The latest snapshot, 18w15a for Minecraft java. There is a conduit


  • boop lord 1 week ago

    nope, no PS3. i cri.

  • WhirlWind 1 week ago

    AHHHH u talk too fast 🙁

  • King Koala 1 week ago

    Does Java have the new ice biome?

  • Ivoria yoshi 1 week ago

    I wish they would make more music cause it can get very repetitive 😐

  • Hayden Carrigg 1 week ago

    Mojang needs to add pond and river life e.g reeds bulrushes cattails ect

  • ChannelisticOfficial 1 week ago

  • Rhas 'Churol 1 week ago

    What we’ve seen with conduit so far doesn’t make sense to me. What makes it a light source? What is it exactly? Can it not attach to or sit on other blocks? If not, what’s holding it in place?

    So far, every other light source makes sense. Torches have fire. Glowstone and prismarine are glowing blocks, and sea pickles(cucumbers) have bio-luminescent parts on it. But what’s a conduit? It doesn’t look like it glows.

  • MLG Leo playz 1 week ago

    Dolphins acctualy lead you to treasure

  • Smol Frog 1 week ago

    The nautilus shell and heart of the sea are used to make the conduit

  • Rabid tbnrfan 1 week ago

    It for council?

  • Vinvan Artsy 1 week ago

    Thank you toy cat you made my day showing me this and listening to your voice is so nice for my ears thanks ❤️

  • MrBatistafan100 1 week ago

    can someone please explain to me how minecraft updating works? what are the diffrences between pc xbox and ps versions

  • charlie eagles 1 week ago

    conduits. what are they? a redstone device (eg a waterproof redstone dust), a plant that grows, is it a craftable item, is it a mob, or tool…? how do you find it, summon it or make it, is it used for anything other than light?

  • CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004 1 week ago

    Dolphins are finally added to Minecraft PC and Pocket Editions! (as planned by Mojang)

  • FireFoxGames 1 week ago

    anyone els hoping for a big desert update next

  • Good Boy 1 week ago

    Imagine if there was a kraken boss

  • Maximum Overdrive 1 week ago

    I got the 800th like

  • Jayden Courts 1 week ago

    Blue ice is more slippery than packed ice

  • j_plays 21 1 week ago

    Oooh the heart of the sea could make you walk on water that’s a good idea, give me credits

  • Engel 1 week ago

    wow i havent played vanilla minecraft since like 2012, minecraft in general since 2014.. vanilla minecraft looks like a lightly modded minecraft now lmao

  • Jayden Varghese 1 week ago

    What exactly *is* the conduit? like is it craftable? do you find it underwater? in chests? doesn’t look natural to me..

  • Dust Potato 1 week ago

    Heart of the Sea, Plus Shells, Plus Something else, equals new underwater boss (Similar to the wither)

  • Gipsar 1 week ago


  • DJ PLAT 1 week ago

    Ive said it before ill say it again minecraft is turning into Terraria

  • Coy Bow*** 1 week ago

    ibxtoycat The dolphins lead you to treasure.

  • HammerBroGH 1 week ago

    Minecraft is in the right path, just get rid of minecon earth’s cringe andddddddddddddddddddd it’s perfect

  • HammerBroGH 1 week ago

    Minecraft education edition has chemistry added :O

  • Mash Rien 1 week ago

    God damn man, slow down with the babbling. Like your vids but you sound like you’ve inhaled a few truckloads of caffeine (or meth) before recording. Don’t have to be in such a hurry 🙂

  • EnderFive5 1 week ago

    Guys its 1.14 btw not 1.13 :/

  • ShadowHunter120 1 week ago

    “Heart of the sea, no use for this item”
    *New recipes unlocked*

  • Itz_ Zeref 1 week ago

    The heart and the shell id used for crafting the conduit.
    By the way the conduit has a statis effect if you place at least 16 prismarine things around it like an enchanting table.

  • Dan The Bunny 1 week ago

    Great vid ibx! also what is the seed of that world? i have been trying to find a world where it is mainly ocean but can’t get any. :/

  • Vincent Graff 1 week ago

    CONDUIT! like in Ender IO??

  • The NuggetBacon 1 week ago

    You can turn off biome blend with optifine on older versions.

  • brendan boxsell 1 week ago

    Lol some of the information is wrong

  • DarkWarchieff 1 week ago

    Toycat, that biome blend features works with color palettes. It shouldn’t affect performance at all as the textures won’t get a higher res.

  • Durjam Gaming 1 week ago

    What seed is that

  • Fox Socks Studios 1 week ago

    They should make Minecraft more realistic and add yellow snow and ice

  • Wafity 1 week ago

    I love this stuff!!

  • Jump On Everything 1 week ago

    The conduit had the ender dragon egg texture when you broke it

  • Frozen Puppy lover 1 week ago

    Will they bring aquatic update to Minecraft Xbox 360 and is Minecraft Xbox 360 and will we get new animals

  • Steve McGee 1 week ago

    Blue ice should turn water around it to ice, because packed ice already doesn’t melt so otherwise there’s no use, like if you agree

  • itsAaron 1 week ago


  • hina ro 1 week ago

    Help me how to craft glow stick pls

  • Lionmeow 1 week ago

    The nautilus shell and heart of the the sea are used to make a conduit. If you surround the conduit by a certain prismarine structure, it will give you a new effect called conduit power.

  • Gregor Hodson 1 week ago

    Blue ice actually has a use. It’s more slippery than regular or packed ice so it’s useful in item transportation.

  • The Great Wolf HD 1 week ago

    I houply minecraft for ios like aquatic update

  • Viktorath Zyn 1 week ago

    Love it except warm biomes should be easy to see under.

  • Xenix 1 week ago

    conduit is not meant to be a light source counduit is like a underwater beaon

  • Aanya Ahmed 1 week ago

    Sea lantern 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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