Today we play How To Minecraft and enter the Warzone!


  • pixilmatrix 4 months ago

    When being accused pull a dasha you’ll get out of trouble with that adorable voice

  • Abhiram Gudimella 4 months ago

    It’s not funny when Austin ruins the cause of the warzone

  • Emma Morin 4 months ago


  • D Dragon 4 months ago

    Awstin is an a hole

  • Alan Shen 4 months ago

    Jerome please enchant your armor with normal and custom enchants I’ve been waiting for 2 episodes at least.

  • Hayden Sanders 4 months ago

    That is Vikks house and sugar kane

  • Paige Sensano 4 months ago

    Who else had to go back in the video because we were laughing so hard at Warzone Austin XD

  • Makayla Dean 4 months ago

    Austin is corn because it comes out in tour poop

  • Lance Washington 4 months ago

    So how long does it take Jerome to relize that he got poor man money still

  • Sebastian Saccotelli 4 months ago

    A peanut salad

  • Kevin Myers 4 months ago

    Was is he trump you know making a million dollars and then looses his million dollars

  • Faiz Daoed 4 months ago

    Zzzzzzz stahp jerome

  • Sukanya Cavenee 4 months ago

    Come on you and every bacca knows you could of killed him instead of letting him harass you

  • Distery Zoth 4 months ago

    The admit should not have taken Jerome’s money just because the admit didn’t do a perfect job

  • Mr. Mustachio 4 months ago

    If you wanna get a flower all flowers can be obtained by planting bone meal

  • mystery wei 4 months ago

    my reaction when jerome break the system

    why in the world am i not suprised

  • Noor Muhammad Naveed 4 months ago

    I love cauliflower

  • David Botto 4 months ago

    numchick means hes a chickmunk cause it was already taken like if agree

  • amber walter 4 months ago

    austin is the fruit punch man

  • Jantara Kertadharma 4 months ago


  • Tsuiqin Li 4 months ago

    Hit the read more button

  • Henry Smith 4 months ago

    💯 th

  • Matthew Crone 4 months ago

    Ask Laake for the cords for white tulips <3

  • Guh Gubh 4 months ago

    Jerome kill Austin he is a nuisance

  • Billy Joe 4 months ago

    Nice posture vs Vikk, Behz, speedy and side…… Well I like it

  • jameshinauko 4 months ago

    The banter is awful.

  • Tauseef Ul 4 months ago

    jerome the real MVP

  • Dylan Davenport 4 months ago

    Kill Austin for literally ruining this entire video and making it absolutely obnoxious to watch, like no one found it funny the way he was just harassing you in the warzone

  • 月夜 4 months ago

    JEROME ABOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heinrich Vanderwalt 4 months ago

    i dont like stupid austin

  • davy dutchgaming 4 months ago

    there is a craftingtable next to the shop you donuts xD

  • ruth wright 4 months ago

    Oh hello I’m some random guy trying to sound like mario

  • ruth wright 4 months ago

    U can break the anvil so u can use it even more

  • EStorm Reborn For Life 4 months ago

    Jerome should keep the money, if the admin cant fix it then its there responsibility to protect the server, if they messed up, they shouldn’t have to suffer.

  • Hunter Liversage 4 months ago


  • Dhruv Patel 4 months ago

    Oooooo hallluuuu theeeree

  • Cyndaquil Pikachu 4 months ago

    The donation board is bodil40’s and Crafting Vegeto’s

  • Abaddon 4 months ago

    telll this to vik

  • Survival Craft 4 months ago

    New and awesome SURVIVAL minecraft server IP:

  • Luke Smith 4 months ago

    how do you got the ip for this server

  • Valle Bäst 4 months ago

    Buy all the commands

  • YourBoyDan20638 - 4 months ago

    It took you 5 whole episodes to break the server, I’m disappoint, it should be less😕 it’s ok you can still make up for it

  • Walker Fryling 4 months ago

    Who else saw lapis change to coal at 12:00

  • Cutiegamer 123 4 months ago

    7:10 I.. LOVE.. BROCCOLIE!!!!!!!!!😂😍😝

  • Justin Truong 4 months ago

    You should give vick some of your quarts so he can yous for his house

  • Oscar muniz 4 months ago

    What video did he sing bohemain rhapsody about ben

  • Steven Paryl 4 months ago

    Side broke the server first by buying /fix for free

  • Catac1ysm 4 months ago

    Austin is a peanut salad

  • Z _DRAGON 4 months ago

    Jerome you should open with “helllloooo there Barca’s”

  • The Noob Gamer 4 months ago

    Jerome lake has white tulips ask to buy some

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