• Ivan Milovic 1 week ago


  • Steven 1 week ago


  • Random Yeti 1 week ago


  • Flash Playz 1 week ago


  • JellyJackJam99 Gaming 1 week ago

    Cubfan I love your voice

  • Hunting Boy_101 1 week ago

    Hi good vid

  • Diuglas Dose 1 week ago

    Love the update videos cub

  • Regal Reaper 1 week ago

    #shortbutsweet XD

  • crazymammoth 1 week ago

    me thinks you shoulda bundled this with a future snapshot video

  • The Not-God-Emperor Of Mankind 1 week ago

    I wonder how IBXtoycat will make this 10 minutes?

  • Jonathan Chen 1 week ago

    Love the update vids

  • Stefan 1 week ago

    But what if i colour a box and want it back to the default colour. Before you would use purple dye for this but what do we do now?

  • Mr Rada 1 week ago


  • Jessie Braun 1 week ago

    The purple shoulder box has been in the windows edition for ages

  • Lord_Cylarne 1 week ago


  • Lebonades - pocket gaming and more! 1 week ago

    Nice vid!!!

  • Cookie Cat 1 week ago

    I love the ambient sounds though, we need more for things like jungles forests ect! Something like birds tweeting or leaves rustling!

  • Trek_Backgr07nd 1 week ago

    It is the smallest one so far.

  • Mudkip971 1 week ago

    Unda da sea!

  • VY Canis Majoris 1 week ago

    I like the new shulker box

  • Thomas BAKER 1 week ago

    how did cub make a video on 18w10b in 1.19 min and iskall does the same in 5.17 min !!

  • kejoki 1 week ago

    Dead coral. Most ridiculous block ever. Should be called “Petosky stones.” Pure nonesense–a lot of reef coral polishes up quite colorfully. X(

  • neco reamico 1 week ago

    Thx Cub

  • LonelyCave Spider 1 week ago

    Wow that was short.

  • Wallace dos Santos 1 week ago

    Cant wait to see redstone displays with corals and the interaction with water to make colorized pixels. I bet someone can make that

  • Kevin Johnson 1 week ago

    I love your update videos! Your videos are always the ones I go to when a new snapshot comes out!

  • LuckyOP Gecko 1 week ago

    Is aquatic update coming to console edition?

  • MissKittyGrimm 1 week ago

    Oh no, can you change the skulker shells back to their default colour?! I’m /always/ changing the colours of mine and that extra colour option would be pretty rad.

  • Rushil Pankaj 1 week ago

    Hey cub build a aquarium in your hermitcraft base

  • Nick Johns 1 week ago

    Your update videos are the best. Usually I have to listen to 10 minutes of crap before the guy gets to the updates. You went straight to the point. THANKS

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