• Kyle Amoroso 1 week ago

    This is gonna totally change how we raid ocean monuments, can’t wait to conquer one with a trident in Update Aquatic >:)

  • Kenny Earp 1 week ago

    I bet you use the shell and the heart of the sea to craft that

  • R3Testa 1 week ago

    Yet you still can’t orient a block to stand on a point similar to that animation using resource pack textures and models.

  • IceMetalPunk 1 week ago

    Xisuma, more blocks around it increase the range of the conduit rather than its power. So it’ll work from farther away. An active conduit will also passively damage hostile mobs within 8 blocks of the center.

  • Tomas Corver 1 week ago

    Does it give you the ability to stay underwater forever?😱

  • Quin K 1 week ago

    I pressed F3 while looking at a conduit and it crashed my game

  • Ethan Mulder 1 week ago

    Ooh, this will be great for my base on the server I play on. I have an underwater base, so this will work out well 😀

  • Ceejay Alarcon 1 week ago

    I’m sad because my laptop is broken and i can’t play minecraft 🙁

  • Jaret 1 week ago

    Anyone else feel like the conduit animation just doesn’t feel vanilla

  • Kiritsu 1 week ago

    Just, wow. It’s so weird that mojang added this, I mean, fish, dolphins, dronwns, ok. Weird items that let you craft an even weirder item which has beacon-like mechanics and effects… wow, well played

  • SnopFop - TheSkogemann 1 week ago

    Still puzzled… But i love these videos!

  • Оливер Дрейер 1 week ago

    I don’t know… Seems a little too moddy

  • Parasitic Angel 1 week ago

    higher levels damage mobs

  • Watthead80 1 week ago

    I wonder if the heart of the sea is the equivalent of the nether star. Maybe a new water boss will be coming soon?!

  • Sly Rocko 1 week ago

    Maybe this is a replacement for the gold blocks in the Guardian temples?

  • Lukas FreshEF 1 week ago

    Weird. It’s cool, don’t take me wrong, but Minecraft feels more and more like modded Minecraft.

  • Alugia7 1 week ago

    Just putting this here because nobody has commented about it yet
    Range = #of blocks/7 * 16
    Any blocks more than 42 will have no further effect
    If you have 42 blocks, it will damage nearby mobs

  • Arthur Extreme 1 week ago

    This remember me the nether reactor core

  • William Anthony 1 week ago

    Underwater Nether Reactor Core

  • AndyH 1 1 week ago

    Does effect stack with beacon?
    How far does it go?
    Does it work outside water

  • Yoshi 1 week ago

    I want the conduit to transfer lotsa rf per tick!

  • Ennarcia 1 week ago

    These conduits look like they’d make bangin power generators for an underwater city

  • IchPlays 1 week ago

    new particle effect huh 🙂

  • Cameron Schnackel 1 week ago

    How disappointing. I just don’t see how this will be useful with its limited range. I don’t understand where Mojang gets these uninteresting ideas but I’m sure others will like it. It just seems like a boring rehash of a preexisting feature.

  • Thestormwizard 1 week ago

    But can it power the Aegis?

  • Mark M 1 week ago

    To make it more powerful, surround it with a prismarine cube

  • Nyel Void 1 week ago

    we need some mythbusting action

    so many new features, so many new myths

  • Željko Obradović 1 week ago

    It has everything for “underwater life”
    More time under water, check
    No more slow destrucrion of nlocks, check
    Seeing a lot better, check

  • Block Engine 1 week ago

    Minecraft don’t usually have this kind of thing,to me Conduit feels like an item from some kind of mods

  • AzureAqua 1 week ago

    Conduit power also slightly increases mining speed

  • The KReaper 1 week ago

    Are dolphins rideable ?

  • david shinigamigt 1 week ago

    Wtf,we already have beacons wtf

  • Siju Sajan 1 week ago

    Oh wow…. A *Spherical* *Object* in Minecraft!!!That’s pretty insane.

  • Ado _255 1 week ago

    Can we charge a conduit on Land??

  • Berserkasaurus Rex 1 week ago

    What sort of range does it have?

  • Qaz Wiz 1 week ago

    slicedlime said something about using sea lanterns with the prismarine … sounds like an underwater beacon

  • FirstFloop 1 week ago

    Kinda looks like you’ll need a nautilus shell and an eye of the sea to craft it. Maybe we’ll get a big nautilus boss?

  • BigMacc 1 week ago

    I love how this published first

  • Tijler De Baas 1 week ago

    it can kill mobs to

  • Ryujin 1 week ago

    I’ll just say this: The Conduit looks great, the particle effects may not be as “fancy” as from the Enchanted Table but they’re cool nontheless, not to mention that little “aura” texture animation (that’s a mouthfull) gives that feeling of “That’s magic!”.
    Though I can’t help it but feel bad for the Beacon… actually the conduit looks like the first look of the beacon… weird.

  • ClareBear_CB 1 week ago

    i did a video on this, it need 16 blocks and it only seems to count the blocks in line with it, so north south east west, plus 2 blocks up and down. The diagonal doesn’t count.
    the more blocks you have surrounding it, gives a larger distance it can work. 16 block gave (i think) about a 32 block area of effect, and surrounding it fully, gave 95 blocks area of effect
    Plus, you can use prismarine or prismarine bricks

  • Micah Connor 1 week ago

    What if they can be found in certain rooms in guardian temples, as they need prismarine? Like if you need air or something. Mabey in the elder guardian rooms?

  • Peter H. 1 week ago

    there must be a boss that drops the heart of the sea

  • Teodoro Santos 1 week ago

    But can it run crysis?

  • CyrenArkade 1 week ago

    More prismarine may increase the range?

  • Jose Savage 1 week ago

    U never played bedwars !!!!!

  • bad spelly produckshun 1 week ago

    maybe there will be a underwater boss :O

  • TheMeMeS 1 week ago

    i made this last night, took me an hour and something but it was worth it
    (water beacon radius)


  • Bryaby 1 week ago

    16 in total

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