• liquidminds 2 weeks ago

    “they come in 5 different shapes” … for very large values of 5, that actually are 6?

    edit: but I guess you just didn’t count the dead variant as a color.

  • HellzDaughter 2 weeks ago

    Going to start a new survival world when the new patch goes live? Etho only isn’t enough minecraft content for us! We miss you Doc

  • Sem Grezing 2 weeks ago

    Thank you. Hello into Russia)

  • SpeedrunsTeddy 2 weeks ago

    That’s a nice building mechanic. To build next to water if you want colors and if they aren’t placed next to water they become grey. Gives me some nice ideas

  • Dalton Bedore 2 weeks ago

    that texture is a lot uglier than it was at minecon

  • CoolSwordBuider 2. 0 2 weeks ago

    I wish these new underwater structures should be more detailed, less random, if you know what I mean. And there should totally be more features to the sea life, they added cool updates, but I would add more sea mobs like sting ray. 😃

  • David Pattemore 2 weeks ago

    Just build stuff with water pockets hidden behind coral

  • ThomasGrillo 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for the video. Looks like Mojang went with brain coral. Though it would’ve been nice if they’d also used the more plant like coral types. I wonder if dead coral can be dyed?

  • TheUnbreakableBedrock 2 weeks ago

    1:54 ‘That is dead’

  • David Pattemore 2 weeks ago

    In the teaser video there was definitely plants on top of corals,,great bid doc

  • Nikolaj 2 weeks ago

    I think the coral blocks are gonna spawn like mossy clobble in Mega Taigas

  • Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ 2 weeks ago

    I thought phantoms were like vultures.

  • Cosmic Lightning 2 weeks ago

    I don’t mind if it dies if it;s not touching water, but at least give us 16 colors than if you aren’t giving us slabs. I thought the renovation of game mechanics was to give us more blocks, not be cheap and skip out on a lot of them.

  • Brandon Hall 2 weeks ago

    The doctor IS IN! Another good one doc, keep em coming!

  • TheSidcraft 2 weeks ago

    Doc, you forgot that Mojang showed coral as blocks in the minecon prototype trailer? Maybe the age is affecting your memory… 😉

  • Gerald Snauwaert 2 weeks ago

    You could use coral above the ocean as a wall if you place water behind it (well that’s a guess anyway)

  • Vlad Dobrota 2 weeks ago

    Will clown fish hide in corals ?

  • King Kurto 2 weeks ago

    Time to start planning an underwater base

  • SukkelNoob 2 weeks ago


  • PeridotDeSpaceDorito 2 weeks ago


  • Dragon Actual 2 weeks ago

    More underwater buildings? Nice

  • Cross - CrossFace22 2 weeks ago

    If you place a sponge on the water surrounding a coral it’ll still alive 😮

  • random TV 2 weeks ago

    ruins are realsed after the ship werk why the ruins come first

  • Dread, the Mad Smith 2 weeks ago

    Bubbles sinking into magma…. That’s not how water boils Mojang!

  • Rookie IX Productions 2 weeks ago

    I feel like those reds and yellows would be gorgeous in a pagoda, or some other Oriental-esque build. It’s too bad you can’t use them outside the water :/

  • papa shrek king 2 weeks ago

    Good vid

  • Jungle Luv 2 weeks ago

    i hope these coral blocks are a like block base for a statue, and they are going to chisel the textures into them still. maybe just making sure they place and act correctly before furthering the visual code. I don’t code though, so not sure if that’s even how these things work lol.

  • 09 Tunafish 2 weeks ago

    The coral do sent look cool

  • lino lmd 2 weeks ago

    Hey o/ @docm77 any chance you will be starting a new world lets play?

  • Tutoriales Musicales Cristiano 2 weeks ago

    Mcpe beta????????

  • Randy Vallian 2 weeks ago

    color full block underwater with slab and stair

  • LeeTwentyThree 2 weeks ago

    And still Minecraft servers don’t even let you obtain blocks from 1.9…

  • Snowaa_ 2 weeks ago

    The waters colums are making less lags ! (I’m a french sub 🙂 )

  • SangheiliWarrior 2 weeks ago

    I love these ruins and I like those sizes and thier rarity. I was worries they would be all over the place or not spawn at all, but it seems to be perfect! They look pretty nice too! I think that coral will be changed a bit though. But still love this snapshot

  • Bernie Anders 2 weeks ago

    1. The blue coral block would make a nice ground for a swimming pool. It has a pattern like sunlight shining through waves on the water surface. (Unfortunately only a static pattern. Mojang could change this and give it a dynamic pattern not unsimilar to prismarine. It would look great, in the ocean too, I expect. It would corals make look alive.) 2. My crystal ball tells me: One day you can dye the dead coral block in the usual 16 colours, but the colours will be less vibrant than living coral. A building block in low colour saturation would be nice, for a change, anyway. Notice how perfectly colour-less middle-grey the dead coral block is! It literally shouts: I want to be coloured.

  • Darkking Ice 2 weeks ago

    how are there no orange coral?

  • CelestinWard 2 weeks ago

    Doc, just because there are coral blocks doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be spawned into the world as blocks. Perhaps they do implement plants and you can craft them in a 3×3 or 2×2 to form the blocks. Just a thought.

  • secret man66 2 weeks ago


  • deklosjaar 2 weeks ago

    I think these are blocks that can be crafted from the coral riffs

  • Magmorix 2 weeks ago

    Will coral come back to life if placed water is poured on it?

  • Bernie Anders 2 weeks ago

    Five different shapes and forms? Don’t get my hopes up!

  • 10.000 Subscribers without any video's 2 weeks ago

    Hey, will you guys help me reach 10K? so thanks!

  • Acituanbus:GLaDOS eddition 2 weeks ago

    So coral is the second mob that is also also a block…….the first one is the sponge…

  • rs sharkey 2 weeks ago

    I still expect there will be coral plants and the coral blocks will end up craftable, like haybales

  • delibobs 2 weeks ago

    Coral like chorus plants would be nice.

  • Max T 2 weeks ago

    I heard the looting tables are placeholders, cause wheat under water doesnt make much sense. Dont know if thats true tho.

  • CraiZen Creations 2 weeks ago

    The treasure is not in the game yet, so no, it’s not the Trident.

  • Nathaniel Grauel 2 weeks ago

    They were shown at minecon but they looked different. Like if you like the old style slightly better!

  • Mr. New*Wave 2 weeks ago

    I think Minecraft aquariums could be really cool with the addition of glass slabs and stairs being added in to Minecraft.



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