• Billy CipherGaming 8 months ago

    ECKO!!!pls notice me I subbed.pls it will make me happy

  • Captain James 8 months ago

    I like the brick and the wood change but the wood change will ruin some of stampy long noses builds

  • ShortToon Tv 8 months ago

    hi ecko😊

  • Alta Grace 8 months ago

    Mojang please just make the Faithful Texture Pack

  • Abigail DodgeReeves 8 months ago

    The colors of the individual bricks need to change, go see grians block ideas to see what I mean if you don’t understand.

  • Stephen Cold Crafter 8 months ago

    I really hate that obsidian texture change that will be suck fo me and its look like now coal block lol hahaha

  • Chanty NY 8 months ago

    i really Really REALLY hate the new obsidian texture

  • John Ehmorej Buncal 8 months ago

    I Think They Ruined Minecraft

  • super Z player 8 months ago

    that kid is saying lol to jeb that is so rude

  • ReimarPB 8 months ago

    I dont like the new birch textures. It kinds makes it look like those faithful texture packs

  • ReimarPB 8 months ago

    I actually like the new obsidian texture. Now it isnt just a black square with some purple dots anymore, now it really looks like something. I haven’t seen real obsidian before, but I still think it looks more realistic to me.. Now, I know that Minecraft isn’t supposed to be realistic, but seriously. The game was based of the real world, except everything is squares. Take a look at the other textures. Dirt, grass, stone, cobble. They are all based of real things and I think obsidian should be too.

  • CKBroski 8 months ago


  • Elliott Lamos 8 months ago

    barrier blocks lol All for you Robcat99

  • Sean Zherric Aripio 8 months ago

    Wtf Jeb why would you change the blocks that are ok you and the girl made everything worst I don’t hate you its just that…

    Why would you trust someone who looks like they hate pixels?? And I feel like your editor/animator girl (sorry I forgot your name not sorry) likes roblox more then minecraft…

    Minecraft is the BESTTTT

  • Kelcey Clark 8 months ago

    they recently added a new boss the evocer

  • Kelcey Clark 8 months ago

    I think they should retexture the reused textures

  • m1n3 c7afty 8 months ago

    The new obsidian looks crap

  • m1n3 c7afty 8 months ago

    Don’t fix something that’s not broken… Where are any diamonds? I need to destroy them so we CANT brake the obsidian

  • Jay Fight21 8 months ago

    I do not mind the iron blocks and the birch logs, but I do not like the obsidian texture. I think we will all get used to someday when it’s been out for a while. We probably all just do not like it because we are so used to the current obsidian texture. One texture I would like to see change is the water on just Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Edition.

  • Grayson Jones - Tech & More 8 months ago

    what’s the server

  • Jane Challenger 8 months ago

    I like new brick texture

  • Jonathan Mclaughlin 8 months ago

    I hate the new obsidian

  • G.O.A.T 8 months ago

    I think the change should be wood

  • Psycho Dedede 8 months ago

    All these peeps saying they hate it and not backing out up with reasons

  • Primo 8 months ago

    Ecko, I have a big question.
    Will there be an option to switch back to the default resource pack? I don’t like the new one because.. I just don’t feel like I like it. I am not used to it, and that, I can’t look at my houses the same. I just like the default resource. It’ll be great if you answer this.

  • DoormattGaming 8 months ago

    I think this should be only for the natural texture pack. this doesn’t fit in the normal texture pack.

  • -Gemberkoekje- 8 months ago

    the iron is good 9/10

    the obsidian is not so good 4/10

    the birch doest fit 3/10

    bricks are good, but they are not realy minecrafty. 6/10

    10= if a texturepack had this, idd say: thats a nice block

    0= if a texturepack had this, idd say: thats an ugly design

  • -Gemberkoekje- 8 months ago


  • Marshall Whelan 8 months ago

    If they only change select few blocks, its going to look like a unfinished resource pack

  • qrower 8 months ago

    They will ruin minecraft! why would they change things that have been there so long without any thing wrong with them??!?

  • TheMightyJaffaCake 8 months ago

    i think its time to movie to roblox

  • jonathon houston 8 months ago


  • Spacetrooper656 8 months ago

    I think that Nether Quartz, Acacia Doors, Lapis Block, Diamond Block, Gold Block, and Emerald Block need a redesign

  • Kracker Slayer6799 8 months ago

    I thing granite andisite and diorite need tweeks with there textures mabey some color

  • RagerPlaysYT 8 months ago

    Argh. New Obsidian Look Ugky.

  • Boril_V 8 months ago

    I love them

  • Zanowil118&lolewil1216 7 months ago

    i like the old blocks way better

  • Planet Orange 7 months ago

    When they start making PE into PC D:

    What if they introduce that bar thingy when you hit or pull out a weapon plz mojoang needs to listen to their community

  • Planet Orange 7 months ago

    SOMEONE Quick make a Vinnela Texturepack

  • Dino Dave 7 months ago

    Something tells me I’m gonna get murdered for saying this, but here goes, I hate the old obsidian texture.

  • Lester004 Playz 7 months ago

    O Hate Microsoft :-

  • xXAssassin27Xx 7 months ago

    I dont like the Obsidian

  • Gameryes 7 months ago

    I mean I personally like the new textures because it looks, to me at least, more appealing.

  • Emerald Sword82 7 months ago

    Oh god no

  • GameZedd01 7 months ago

    The new obsidian is a texture from another texture pack. It’s to realistic for vanilla minecraft.

  • GameZedd01 7 months ago

    The new brick texture is nice but they should make a new sandstone brick that looks like brick but cream coloured.

  • GameZedd01 7 months ago

    Can’t they just make a resource pack called “updated textures” and put it in the resource pack menu?

  • Gengas Haunt 7 months ago

    I dont like the new obsidian, i think theyre on the right track but it DOES look like they went backwards. The obsidian looks more like rock now, but its too redone. It wasnt bad before, the shading was just not super good, but i like the old obsidian because it DOES look hard. It had a texture that just looked really solid. Now it doesnt look less solid per se, but just….again a step backwards. I dont like the obsidian much lol. But i do like the birch and the brick. it seems like theyre trying to make minecraft 16×16 less 16×16 looking by blurring together colors and shading as they did with brick so the game doesnt look so simple. For example i like the texture of 16×16 dirt but i HATE the grass. I think they need to update their gravel i have always hated gravel with a burning passion. And i agree a new boss would be grand. Whether it be in the nether or not is up for debate because the nether can be bs on its own, but difficulty is nice. Coming from someone who still gets pissed off by the dragon. I think a “mini” boss thatd be cool is coming across either “Dire Wolves” or Werewolves in the forest at night but not something that happens every time you happen to be in the forest at night. The actual boss seeing as i think the wither looks weird i feel should be more…not like the wither. Maybe an actual WARRIOR who you battle “pvp” style, he/she strafes left and right, can use arrows when youre too far to strike and switches between tipped arrows based on the situation. Maybe they fly a small dragon themselves? Or have speed boots or something. I really enjoy the idea of a boss not being a monster, but a seasoned minecraft battle “god” XD Am i alone in this i really want to know this is something i feel strongly about.

  • Eyon TheGamer 7 months ago

    I really don’t care because I use texture packs

  • Tim Slee 7 months ago

    I have been building more than ever since the terracotta but this could change that…

    For good.

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