• xisumavoid 1 month ago

    I’m going to be posting more on the community tab https://www.youtube.com/user/xisumavoid/community
    What do you want to hear about there? 🙂

  • Supreme gamer76 1 month ago

    welp, this is going to get patched

  • Joshua Poon 1 month ago

    Video game violence!!

  • Blueguy R 1 month ago

    I’m playing on a snapshot server 😂

  • jahangir zadran 1 month ago

    Very cool video i like them and this bug must be fixed 😀

  • NJ 💵 Griff 🔥 1 month ago

    PS Vita

  • Spax_xapS 1 month ago

    they should keep these as seperate mob type so we can have fish that dont drop anything if they die

  • Brennan Krason 1 month ago

    Wow, first Mumbo finds a way to flood entire worlds then you find infinite food…

    Hermits break the game.

  • PokeMaster22222 1 month ago

    They need to put Customised Worlds back in; I really dislike caves and ravines, because they get in the way of my underground construction.

  • themistysky 1 month ago

    xisumavoid I tried to afk fish farm in 18w11a and it doesn’t work

  • Paul Kenline 1 month ago

    DIE FISH!!!!!

  • Paul Kenline 1 month ago

    This can be a fish spawner

  • Mathijs NiVanAmerika 1 month ago

    It’s not a bug, it’s a fish

  • AnimePlayzYT - MLG 1 month ago

    Yeh I started a beta SMP w/ friends and found that bug

  • TimmyChips 1 month ago

    I was literally playing on a vanilla SMP when you said that hopefully no one is playing due to the amount of bugs.

  • No Copyright Music 1 month ago

    awesome video!

  • Archeon Gaming 1 month ago

    “It’s kinda cute even though they’re dying”

    Xisumavoid 2k18

  • Aaron VanAmersfort 1 month ago

    I’ve been looking for answer to this cuz not sure if this is a good chance or not. But when I Destroy a Noteblock with a Silk touch mending unbreaking pickaxe. Yes. Pickaxe. I get 2 Noteblocks back. Is that a bug?? No complaints. Just wondering

  • EffoVex 1 month ago

    So it doesn’t correctly empty the bucket because the slab already has water in it?

  • Maxito15 Reglgvgb 1 month ago

    entrem no meu canal 🙂 por favor

  • Evan PB 1 month ago

    When do you think we’ll have an official release date? I know they said q2 but that’s a pretty vague timeframe.

  • cthulhuhead 1 month ago

    Update Aquatic, or “the sea life cruel death update!” XD between this and DocM showing us the turtle suffocating farm. I hope they don’t patch them out, be a nice thing to have a steady supply of salmon and puffer fish.

  • Kenn Ysrael 1 month ago

    Can you catch a fish with dispenser loaded with waterbucket?

  • Qbe Root 1 month ago

    4:14 Multi-plank drifting!!

  • Jaden 1 month ago

    I hope it stays! I could get rich from fish!

  • Andy Romaq Smith 1 month ago

    If anyone could post the link to where this bug is reported, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  • IceMetalPunk 1 month ago

    I’m not completely confident about this explanation, but here’s what I suspect is happening: using a fish bucket first checks if you could use a water bucket on the block. If you can, it spawns a fish. Then it tries to use the water bucket, which in most cases places a water block. But using a water bucket on a partial block will instead try to set its waterlogged property to true. My guess is that if that property is true, the bucket use fails, and so the game thinks nothing happened and doesn’t remove your item. In other words, when it asks “can I use a bucket here?”, that only checks the types of blocks in the area, it doesn’t check their block states.

    So the process is probably as follows:

    “Hey, block, can the player use a water bucket here?”
    “Um…. sure! Water buckets can definitely be used on slabs now!”
    “Okay, then spawn a fish…”
    “Will do!”
    “Now use the water bucket on you…”
    “Okay–wait, I’m already waterlogged! The bucket shouldn’t lose anymore water!”
    “Oh, okay, then I won’t remove the water bucket from the player.”

    And thus, the fish bucket remains 🙂

  • The Block Hell 1 month ago

    snapshots… -_-

  • Alberto World 1 month ago

    I hope mojang won’t see this video

  • 姜Jack 1 month ago

    Hey xisumavoid, you think there is a fix for Mac auto fishing farm where I can’t change my right click button to cap lock. Which make is hard to afk.

  • Hayden Carrigg 1 month ago

    Mojang should add river and plant life like reeds cattails rushes and the like

  • Nathan Sultana 1 month ago

    Will it be coming to ps 3

  • PuZZled 1 month ago

    I love this update so much!!

  • Andrew Hurst 1 month ago

    And if you didn’t want to kill the fish, you could just fill a massive aquarium in seconds. Or perhaps see how much of the ocean you can fill?

  • SoulPriest 4 weeks ago

    4:12 – can’t believe you didn’t take the oppertunity to edit in You Spin Me Round…

  • The Hermithood 4 weeks ago

    I seen this bug back when the 18w10d first rolled out wasn’t sure if it was because I named my fish “smallmouth bass” with an anvil or if it was a problem with the snapshot itself. Glad to know it’s still an issue, I’ll go fill my pond up with trout and minnows next… Cheers!

  • Mathis Anidioticsport 4 weeks ago

    Fish are so cute

  • Lê Minh Tạ 4 weeks ago

    This farm seem to FISHY

  • adithyamc Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Why would I make A FISH FARM!!!!! It’s illegal killing those cute fish 🙁

  • Yisrael Pinto 4 weeks ago

    IT’s just a game people, it’s just a game

  • Sophia Johnson 4 weeks ago



  • TheBeast101 4 weeks ago

    So this is where the fish at a local store comes from.

  • Onkar Singh 4 weeks ago

    Where’s the new snapshot?

  • SendMe 4 weeks ago

    this is pretty satisfying to watch tho

  • My Evolution Bro 4 weeks ago

    Cool video bro can’t wait to collaborate with you on hermitcraft

  • geek TV 4 weeks ago

    im happy its for all consoles

  • Tacobell1384 4 weeks ago

    With waterlogged blocks, what happens if you make a waterlogged block in the nether? Does it just evaporate like a normal source block or does it have a similar issue as the infinite fish where it doesn’t treat it the same and therefore you can get water in the nether? I would be very interested to know.

  • Mr. Lap 4 weeks ago

    Is this 1.13 release?

  • Jack Moroney 4 weeks ago

    R.I.P. Nemo

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