Today we try and get unlimited evolution stones in pixelmon!


  • Fluffy Computer 2 weeks ago

    Guys can someone send me the download link?

  • Jacob McGowen 2 weeks ago

    Rip Bluetooth headphone users who listen to music all the way up

  • Troll Telos2 2 weeks ago

    When you know more about Pokémon then all their knowledge of Pokémon…..

  • daniel wilson 2 weeks ago

    Were is jerome’s xp all

  • MeItsMe 2 2 weeks ago

    JEROME, can yout turn on the pixelmon chat, so we can see when a legendary spawns

  • Jay Alfonso Comia 2 weeks ago

    Jubani??? Bossun’s suit bestfriend??? hahahahahahaha

  • Marc Gretton 2 weeks ago

    Get an escavalier he’s got some STAB moves he’s bug steel and has fighting type moves and even a flying type move

  • Flaming_ Neo 2 weeks ago

    Jerome never reads the comments anymore sad

  • Dee Dee 2 weeks ago


  • Lucie Ward 2 weeks ago

    I got 23 for age

  • Sl1mjim 2 weeks ago

    why dont u wonder trade all the pokemon u dont want and u can get tje legendary

  • Luke Hesketh 2 weeks ago

    Wheres dinos jerome

  • Mattheus1302 2 weeks ago

    Mewtwoite x is for attack and mewtwoite y is for special attack

  • Garliclog 2 weeks ago

    Jerome could you play card life i think it would be an interesting series

  • Janice Bolongabong 2 weeks ago

    Jerome get a exp all

  • alex hope 2 weeks ago

    i thought you trying to catch gen 2 pokemon klink is gen 5

  • King Gamer 2 weeks ago

    what will your main team be and when is fear

  • PixelBrady 2 weeks ago

    Can I plz be in the pokemon island series??? I want to be a #aquadoodz

  • PixelBrady 2 weeks ago

    Plz answer me

  • H⃟i⃟s⃟o⃟k⃟a⃟_ _K⃟a⃟r⃟m⃟a⃟ 2 weeks ago

    Jerome wonder trade

  • Jawad Dre 2 weeks ago


  • XFifaBeastX 2 weeks ago


  • Andrew Mains 2 weeks ago

    My mental age is 33

  • D1N0Jumper 2 weeks ago

    Can you bring back dinos plz

  • Brick Builder 2 weeks ago

    I took the mental age test and got 18.
    BTW You got the wrong Mega Mewtwo. The other one is better.

  • Juliana Moscoso 2 weeks ago

    Happy Saturday

  • Awildkfcbucket ps4 2 weeks ago

    Rip dinos

  • Ellis Green 2 weeks ago

    Look how many fuckin midrolls Jerome had on this, *claps* well done lol

  • Chengwei Fan 2 weeks ago

    Jerome please get mega Gengar please or more Legendary
    Like mew

  • Mineman Gaming 2 weeks ago

    ey jerome! wanna know something?………. i dont know😂😂😂

  • Mineman Gaming 2 weeks ago

    and also you didnt pokedab on the skitty! all pokemon is same worth

  • Yaqstar Kills 2 weeks ago

    Mega genger Jerome u need it

  • Nikolai Bee 2 weeks ago

    Jeromee salomee

  • Justin Mares 2 weeks ago


  • Zachary Armstrong 2 weeks ago

    No Risk Fractions Jerome?

  • amanda bright 2 weeks ago


  • dab_master_9000 2 weeks ago

    well I heard that he had to completely finnish the pokedex for it soo he would never have gotten it cus he needs 2 more orbs to get the other shrine legends and like 2 million years

  • Enver Somerset 2 weeks ago

    # blameben im i ryt

  • Payzor 2 weeks ago

    No dabing I am the dab police put your hands up in the air

  • Payzor 2 weeks ago


  • Fareez Ishraq 2 weeks ago

    Zoboomafoo was my childhood.

  • mentalmortality89 2 weeks ago

    I like turtles.

  • Naic Hguhcm 2 weeks ago

    We can’t let jslam be vegan he already lost raw fish next the parmesan ches

  • beckynewsome2005 2 weeks ago

    I heard 20

  • Nicholas Wu 1 week ago

    My mental age is 23 for a 13 year old that is weird

  • Wildermass 1765 1 week ago

    I’m 12 and my mental age is 55

  • Animated Guy 1 week ago

    Mewtwonite Y is better. (for sp.attackers) Mewtwonite Y Is better for your Pokemon. Cuz x is for attack. Unless if you use a move relearner you’re Pokemon is trash it decreases sp.attack but increases attack. Also if u need X to be strong. (power up punch) and also max evs on attack opposite if u like Y also If u have mewtwonite y on it use calm mind cause its better also aura sphere for dark users and Dark Pulse for ghost users I don’t recommend dark pulse just use Calm Mind,Aura Sphere, PsyStrike,Recover or Dark Pulse for MewTwoNite Y in case if u use it if u use MewTwoNite X here’s de set Power up Punch,Shadow Punch Or Recover,Earthquake,Ice Punch Or High Jump Kick (I recommend ice punch)if you really wanna beat tewtiy’s Shuckle. Use dragon tail. It will destroy him. Or roar. Or Whirlwind. You will attack first cause shuckle is slow. If shuckle is the “LAST” Pokemon use a Poison Pokemon or steel cause its immune to toxic Then spam him with a ground attack.

  • Kevin Williams 1 week ago

    i have a mental age is between 16 and 21

  • FalconBoy76 Gaming 1 week ago

    Markiplier’s is 7 XD

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