrot Craft 1 week ago

    What screen recorder you use??

  • Kimberly Martin 1 week ago

    Hostile mob coming is White Pointer Shark?!!!

  • Neeta Chitale 1 week ago

    There’s this problem with corals when you keep them embedded in the ground and with a plant on them. When you break the plant, it creates an air block temporarily and kills the coral because there are no water blocks beside it.

    Also when you have a magma block embedded(surrounded in 5 sides) in the seabed and you break a block beside the water block, the water becomes flowing water and ends the bubble column.

  • Tony Montana 1 week ago

    It would be nice if they could make waterfalls have different sounds depending on how high up they are.

  • Tk232 Fortnite MC 1 week ago

    the slab thing was a while ago

  • skinny jason 1 week ago

    de feesh

  • RiverPlasmaHero 1 week ago

    Amazing video as always!
    This looks like it will be an amazing update.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date X!!! 😀

  • CheeseNuts 1 week ago

    Minecraft Subnautica Update

  • tot_squirtle22 G 1 week ago

    this is probably one of the biggest updates ever so excited

  • Pine-O-Matic 1 week ago

    Those new dead coral blocks will be so good for mixing with stone paths and caves :O

  • Wilhelm dah Scoop 1 week ago

    New Hostile Mob?!What is it?

  • fire stone 1 week ago

    I hate the aquatic update because all the Youtuber’s I’m subbed to
    all their videos are about the new snapshots, whyyyyyyyy?😣
    (edit) well at least xisuma is the first to upload the new snapshots and explains it well but I don’t need 16 million other videos about them…

  • Abdul Boateng 1 week ago

    coral will make good fossils

  • iTs_Combo 1 week ago

    I got the notification for the hermit sky video “Cluck puck and Achivement completing” something like that. When i press on the notification it says video unavaible

  • UnwovenRainbow 1 week ago

    Can always rely on you to keep us uptodate 😀 Can’t wait for the new purple shulker box!!

  • Samuel Stout 1 week ago

    Hello has any tried watching X’s very first hermitcraft episode it made me depressed

  • AvailableVids 1 week ago

    Water they doing with this update?

  • JRBDBC 1 week ago

    Xisuma I think there is a new video setting under video settings

  • Kyle plays 1 week ago

    You sound like Stampylonghead

  • reborn of bựa jackihunger 1 week ago

    hey guy why i cant play snapshot ?

  • Dark Samus 1 week ago

    Has Mojang said a release date for this update yet?

  • XVXIIIXIIXVIII 1 week ago

    Purple shulker boxes were already in the game

  • Brodo 1 week ago

    Firework Elytra Boost doesn’t work anymore >:(

  • Querez 1 week ago

    I can remember I sent Mojang or Minecraft or whatever a tweet saying they should have different shulker boxes for the regular one, and the purple one.

  • SuperGamersgames 1 week ago

    Xisumavoid, there’s something you missed. It’s weird because it’s called the Petrified Oak Slab.

  • Wilma s 1 week ago

    Oh god I can’t wait for this update! I love the idea of alive and dead coral AND the possebilities it gives builders!

  • Spider Playz 1 week ago

    When mojang added the swimming animation?!

  • Josh Brooks 1 week ago

    If u stopped talking maybe I would be able to hear the fucking sound

  • VladskyZot 1 week ago

    Concrete slabs and stairs would be great.

  • Connor Talbot 1 week ago

    if you put water next to dead coral thats already placed, does it color in? if so, that could lead to interesting effects by hiding dispensers with water buckets in them at the top of coral stacks to make it look like you revived them.

  • Creepergundam123 1 week ago


  • D Michand 1 week ago

    shulekr boxs?

  • EK-Emirhan 1 week ago

    subscriber like sharing

  • rm -rf / 1 week ago

    Wait what? 4:31 Sneaking has now a smooth transition/animation?
    Did I miss something? Because I didn’t know that and even minecraft wiki doesn’t say something about this change in 1.13 patch notes.

  • Sabbyyy Mirageee 1 week ago

    I really wish they did something to do with Space. Imagine if they had a binocular item, and at night you could aim it up and see planets! Or, if they had some type of way to get to the moon, maybe a lunar portal, or a Cosmo portal?! And it basically brought you to the moon. And you could build things and a base. That’d be really interesting!

  • Wesley Robb 1 week ago

    We had dead coral blocks when they first introduced them you just surround a coral block by coral blocks on all sides.

  • Roy Hess 1 week ago

    See how infinitely better Mojang is compared to Studio Wildcard?
    Mojang does actually do proper bug fixing.
    Studio Wildcard on the other hand: bug adding and occasional bug “fixing”.

  • Topaz PL 1 week ago

    Dead Pink Coral Block looks like “moon stone”

  • MineCon7 1 week ago

    The purple shulker box variation was in the pocket edition.

  • MineCon7 1 week ago

    Try just placing slabs into this rivers.

  • CodyPlaysCPR 1 week ago

    Holy fuck people are still playing mine craft? No wonder u get no views

  • Jake Russell 1 week ago

    Lol… It looks like you could re-create the rotten vale from monster hunter world with those dead coral blocks!

  • Will Gilliam 1 week ago

    just keep swimming….

  • Sobio night 1 week ago

    to put a slab in a source block you need to place the water first and then put the slab on top of the water source

  • Bloody Bandit 1 week ago

    If sea grass can move in the water why can’t grass move in the wind lol

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