• xisumavoid 2 weeks ago

    If you’re looking for a new Minecraft Let’s Play to watch, my new series may just interest you! Its quite different than normal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3TH1P-rMec 🙂

  • Epicgaming 12345 2 weeks ago

    I think a neat detail for coral would be if you put dead coral in a crafting table surrounded by blue, pink, red, yellow, or purple dye, you can make fake coral, whick you can place on land or water, but it has a slightly darker color than normal coral

  • kejoki 2 weeks ago

    Dead coral is pretty ridiculous — must real coral doesn’t change color all that much.
    Snapshot has some problems, no existing ocean monument spawns guardians, no existing ocean floor generates kelp or sea grass. Locate isn’t working as mentioned.

  • Vee Waiyawuth 2 weeks ago

    They should add clams and other sea creatures

  • Spook ierin 2 weeks ago

    Stressed out coral will turn bright playful colors like that before it dies. It also has bright colors under blacklight.

  • Miller Plays Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    The phantom doesn’t spawn in the end because you can’t sleep in the end, which means there’s no way to reset the ‘insomnia’ timer

  • ElectroBleach 2 weeks ago

    I was able to locate the ocean ruins by running the command /locate ocean_ruin

  • Kirk Weber 2 weeks ago

    That “leave a like” dialog is so seamless and amazing! I def like this video

  • LightningStrike7 2 weeks ago

    Phantoms no longer spawn in the End because you have no way to reset your sleep timer in the End. Beds explode, remember?

  • MadShoveler 2 weeks ago

    I found one completely on land

  • MadShoveler 2 weeks ago

    And I used the locate command to fined one

  • Duterte Sempai 2 weeks ago

    why furnace doesnt work?

  • Ethan Karp 2 weeks ago

    They should change the dead coral mechanic, and make it so if there is a large area of coral, and some of it is touching water, the parts in the center won’t die, but if the parts touching water are removed, they will.

  • Oliver Ottmar 2 weeks ago

    the coral blocks look like shit, corals should look more like the chorus plants

  • Oliver Ottmar 2 weeks ago

    i hope that the update will work on old worlds that are already generated

  • Poshfully 2 weeks ago

    Kinda sucks. These are nice blocks, so it’s a shame we can’t use them on their own. But these blocks don’t work as “coral” anyways. They look great- just not as coral.

  • Zen Barbieri-Bennett 2 weeks ago

    yeah trident

  • kurt lindner 2 weeks ago

    I think Mojang is regretting making the phantom an option as much as I am regretting it being chosen…

  • Agent. ( -_-) 2 weeks ago

    Thats the laziest attempt at coral, biomes o plenty does it infinitely better.

  • GAMING MASTER AYUSH 2 weeks ago

    Happy Holi

  • Minecraft Short Film雷霜 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful~! :O

  • Darth C Reaper 2 weeks ago

    Who was here before 60,000 views?

  • Xavom 2 weeks ago

    Great… underwater Starburst Candies :/ They looked so much better at Minecon.

  • MrSharkguy 6 2 weeks ago


  • Zaccari Jarman 2 weeks ago

    I’m sad about the Phantom in the end

  • Abe Eliason 2 weeks ago

    who here wants some kind of evil nether plants?

  • BlackburnBigdragon 2 weeks ago

    I kind of think that the texture itself for the corals are kind of… bland and unimaginative. I don’t mean the colors. I wouldn’t mind seeing the colors be a little more muted and not so, in your face rainbow bright, but what I would have rather seen from the coral would have been more interesting patterns on the surfaces of the blocks more like what the terracotta blocks have to make them more.. coral-like and to make them each look distinctive. As they are right now, they’re kind of a boring block in my opinion. They look too similar to wool despite their subtle coral texture.

  • Mikk S. 2 weeks ago

    You can’t sleep in the end…

  • NazmiFitri.Fauzi KambingGolekMmbekkk 2 weeks ago

    Sadly…I can only play Minecraft 1.13 in October after I finish my exam 😟 But I will always know what happend in 1.13 😊

  • Spacetrooper656 2 weeks ago

    Those Coral blocks look horrible

  • John Stuart 2 weeks ago


  • Destiny Dacosta 2 weeks ago

    They added fish too

  • EighteenCharacters 2 weeks ago

    The Like achievement is a very nice touch.  Have my like 🙂

  • Peter Makin 2 weeks ago

    Curious, Im able to enchant and fish enchanted books with the trident enchants. When fishing though, using a luck of the sea 3 and lure 3 Im not getting any low level rewards. Thus far almost 50 fish, 2 enchanted books, an enchanted rod, a clownfish and a saddle. None of the bones/rotten flesh/bowls etc.

  • James Lowry 2 weeks ago

    I hope this update is truly spectacular for everyone who is able to access it! Be grateful that your computer can handle it, as mine sadly can’t…

  • ToaDrakua 2 weeks ago

    You’d think coral touching other coral would keep each block alive as long as one is touching water.

  • i Bqnaab 2 weeks ago


    Just like my commend😊🍌

  • IchPlays 2 weeks ago

    coral block looks ugly

  • GangsterCat 2 weeks ago

    the snapshot crashes all the time for me

  • Dan Beeston 2 weeks ago

    It no longer spawns in the end because beds explode in the end, meaning they would just keep coming after you. I think they’re working on a drop from the mob so you can reset your sleep statistic by consuming the drop rather than sleeping when your in the end

  • SuperSonic Swift 2 weeks ago

    I am going to suggest some stuffs over here because I am too lazy to login to my Reddit:
    Gold Blocks scattered around the Underwater Shipwrecks might be a good idea.
    Change the coral’s texture pls
    Phantoms must spawn in the End and will try to attack you if Endermen are provoked by you.
    The map to the Stronghold should be put in the Underwater Shipwrecks as a very rare loot which you can find one in a 50 chests of Underwater Shipwrecks
    There should be another boss in the Underwater Shipwreck like maybe a Great White Shark.
    Colored Water should be added to the game.

  • Aphy Hentai 2 weeks ago

    i waiting so much broken boats or abandoned boats in the water with extraloot but with a mini-boss or other ! that can be so cool !

  • Gaming With Turtle 2 weeks ago

    coral isnt looks reallistics but update is also nice!

  • Arch Ang3l 2 weeks ago

    I don’t like the fact that it’s called “Blue coral” …. like, why is “coral” lowercase when every other item’s words are capitalized at the beginning of each word.

  • Rishit Shetty 2 weeks ago

    What if Mojang…..as an ocean ruin…..added the sunken Titanic to the ocean XD lolol that would be cool.

  • Nerved Music 2 weeks ago

    That hardly looks like coral. Pretty horrible retexture if you ask me, the previous texture looked quite interesting.

  • The Irish Potato 2 weeks ago


  • Theslipperypig Game 2 weeks ago

    If you go in the magma bubbles when going underwater in gives you air bubbles so you don’t drown

  • Donut 2 weeks ago

    I hope you can tame the phantoms

  • Bryan Dolstra 2 weeks ago

    Punch a squid, they now swim away from you very fast

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