How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Bobby Upreti 10 months ago

    vikk at 14:51 your i dog i inside you bottom chest pls everyone try to get this message to vikk asap YOUR DOG IS INSIDE YOUR CHEST BOTTOM ONE PLS TRY TO TAKE HIM OUT

  • Silas Cæsar 10 months ago

    what headset is he using????

  • Peter Trainor 10 months ago

    Make it one hit to get the swords/axes

  • Peter Trainor 10 months ago

    Can u play more cat and mouse plz

  • purpleplush100 10 months ago

    Pot iron golm only two

  • Michael O shea 10 months ago

    Steal the fancy pants and sell em back to pete for his fortune

  • Sahil mandal 10 months ago

    make the afk snowcrash gold machine u can hijack peets platform on top of z nether u will b ballin in xp and gold

  • Derpy Son123 10 months ago

    There actually was a person at 29:30 as you see him crouching ?? 😅😅

  • Thijs Suurmond 10 months ago

    makes a gold farm to get money.
    Loses all the money he is ever gonna get from that farm in the same episode.

  • Adrian1_FTW 10 months ago

    U suk ur channel is dead

  • Harley Ingledew 10 months ago

    Who is that at 29:57 there was someone watching him

  • aaron roemmele 10 months ago

    I can brush my teeth and my hair at the same time. That’s multitasking.

  • I'm a Poo YEET! 10 months ago

    at 23 mins it got wierd

  • KrazyGaming 10 months ago

    Do double damage and enlightened stack?

  • DiamondBeautifly 267 10 months ago

    29:56 Easter egg :O

  • Keval , your boy 10 months ago


  • A real Telletubby 10 months ago

    Ma and vikk are so alike we don’t like chocolate but we eat so manny sweets lel like if your the same

  • Da Asian gotta make sad 10 months ago

    Won’t the pigmen just teleport back to the nether? Comment I’m actually very curious

  • Fredrik Straume 10 months ago

    next time buy
    obby from spawn

  • PANKAJ1234 GAMING 10 months ago

    Vikk don’t you think the pigmen will just teleport back through the portals??

  • Double Wolf 10 months ago

    Just saying every time u do math I can’t understand a thing XD

  • Meltz Boys Game 10 months ago

    Make a obsidian generator

  • DastiRDTV 10 months ago

    “Mega gold farm”…

  • Philip Hall 10 months ago

    should do bounty chips, each player gets randomly given a cash note they cant bank but others get if they kill them, some players worth more than others, think that would be cool!

  • JBrules540 videos 10 months ago

    vik wat do u think of jj leaving the sidemen
    leave a comment so he sees this and a like

  • Ryan Jost 10 months ago

    Can’t you buy obsidian from spawn

  • MostAmazingMia 10 months ago

    29:56 spook

  • Ty Gaming and fun 10 months ago

    He the best

  • Silent Sycho 10 months ago

    I hate how he always uses the checkered pattern to try & make things look good
    Key Word: “Try”

  • Mexican Power 10 months ago

    Will Ksi go to upload now that he has “left the sidemen”

  • Dan Crouse 10 months ago

    Vikk you can’t kill quiff he’s too nice

  • Kalvin Cochran 10 months ago

    Ur base area look so cluttered

  • jt frieze 10 months ago

    RIP KSI 🙁

  • salami mander 10 months ago

    Vik make a item frame combination lock on your vault

  • Dat boi Q 10 months ago

    Did any one see florian at 29 mins top corner

  • MC_MILAN_ PLAYZ 10 months ago

    how do you feel Ksi left the sidemen

  • DBZ Theories 10 months ago

    Ksi is a snake 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Totally AsianXD 10 months ago

    I’m pretty sure that vikk is telling the truth JJ could be doing the biggest troll on yt

  • Totally AsianXD 10 months ago

    But still KSI is being very serious about it

  • Fikayo 10 months ago

    Guys check my latest vid I show how to get.on how to Minecraft sserver

  • Oswaldo Melgoza 10 months ago

    did you hear a somting at 33:22

  • Naminel 10 months ago

    Hi wat u doing

  • Rhys Richards 10 months ago


  • Abdulaziz Aldossary 10 months ago

    Who else got a headache from the math on the build? 😰

  • Stef Coenen 10 months ago


  • Corbin Evans 10 months ago

    “BOI ARE YOU BLACK!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!!!!?” -Pete

  • Stiles Parker 10 months ago

    There was a guys at 29:56 crouching behind cobblestone

  • Michelle Hartnett 10 months ago

    Telepathy not telekinesis.

  • Gavin plays clash 10 months ago

    Liked and hit the bell hope you apreiciate it lol spelling

  • Luke O'Dwyer 10 months ago

    Does he know you don’t have to so corners on a portal

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