• xisumavoid 1 month ago

    More info on this snapshot and how to breed turtles! Go Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gb_aJO3V5U 🙂

  • Herschinator_47 1 month ago

    i would say watch ljogdot zip for better info.
    cuz this guy said some false stuff.

  • Anonymous Schweiz 1 month ago

    LMFAO snapchot18dhgbsdfhskjdhfkjsbdfbsjhdbfjhabsdfkfjjhbajhekbjhkwberjhbwjhkerbSuckmycock1.32
    they still make updates?

  • ChaosContrl 1 month ago


  • ChaosContrl 1 month ago

    Maybe you need string with the dried kelp to make the blocks?

  • Billy Welsh 1 month ago

    “all these eggs here i laid”…..ur a man?

    and ouch, also a mammal….and not a turtle

  • Billy Welsh 1 month ago

    the water breathe effect isn’t permanent it just starts the clock when ur under water

  • Minecraft Player 1 month ago

    Do you see the Guardian Base? I see it .

  • lucian hull 1 month ago

    They have had squids squirt ink in pocket edition for ages

  • Luigi Mario 1 month ago

    The phantom should drop Elytra so there’s a way to get them earlier. I don’t know about you guys, but I can never get far enough to get them

  • MsCovado 1 month ago

    xisumavoid: Is it me or has your accent drifted westwards?

  • Alden Weaver 1 month ago

    The super tall grass is called kelp. It’s in the items section, and you can place it on top of another piece, or in the ocean (like sugar cane). It’s pretty cool.

  • Sexy Beast 1 month ago

    When will is come out?

  • FLUMMI 1 month ago

    i love the new minecraft its getting more realistic but it is still minecraft what i really love

  • Cool Kid Reports 1 month ago

    dried kelp looks like weed


  • Roakop 1 month ago

    i can´t make the size thing…

  • Thom Smids 1 month ago

    where is the bark???????

  • TheIronWolf2018 Z 1 month ago

    Just more lag to deal with

  • GBM gaming 1 month ago

    Not sure if anyone has figured it out but have you tried putting string in the middle of the recipe for the dried kelp to create the block?

  • Hayden Snyder 1 month ago

    I wish you could put a MASSIVE turtle shell onto your back in the update, maybe that may be added, but that is unlikely.

  • Hayden Snyder 1 month ago

    You get the turtle potion from the actual turtle shell (helmet)

  • βΣΨΩΠD RΣΔSΩΠ 1 month ago

    Squids have squirted ink for a while in Pocket Edition.

  • Victor Villadsen 1 month ago


  • merryPerryXmas MSP 1 month ago

    When is it coming out for mobile?? ;-; ughhhagshdh

  • Grewson Sonderw 1 month ago

    what if u could ride the phantom…

  • Nasatech109 _ 1 month ago

    7:10 the turtle murdered the egg!!!!!

  • Ayeloo Official 1 month ago

    “All the eggs you see here have been layed by me”

  • ThatGamer065 1 month ago

    The egg at 7:14 ish didn’t hatch, the baby turtle stepped on the egg and it broke

  • Yuri Yuri 1 month ago

    0:46 I thought that was my computer lol

  • Electro_Yellow 1 month ago

    The phantoms are ugly.

  • Daniel Jeffery 1 month ago

    you have to use the turtle shell hat to brew the potion of the turtle master

  • Javier Agapito 1 month ago

    They should make bark for a camp fire.

  • R0SILE tk 1 month ago

    Again inventory not inventree dumbass. Go learn how to speak English properly idiot.

  • Craig Urban 1 month ago

    Xisuma, The baby turtles will drop a shell piece when they grow into an adult turtle.

  • Jordan Weir 1 month ago

    didnt expect the stripped wood, really nice addition imo

  • The Force Boy 1 month ago

    When Does the update come to Minecraft pocket edition

  • Riley Cross 1 month ago

    i really hope they add some sort of danger underwater, we have heaps of new food and enchantments but nothing to kill plz add something mojang!

  • Jessica 1 month ago

    So when is it going to happen? I keep hearing soon but no one has a date.

  • Mike B 1 month ago

    TIL Xisuma lays eggs 3:01

  • lololololol 1 month ago

    I want 1.13

  • Jordan De Knikker 1 month ago

    Can it make a skeleton trap mob with the channel effect? I want a skeleton horse

  • EnderproGamer 17 :D 1 month ago

    You are my *Hero*

  • Andi Montgomery 1 month ago

    The squid always drop ink sense of the old updates

  • ilgattofatto 1 month ago

    dat skin needs to show some skin in the abbs, like classic doom guy

  • Megan Bones 1 month ago


  • Nick Marsh 1 month ago

    7:10 when xisumavoid thought the egg hatched the baby turtle actually stomped on the egg 🤣

  • db sk4 1 month ago

    please X can you share the seed for that lovely island? or anyone else…

  • Marek Poláček 1 month ago

    You have to use turtle shells instead of shell pieces (called differently now). May change in future, though. Personally, I think the single piece makes more sense as a brewing ingredient, maybe a suggestion to developers?

  • TacoCat 1 month ago

    The Phantoms look like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon to me

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