• xisumavoid 2 weeks ago

    Cheeky discord plug reminder! discord.gg/xisuma 😉

  • Данила Ветринь 1 week ago

    I feel like this update is inspired by Subnautica…

  • aeon lamb 1 week ago

    You missed a lot of the new sounds they added- there’s some rare ambient noises that will play randomly underwater, they’re basically like cave sounds but for under oceans. One of them actually played at the very end of the video, it seems you didn’t even notice it. They’re very spooky!

  • Catboy 86 1 week ago

    Why is the hermitcraft episode univalible?

  • Pro king 1 week ago

    What is better than watching my favorite youtober

  • Pro king 1 week ago

    There is 3090 different tropical fishes

  • Fluff Whiskers 1 week ago

    You could mark gems under ground if u don’t have the materials to mine them,or even the exit to the cave !?

  • Amy Kittycat 1 week ago

    *Amy’s Q&A*
    Ask me questions you have about 1.13 and I’ll answer the best I can! (Other questions are allowed too.)

  • Minty Fresh films 1 week ago

    When is this coming out for consle

  • Lennart Reimann 1 week ago

    Phantom looks much better, the old one was very ugly and dissapointing.
    Now it has an iconic look to it and isn’t just a flying enderman thing.

  • Sad Deadly 1 week ago

    I tried to count all the tropical fish. I gave up at 43. I’m starting to think they are infinite.

  • andrew miller 1 week ago

    @xisumavoid Not sure if I noticed before or not, but I wanted to say, I like how you ask for Like’s and Sub’s.

  • CreeperBeast200 1 week ago

    Ive seen a lot yet there are exactly 3072 different types of tropical fish

  • JamporkFilms 1 week ago

    It would be cool if the rain changed the colour of the coral when above the water.

  • Catclaw Gaming 1 week ago

    DA WAE
    DA WAE
    DA WAE
    DA WAE

  • Next big update: SKY

  • Ikaika Gionson 1 week ago

    How do i play the snapshots? I downloaded minecraft java yesterday and its version 1.12

  • GHX man 1 week ago

    i hate that at least tropical fish are in horde, they could lone. Its a bit bad to look at them, when its like some her eosme there, but not smoothly around

  • Shakuta 1 week ago

    What mod is he using to see those different commands he can use?

  • Aqib.A.C 1 week ago

    Funny how often people type “ew” into the creative search bar when trying to exit their inventories in creative mode.

  • bwractive 1 week ago

    All this talk about adding nemo in all kinds of ways, makes me think if it’s possible to make the turtle highway, only thing missing is a horizontal bubblestream 😛

  • lordkanesoulreaver 1 week ago

    i know do to get the fish number extract the defoult texturs form the vershion . jar and look for the texturs area and finde mobs 🙂

  • theoddone887 1 week ago

    Is it likely that the Xbox 360 edition will update on the same day as the pc update?

  • 2lazy :T 1 week ago

    I wish my Minecraft wasn’t broke right now:(.

  • OurTube - Beyblades n’ Animation 1 week ago

    I don’t trust this update, it’s too
    *F I S H Y*

  • Kronos G4ming 1 week ago

    Hey please can you add these to more mob heads I would really like to see different fish heads

  • -SSB- 1 week ago

    They should add a rare treasure map that leads to some kind of underwater boss who, when killed, drops special loot

  • NormieSlayer 1 week ago


  • icecube 42 1 week ago

    We need a sea monster

  • RedstoneZephyrMC 1 week ago

    I love you vids mate, especially your snapshot summaries. At least for me, i might be alone on this, its always hard for me to hear any new sounds. In the future (if others are facing the same issue), turn the volume higher and avoid speech. Some editing may help so its not blank quiet for ages.

  • Virginia Kurrus 1 week ago

    I could foresee a Hermitcraft season that was in a water biome! Great stuff, so excited!

  • Maurice Sanchez 1 week ago

    Great Video, but you talked through the moments that were meant to listen to the new sounds

  • TvD Diagos 1 week ago

    Best update ever

  • Breathless Storm 1 week ago

    I. Need. A. DORY!!!

  • Bboy. Tony 1 week ago

    i agree mob b is too detailed comepared to other mc mobs

  • My Life is Pointless 1 week ago

    They should make a type of desert area with dried, sandy coral remnants and ocean remains to show that the area was once part of the ocean. That would be SOOO much cooler!!!

  • Ritam Sarkar 1 week ago

    I think that the swamp’s need an upgrade. The water in swamps should be bit more greenish and murky. We could possibly get a new wood type, where the log is overgrown and vine-y, and the planks, stairs and slabs are slightly green like in B-Dubble O’s texture for jungle wood. They might need to renovate witch huts, but that’s not really necessary.

    And now, my personal favorite: NEW SWAMP MOBS!!
    -A new type of Marsh Rabbit
    -Beavers/Beaver Dams
    -Maybe a black/brown bear, (Not likely)
    -Anacondas, (Or any snake, really? I just like the sound of Minecraft reptiles)

  • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment! 1 week ago

    only like 10 tropical fish veriant stop jacking off wtf dude catch them all fucking 10 fish lol

  • mattstat716 1 week ago

    The phantom we had before was ugly, boring, and general trash.

  • treehugger0241 1 week ago

    According to the MC wiki, there are _3072_ variations of tropical fish. My goal in every MC playthrough is to collect every passive mob and I don’t think I could manage that X’D

  • antonio sevilla 1 week ago

    Plz add goldfish

  • antonio sevilla 1 week ago

    Plz add goldfish to minecraft

  • Lollo 1 week ago

    Coral is an animal

  • ADX Entertainment 1 week ago

    Wow imagine what this could be used for on 2B2T
    the messages and history of abandoned builds people will be able to leave!

  • Xx Blaineworld xX 1 week ago

    Dont kill coralzz 🙁

  • kail roberto 1 week ago

    They should add a Superman flying animation to like if you agree

    Maybe a monster of the night skies biome/ night biome or the opposite a light biome

  • Potato Master 1 week ago

    They should add a way of seeing though water for an aquarium. For example, if you had glass against water you could see though it as if you are in it. I think that would be a cool feature to add.

  • IceMetalPunk 1 week ago

    The tropical fish aren’t exactly hard-coded; they have a pattern layer, a shape layer, and arbitrary colors for both the pattern and the base. So that’s 2 shapes, 6 patterns, 16 colors for the base, and 16 colors for the pattern. That means there are up to 3,072 tropical fish variants!

  • Fapasaurus Rex 1 week ago

    >buried underwater treasure
    >cooked fish

  • Himawari 216 1 week ago

    Under the water of the swamp it felt like heaven 😂

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