• CJ Burkey 1 week ago

    Finally those maps 😀

  • JUGoWATER 1 week ago

    Nice video 🙂

  • Waterflame 1 week ago

    The coral plants and the markers for the maps are the best things!!!

  • makanivalur 1 week ago

    This is amazing! I can’t get over how cool that buried treasure is! Kind of sad that the toothless texture is gone from the phantom, but it does look a lot more intimidating. Thanks as always for an informative and great video!

  • essppi 1 week ago

    Take a fish screenshot

  • 50sRockChick 1 week ago

    Do the coral plants make the coral blocks?

  • León 1 week ago

    phamton is fakin bad pd hablo español :v

  • TacoGaming HD 1 week ago

    SO HYPED AHHHHHHHH (oceans and other water bodies are my fav thing about the wild)

  • Adam A 1 week ago

    Fastest way to get diamonds now

  • Vincent Xie 1 week ago

    Last time I checked, it had no views, but that was 3 hours ago

  • T. H.N.B. 1 week ago

    I’ve been wanting buried treasure, or equivalent for so long…

  • Your Mom 1 week ago

    When does it come out for Xbox one ?

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 1 week ago

    This just gets better and better. Thanks for the review 🙂

  • TheBeast101 1 week ago

    0:22 The blue tropical fish is their leader

  • Wilmer Madrid 1 week ago

    we found nemo

  • Wilmer Madrid 1 week ago

    i love the tropical fish but i really want to see the dolphins and the new mystery water monster

  • leandrolopez 1 week ago

    What happened to the dolphins?

  • LandoHitman 1 week ago

    Great review Cub. You’re really making me look forward to this update!

  • ThomasGrillo 1 week ago

    Hi Cub. thanks for the snapshot info. I really like how Mojang is starting to incorporate realistic detail to the world. Very cool. Keep up the great works! 🙂

  • Jesper N 1 week ago

    New Phantom looks amazing!

  • Pants are PBE 1 week ago

    buried treasure is great though you’ll diffidently see beaches torn up on vanilla survival servers :}

  • Pants are PBE 1 week ago

    Yellow coral needs to be improved, just think a lot of the coral needs to be darker

  • VY Canis Majoris 1 week ago

    I really like the new coral blocks’ textures and the map markers!

  • littleguy 681 1 week ago

    The coral reef at the end looks amazing.

  • Erayz 1 week ago

    Starting to love the update!

    Hopefully it won’t break too many of my farms in my world. Even though I know it’ll break my guardian farm for sure, I guess it’s an opportunity to make a much more efficient one somewhere else.

  • Andrew Colgrove 1 week ago

    Why did they make the phantom bright blue? I liked it dark.

  • Hypna Z 1 week ago

    Different banners will put different icons, Black will put a mansion icon, Red will put a Mansion icon, And a dark gray banner will put a player icon!

  • Yung Lyun 1 week ago

    I’m still waiting on the new slabs and stairs. I hope there are more than just the P. M. slabs and stairs.

  • Steve Beat 1 week ago

    Pls mojang add a way to get the trident

  • Alexio Gomez 1 week ago

    You have the best version of the coral reef I’ve seen so far.

  • TheProMinerMC 1 1 week ago

    Cub, I’m just curious, but could you do a final tour of your Let’s Play world before saying goodbye to it forever? It’s alright if you can’t, but that’d be awesome.

  • Dalton Bedore 1 week ago

    this video didnt make it to my subcription feed, youtube!!!! (shakes fist)

  • #teamUNION 1 week ago


  • Viktoria B.- V. 1 week ago

    Best Snapshot ever!

  • kimbaet 1 week ago

    The coral blocks look like Devil Fruits from One Piece 😀

  • Timmzy27 1 week ago


  • EY3FUL 1 week ago

    Hopefully Mumbo hires you in your Splash of Color shop for his aquarium soon!

  • GhostyPlayzYT 1 week ago

    Will 1.13 ruin afk fish farms?..

  • BhaiLogKaAdda 1 week ago

    Mojang Please add A Submarine then we can play subnautica in minecraft. But still we will need reaper levaithans

  • Thu Võ 1 week ago


  • Freddy Gamer 1 week ago

    I think they should add lantern fish

  • Shea Oconnor 1 week ago

    I hope they do the same with the tropical fish with the other biomes, just so every biome has a lot of interesting fish.

  • Slendarz 1 week ago

    For now i just want Mojang to make the squids smaller, to be honest it’s kinda creepy seeing a group of those things swimming arround in the ocean.
    Please Mojang…

  • BVERailer 1 week ago

    Thanks for reviewing, what seed is this?

  • noibn 1 week ago

    They are really killing it with this update!

  • DanSparrow 1 week ago

    So, minecraft meets subnautica

  • Paige Rocha 1 week ago

    Love this update! Just liked the video!

  • Minel Nezirić 1 week ago

    Coralls are NOT plants !!!!

  • Thomas Myhre 1 week ago

    it is a little bug about the phantom mob. if you look at the wings at the right angel you can see landscape.

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