• Gefrituurde Lucht 3 weeks ago

    What happens when you rename the bucket with a fish in it? Will the fish get the name?

  • LukeAsArts 3 weeks ago

    I had this video on 0.75 speed so he sounded like he was speaking in bubbles

  • Proxxa 3 weeks ago

    9:08 *Bonk!*

  • tess2013 3 weeks ago

    I love the “informative” videos ala X and Cub, but this was such a unique, fun and kinda ingenious idea you had! Made me smile.

  • TheStrikeX Gamer 3 weeks ago

    Iskall just asking if bumbo cactoni is white and old what would the name be

  • PapaWoofs 3 weeks ago

    The vision improves against the glass because the (basically hacked air blocks) minecraft:water_hacked that covers the kelp has the connective visual effect of air. I really hope though that they revamp water as a whole and clear it up against glass for the release. Water bases are going to be so hot, right now… :p :p

  • cocopunk1486 3 weeks ago

    Was really hoping for some clownfishes seeing as you can get them from fishing. Also I’m pretty sure cod and most salmon are freshwater fish. Why they would be out in the ocean I don’t know. But I am so excited for this update. Imma get me a trident and a dolphin and travel Aquaman style!

  • Daniel Collins 3 weeks ago

    Yeah that water against the glass thing needs to get fixed. And it would be amazing if they retextured water to look more like your texture pack

  • Timothy Beebe 3 weeks ago

    I love the whole update my favorite feature is the whole turtle hatching mechanics. Which if you don’t just build some far seems really fun

  • Ezra Al Barra 3 weeks ago

    Iskall, I believe that its a bug, the water visibility kelp, sea grass thing.

  • JellyTime Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo already did this!!

  • Mark Leavitt 3 weeks ago

    For the bubble columns you need to have the entirety of the water be source blocks

  • Riley Cross 3 weeks ago

    its so cool, coz when the full update is out there will be about 5 more mobs to play around with

  • ETDRS_TONY - Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    There is fish spawn egg

  • ZYN J 3 weeks ago

    You can place sea grass on any block

  • Berserkasaurus Rex 3 weeks ago

    Maybe floating sand on a floor of fence posts with light sources underneath will help give more hidden lighting throughout the aquarium.

  • Dimitar Dzimbov 3 weeks ago

    kelp and grass grow on EVERY BLOCK even on ore blocks and even on portal

  • ODiddy67 3 weeks ago

    Can you use soulsand to make bubbles to solve the water transparency issue with the kelp. The bubbles from the soulsand will make water a transparent block, which is what the kelp is doing next to the glass. (Theory, but I think that’s what is happening for that glitch).

  • Shaun Beattie 3 weeks ago

    I love your snapshot video, you sound like a kid ready to open his Christmas presents 😀

    You should do more videos like this with mini builds not just snapshots 😉

    Keep up the great work!

  • Tygo Bosman 3 weeks ago

    The bubbel effect only works below sealevel

  • MisterChilli Gaming 3 weeks ago

    You should check out the version 2 of the new minecraft textures

    Especially the diorite

  • MisterChilli Gaming 3 weeks ago

    According to X if you catch a fish in a bucket and place it the fish won’t despawn

  • Sammakeslego 3 weeks ago

    This is cool but I cannot wait for the console update that brings shields and awesome new combat and stuff!!

  • ScaldaYT 3 weeks ago

    ooooo very nice this new version of Minecraft may bring me to play some vanilla. keep the videos coming

  • StickyArrow 3 weeks ago

    You can only get those bubbles in a ocean biome or under the ocean level.

  • Alinafe 10 3 weeks ago

    Show us what fishing is like

  • Arcella Sangle 3 weeks ago

    looks so cool!!

  • Eleonora Ruzza 3 weeks ago

    U can use magma blocks and soulsand on the front

  • Eleonora Ruzza 3 weeks ago

    To recreate a magma/soulsand column theres need to be a water source block to the side of the column to make it work

  • Rezki Arsena 3 weeks ago

    Try putting corals in on the glass parts. I did it to my aquarium IRL to make it look like something’s hanging

  • LemonLime 3 weeks ago

    What about using glass panes?

  • Shahar Wodos 3 weeks ago

    the bubbles works only in ocean biome (where is there ravins in the water)

  • Daniel Simon 3 weeks ago

    mumbo will be happy to add fish to his aquarium on the Hermitcraft server

  • Shulkern 3 weeks ago


  • enderNice 3 weeks ago

    I am so excited for the tropical Fish and Corals!

  • Green Stone 11 3 weeks ago

    Great video different from what you normally do but you make it work

  • FurbiTaile 3 weeks ago

    My snapshot wont work D:

  • Nathan Barnes 3 weeks ago

    You need to check out the stripped logs!

  • Mr. AnselmTheWeird0 3 weeks ago

    I see Mumbo’s effect on you…

  • foxy the pirate [ nathan warnack] 3 weeks ago

    I think the bubble columns need a source block on top of it

  • Terry Jordan 3 weeks ago

    I dare u 2 do a face reveal

  • Vaculate Splash 3 weeks ago

    I miss the plural mess up! Gorgi… fishi….

  • Abraham Valencia 3 weeks ago

    I really think they should change that or make a clear water texture

  • Hayds 126 3 weeks ago

    I wish the bubble effects were less strict. Like so many requirements are needed. Seriously it needs, sky access below sea level and a source block above it and only with magma and soul sand. Not only does this create so many cool effects that can be great for building but in terms of redstone item transport is super easy with these effects. But since they work only through specific circumstances it’s annoying

  • TheMagmaGamer //TMG 3 weeks ago


  • Luke Turnip 3 weeks ago

    Why do you think Sweden is in the top ten happiest country’s list

  • A11V1R15 3 weeks ago

    To form water columns you need to have at least one block of water around the column. You can then use either Magma or SoulSand. One cool thing is that water columns have the same water visibility glitch as Kelp and Sea Grass, but can make visible the glass on the sides too. Wouldn’t recommend for too big aquarius because they can cause a lot of lag

  • Knightcrafter300 3 weeks ago

    Dude I love this video! Totally like an Iskall tutorial video every now and then :).

  • Ryver C 3 weeks ago

    There’s a bug, were when your in water in a dark area (standing or swimming) it will light up

  • Sergeant So N' So 3 weeks ago

    someone should mix in Guardians with the fish in the aquarium,

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