• Younes Layachi 3 weeks ago

    the puffer fish sound is just too satisfying

  • 10 000 Subscriber Challenge With No Video! 3 weeks ago

    1.1e best update ever

  • Younes Layachi 3 weeks ago

    pufferfish icon is so funny

  • QorinHalfhand. 3 weeks ago

    I still want scuba gear.

  • Does that mean Respiration is obsolete?

  • Fingz 3 weeks ago

    I played you on rocket league the other day!

  • Dark_Panda 3 weeks ago

    Does this change fishing mechanics now?

  • TechGuy1986 3 weeks ago

    Ok, anyone else here think that Mumbo has insider knowledge and was giving us indirect hints about this update? Kinda fishy lol

  • Asriel T_M 3 weeks ago

    Now i can make a fish tank

  • DanDB 3 weeks ago


    …has five letters

  • Marcos Henrique 3 weeks ago

    This video did not appear on my subscriptions page. Get your sh*t together, Youtube!

  • James Moton 3 weeks ago

    3:51 Breath bar overflows to the middle of the HUD. Why?

  • FATHAN KC 3 weeks ago


  • Mrcreeper Gaming 3 weeks ago

    So respiration is useless now. :-/

  • Henry Ren 3 weeks ago

    Is it possible to make a fish farm?

  • Jordan turpin 3 weeks ago

    dolphins like using puffers as beach balls

  • l Ghost 3 weeks ago

    desert ravines are no new for us pe players

  • kukilet //Dawid B. 3 weeks ago

    so pufferfish is that hostile mob that mojang said they add? XD

  • Billychickens 3 weeks ago

    Who thinks clearer water through glass would b betta?!

  • LandoHitman 3 weeks ago

    Can gravel be found at the bottom of cold oceans?

  • RaGe4ChEeRiOs 3 weeks ago

    where’s ClownFishes?

  • Gobble Turkey 3 weeks ago

    Pls sub to me? #roadto50

  • Gobble Turkey 3 weeks ago

    they should make a shusi for you kill squid

  • GC Markert 3 weeks ago

    The largest puffer fish looks like a furby. Was not a fan then, not a fan now.

  • Coyt Anderson 3 weeks ago

    I have been thinking of ways to keep turtles safe to where you can breed them and let the babies grow up to collect their shells. One problem though I haven’t figured a way to get the adults out without the babies getting out as well.

  • B&A shows 3 weeks ago

    they should make it to where polar bears will attack the salmon in the rivers

  • Seth Tamwood 3 weeks ago

    Oh man, I can’t wait to see more Ocean updates!! I’ve thought oceans were pretty boring for a long time, and having just a little life breathed into em will help me want to mess around in there immensely!

  • The Ghost Muffin 3 weeks ago

    Finaly minecraft vets have been asking for actual fish mobs since beta.

  • Noah Au 3 weeks ago

    This update is really bringing back some serious inspiration to play the game. Super hyped for it to drop

  • Lee Vlogs 3 weeks ago

    i wish there is an aerial update…
    birds and plants which grows on blocks

  • Lizzi 3 weeks ago

    5 people liked this video so much they missed the like button in a rush to click it .o.

  • Random Blade 3 weeks ago

    Holy crud! This is real!

  • Nikoon Rocke 3 weeks ago

    Loving these update videos! Any idea how the new ravine generation will affect existing deserts? I have a desert base so it slightly concerns me.

  • I am looking forward to 1.13 update.

  • Dillon L 3 weeks ago

    Looking forward to fish farms once the update comes out!

  • Night _ Vn 3 weeks ago

    Seem fishy

  • PuppetComics 3 weeks ago

    I want reed in minecraft, it would look gorgeous when growing besides river and when you would bonemeal the ground when near a river, it spawns reed as wel as sugar cane, it would be cool if you could only make paper from putting reed in a in a crafting bench, reed would be two or one blocks tall and reed can only grow on grass, dirt and podzol

    That would be awesome to see in minecraft

  • Ethan Fenson 3 weeks ago

    1000th like

  • abhishek gourav 3 weeks ago

    So here’s my question would the existing fish farm design work in 1.13 ?? Do we need to go to that specific biome to get that fish?? Like luke warm ocean for puffer fish river biome for salmon..

  • ƓєηєяαƖ Ɛccнι 3 weeks ago

    Cod lul

  • Meir Roth 3 weeks ago

    Beautiful! Thanks Cub

  • Bikini Bottom is here.

  • Nuketown 161 3 weeks ago


  • colinvanful 3 weeks ago

    fantastic i just wish i could swim !lol

  • Τζουλιανο Χοτζα 3 weeks ago

    I wonder if it be laggy

  • snowgolem609 aviation and more! 3 weeks ago

    how do you download this snapshot? I have looked everywhere and I can not get it.

  • Mitchell WARRICK 3 weeks ago

    If you kill the fish with fire, do they drop their cooked variants like other mobs yet?

  • Yosseph osher 3 weeks ago

    They should change the way it is the world looks and have mix areas

  • Sebastian Dre Abustan 3 weeks ago

    heres a question for jarvis, Is mumbo a fork?

  • Gabriel Cuneta 3 weeks ago

    Smoke weed everyday

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