• xisumavoid 2 weeks ago

    Don’t miss the 1.13 pre-release video 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW1NLszRbSM

  • OH MY GAH 2 weeks ago

    Holy crap these are so good, nearly made me cry if I’m completely honest.

  • The Hydro Hedgehog 2 weeks ago


    *It’s like you’re going swimming,* for the first time in your life. You slowly dip your foot into the water and instantly take it out, the second you realize how cold the water is. Then you go for a second try: you complete immerse your entire body in to the water but start shivering due to the cold. You then start walking around in the cold pool and within minutes, you get faster and faster! Finally as a large amount of time has past, you are now rapidly and happily swimming through the water because you’ve overcome your fear of the cold and are now *used to the environment.*

  • DRTY D 2 weeks ago

    so we get 3 new music discs from creepers now? 🙂

  • Jeremy VDB 2 weeks ago

    That music really sounds like a sci fi movie soundtrack. I L O V E it

  • Kagiza400 2 weeks ago

    Axolotl and Dragonfish are real animals… We oficially have the first amphibian and deep sea fish in the game!

  • I'm Boring 2 weeks ago

    I wish they make a music based from aquarium by saint-saens

  • purple jellyfish395 2 weeks ago

    I think the new mobs will be whales,Dragon fish and axolotls

  • Rawa Rauf 2 weeks ago

    How to make X-Bow , tutorial here https://youtu.be/8t4fGpKq-R0

  • Giorgos Dartanum 2 weeks ago

    C418 is awesome at his job

  • The Repeating Redstone 2 weeks ago


  • joshl biomechanic 2 weeks ago

    Awesome thanks. Think this track would go well with desert biomes: https://youtu.be/GZbfAENlyos

  • El Furry y su Humor Serio 2 weeks ago

    OH MY GOD!

  • Papa Lags2 2 weeks ago

    Where can the music be find

  • Chicken Strips 2 weeks ago

    Just when you think C418 can’t top his latest works…

  • Kristoffer Vassbø 2 weeks ago


  • ZyBeXy 2 weeks ago

    I hate it

  • Dead ass 2 weeks ago

    Notorious minecraft composer C418 leaks Despacito 2 in new 1.13 update

  • Diamond Jub 2 weeks ago

    Does this mean new Music Discs?

  • ghostlygengar1337 2 weeks ago

    ok so now that we have the programming for this we can change it to the dire dire docks theme from super mario 64. 10/10 would add music to biomes again

  • Falc0nFight3r 2 weeks ago

    Sounds like a mix between Minecraft and Subnautica, and both have amazing soundtracks, and these sound like a great mix between the two.

  • I like dragon fish

  • Jelly pig 2 weeks ago

    video starts at 0:50

  • hunar omer 2 weeks ago

    What is the meaning of song, i was trying some instruments this month and i see that musics are called songs, english is not my native language, when i hear song i think that it must contain human voice saying words 😂

  • Fireball2021 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft 1.14 tame able rideable sea dragon anyone

  • Comic Sans 2 weeks ago

    Is this Subnautica

  • _Th0mAs_ 2 weeks ago

    Axolotl is the best! It touched my heart of beautifulness… <3

  • Nicholas - Private 2 weeks ago

    Already fell In love when I heard the first note

  • Gameatronic9000 2 weeks ago

    in the middle of dragon fish i hear a lady say quietly, ‘now come to me, so i can get a taste of you.’. i freak out thinking what the hell, is this going to be in minecraft? then i realise its an anime add on another tab that just started playing.

    that just scared the hell out of me

  • Laur_ Wolf_XD 2 weeks ago

    DRAGON FISH!? Now they gotta add that

  • Kjetil Birkeland 2 weeks ago

    This makes me so happy

  • Super Mario 3D Adventure 2 weeks ago

    Axolotl gives me aquatic ambiance vibes

  • Parker Shore 2 weeks ago

    shuniji is AMAZING!

  • Thomas Quiggle 2 weeks ago

    super mario galaxy vibes

  • creeperskinmaker 2 weeks ago

    dragon fish was my favorite

  • Fun Studios 2 weeks ago

    I am reading all the comments while listening to this so relaxing 😎

  • Fun Studios 2 weeks ago

    I like dragon fish the best

  • Dwagon 2 weeks ago

    Shuniji is definitely my favorite. 🌊

  • Rafialdo Restuhadi 2 weeks ago

    Ask C418 to make more biome-themed music. Don’t forgot to ask the developer to bring all the minecon earth 2017 loser mobs and make more biome-themed updates.

  • Ace1234556789 2 weeks ago

    Is it possible for them to make music disks for these later on or are they going to just be able to be heard in the ocean?

  • Jeff the killer 2 weeks ago


  • Cody Fisher 2 weeks ago

    Xisuma why do you have two channels? Why not just upload it all to your main one? It’s a bother to always be checking two for updates. It doesn’t make any sense.

  • I9IIEIIYIIEIIS 2 weeks ago

    It’s nice, but a little depressive

  • AltijdTias 2 weeks ago

    I like the dragon fish the most.
    Like if you agree.

    Now im just hoping for likes.

  • Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. 2 weeks ago

    The minecraft OST has this magical quality that you love the music, but you always turn the music off in-game. You know, I haven’t tried playing minecraft with the music turned on in a while.

  • Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. 2 weeks ago

    Dragon Fish kind of reminds me of Gong. You know, Gong, the late and great Daevid Allen, those guys.

  • Eliot Scott 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else spot that derpy turtle at 5:00

  • Catalin Plocon 2 weeks ago

    I like the part when there is music

  • Bone Needle 2 weeks ago

    Anybody else getting a Spore vibe?

  • greekgamer500 minecraft 4 ever 2 weeks ago

    The music is relaxing like subnautica

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