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  • Cute fun with Jasmine 4 months ago

    Play rolblox again

  • Fennekin 4 months ago

    This map is amazing!

  • swarnim ojha 4 months ago


  • Dominic Hughes 4 months ago

    hey its king jun un

  • virtuous frye 4 months ago


  • Pick mustache Playzzz 4 months ago

    Your a wizard Harry

  • lps Daisy tv games and draws 4 months ago

    I love the video!

  • lps Daisy tv games and draws 4 months ago

    You should do a voice over with Jenna XD

  • Austin Knabel 4 months ago

    The boss fight is a reference to the
    Xbox360 game marvel superhero’s

  • vesper Redus 4 months ago


  • vesper Redus 4 months ago


  • Nexusss 4 months ago

    The video should be called the best game ever
    But not anymore

    I mean this game was amazing

    I loved it

    But it was overexposed
    To youtube and everything
    And im not saying Dans a bad you-tuber its just some youtube channels
    Are so annoying

    Dont agree with me?
    Tell me

    Agree with me?


  • jorge graciano 4 months ago

    Mario + rappids

  • Indhira Anton 4 months ago

    Are u still friends with thinknoodels because i have not seen u playing with him that much eany more and im getting really worried …… 🙁

  • Mobinosaurus And The Yoshi 4 months ago

    I felt so bad for dan parkour, maze, droppers and the challenges in the ending

  • AnnaMae Anderson 4 months ago

    wat adawt bild batel or farm hunt

  • KayKay Williams 4 months ago

    Good job

  • Sam S 4 months ago

    dabs are so 2016

  • Mikayla Byars 4 months ago


  • gamer2.00000 smith 4 months ago

    you are the best how do you make amazing

  • SillyFoxy 4 months ago

    I replayed the start so many times

  • James Eastin Mincraft and More! 4 months ago


  • Jeremiah Reed 4 months ago

    Don`t EAT the healing potions?

  • Bianca Duarte 4 months ago

    dan parkour or mazes? (wich one would you rather do? both are hard)💙😁

  • MineCo1 4 months ago

    Dan to do better at parkour put your fov on quake pro (the best)

  • Saranghae EXO&BLACKPINK 4 months ago

    please pla rolling sky………….just please

  • norstar146 4 months ago

    You should do a parkor challenge and daughter every time you fall you have to dab

  • Chara Dreemurr 4 months ago

    Parcore+Maze=Dan’s Worst Nightmare!!!

  • BloxtioPlayz - Roblox Minecraft & More 4 months ago


  • Wonder Wonan 4 months ago

    Dan: I’m getting serious…

    Me: Oh no! He’s getting serious!!!

  • Proslayer King32 4 months ago

    Dan # bad at parkore for a lever Dan your just lever 3 max lever is 7 wile Preston is lever 6

  • Jo Piani 4 months ago


  • Sans The Skeleton 4 months ago

    Horror map Horror map!!!! Plz

  • Ian Foulkes 4 months ago


  • Dominic Kyle 4 months ago


  • ItsInsaneGaming 4 months ago

    Another awesome video.

  • Cooper Preston 4 months ago

    hi Dan One of my friends has given you a card in the card there is a usb and You haven’t played it can you please play it Dan

  • Jennifer Materne 4 months ago

    Thanks for making the ugliest videos ever even this one

  • HeadPhoneGamez 4 months ago

    is dan still using the good old java edition?

  • aisa2016 4 months ago

    Wow, dans voice change when speaking for the knomes was hilarious

  • Cooper Preston 4 months ago

    P.S that map is my map

  • Gamer Cat 4 months ago


  • cela riva 4 months ago

    Hello TDM I love your videos!!!!!♥♥♥★★★your the best!!!!!!♥♥♥★★★

  • Why do you not play call of duty?? Please reply

  • Deacon Ho 4 months ago


  • Isaac Jardim 4 months ago

    STOP THE DAB🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️!!!!!!!!!

  • 靈 I AM GHOST 幽 4 months ago

    Amazing map

  • Aiman Safwan 4 months ago

    The Ultimate Channel is right

  • moniba matin 4 months ago

    Bendy chacher 3 is out

  • Gabriel Santana 4 months ago


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