• Anthony 2 weeks ago


  • fire lotus 2 weeks ago

    i cant join the discord

  • Wafity 2 weeks ago


  • Griffen Knight 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else feel like the sea pickles should be edible?

  • GAME PLAY TV 2 weeks ago

    Adam sea demis as gardas

  • liquidminds 2 weeks ago

    You can make an auto-farm by dispensing bone-meal. It’s pretty OP.

  • Ian Ferreira 2 weeks ago


  • InsideTheFro 2 weeks ago

    Quick question: When this update comes out and I load a 1.12.2 world, will it update the oceans in that world with the new features added with 1.13?

  • andrew nelson 2 weeks ago

    Can the click timing issue be remedied by adding a delay to the pressure plate?

  • AugGaming 2 weeks ago

    Rick would be proud.

  • Zihan Zhu 2 weeks ago

    But if you use the fully automatic version of this farm by using the star formation, you can get way more sea pickles per bonemeal.

  • Byron Brons 2 weeks ago

    You can put hopper under coral into chest or sorting system when our inventory is full

  • Jet Lag 2 weeks ago


  • Modded Engineer 2 weeks ago

    757 fps and I get 10 playing project ozone 2. Rip in pickleronies

  • Hawk M 2 weeks ago

    You should totally make a vanilla tweak to the pickle and give it a face :>

  • Tristan BROWN 2 weeks ago

    They should add see weed that washes up on the sea

  • ToommGaming 2 weeks ago

    Hey. I am making a map that needs to track the amount of kills a player has, and when that player gets to 5 kills, the game will end. I’ve looked everywhere, but I haven’t found out how to track if someone has 5+ kills, and how to trigger other command blocks when the player DOES get 5 kills. Could you possibly make a tutorial for this, or reply to this comment on how to do it?

  • That1Dog 2 weeks ago

    couldn’t you build a farm with one static pickle that is bonemealed, and use pistons to harvest the rest?

  • Ricardo Serna 2 weeks ago

    What if you made one of the steady with a pickle and a bone meal dispenser on top with a Redstone clock hooked up till it and to a radius of other corals moving up and down

  • ExoticFX 2 weeks ago

    yeah but do you eat it XD what do you do with it

  • adolf hitler 2 weeks ago

    I think that illmango and company have already made a much more efficient pickle farm

  • Alexander Soo 2 weeks ago

    what are pickles used for?

  • muserock2367 2 weeks ago

    “Use a dispenser to bonemeal the sea pickle” sounds a little bit rude…

  • Ya_MaZZZim 2 weeks ago

    Farm is good… but did i need this thing at all?

  • Luka Mckenzie 2 weeks ago


  • Melon Lord 2 weeks ago

    The word “pickle” has lost all meaning now. It’s just like a funny sound now.

  • Daniel Sýkora 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if u could made it fully automated: autobonemeal one sea pickle and move with pistons spots where it can spread to and then just collect with hoppers, no player actions envolved

  • Crispy Bacon 2 weeks ago

    Since they spread to adjacent blocks when bonemealed, you could make this farm fully automatic with a shifting floor, just bonemealing “seeder” pickles at regular intervals.

  • RedTruffle 2 weeks ago

    theez look like candles

    grian, get ready

  • Aiden Cornett 2 weeks ago

    They should add if you cook a sea pickle you get a normal pickle gives you 3 hunger bars

  • DevraDare 2 weeks ago

    @Xisumavoid Love the videos… Off topic question about Mooshroom Cows… I have noticed while working on a Mooshroom island that as I Terraform the island to green grass the cows continue to migrate towards the Mycelium. Have you noticed this behavior or am I going crazy? Probably just a coincidence. But I figured if anyone had the answer it would be you. Otherwise I will be making a natural Mooshroom cow pen without fences HAha 😀

  • Nate Burnside 2 weeks ago

    Pickle rick I’m gonna name a sea pickle pickles rick

  • IronAgate 2 weeks ago

    How did you get the structure block to work? Every time i try to save a structure in the snapshot nothing happens…

  • Angel Arellano 2 weeks ago

    What is the use for sea pickle?

  • EighteenCharacters 2 weeks ago

    6 wheat –> 2 Bread.  Raw beef –> Furnace = Cooked Beef.  Crafting table –> Bread, Beef, Bread….  Now if I only had a pickle…

  • Final Fanasty 2 weeks ago

    but why the fudge do we care about pickles i mean there useless right???

  • Blorb 2 weeks ago

    Would be better with a Sea Pickle Rick farm… :/

  • Anthony Truong 2 weeks ago

    when i saw the first vid i thought it was an april fools prank

  • EpicRedstone 2 weeks ago

    Cool I made a fully automatically sea Pickle farm the only thing you need to do is fill it up with bone meal

  • King Craft 2 weeks ago

    you know that in latest snapshot you can fly with the riptide trident when it’s raining

  • BoldSAgamer12 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone else get tge mcpe for free ad at the beginnibg?

  • SkillerBoss YT 2 weeks ago

    Anyone still watching 2019?😁

  • Maciej Miłosz 2 weeks ago

    You can actually use pickles as an underwater alternative for torches. They create light and prevent Drowneds from spawning.

  • Domenik Debert 2 weeks ago

    When will the update be releaased

  • Adam Mok 2 weeks ago


  • Rishit Shetty 2 weeks ago

    I wonder why you made a farm cuz those pickles are just to make lime dye and to light up the ocean

  • Acidix 2 weeks ago

    Who else also thinks he is gonna mess up and say cheerio when he says tutorial? Ahaha

  • Black Comet 2 weeks ago

    In light of the savage death of the NHO by Phantoms, could you make a myth busting episode on them? I want to know where they spawn, can they travel through blocks, and how to protect myself while AFK.

  • huahuahuahua huehuehuehue 2 weeks ago

    People still watch minecraft tutorials ?

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