• Adamtrix 8 months ago

    Depending on how they regulated Mcmmo, it can either break the server or make it interesting lol

  • Shalan Nareen 8 months ago

    so close to 400k come on guys let’s get him there

  • CarnageGames 8 months ago

    What pack is this??

  • MANIMAN GAMER 8 months ago

    How do u download that game.?

  • S carr 8 months ago

    probably one of the BEST ep EVER, i love the banter so much XD

  • iexposeu 8 months ago

    Where’s the skywars and stuff? You’ve neglected everything you would typically put out to do how to minecraft for like a month .-.

  • FrostyKoala YT 8 months ago

    can you play factions with justin?

  • No_ Wak 8 months ago

    400k <3 gg

  • Asta Zach 8 months ago

    what is mcmmo?

  • TBNR Audrey 8 months ago

    Doni and Quiff really confuses me because they have the same voice lol.

  • Thalarctos 8 months ago


  • Eve Richardson 8 months ago

    Congrats on 400k Kenny!

  • S carr 8 months ago

    CONGRATS TO 400K!!!

  • Crisismine 8 months ago

    RIP no more skywar

  • Persona Addict 8 months ago

    You reached 400k subs Kenny!!
    Congratulations!!! 🎉💙

  • SpeedFireFlw 8 months ago

    the best gringow

  • SpeedFireFlw 8 months ago

    im from brazilian

  • LandMark Studios 8 months ago

    Do you need to be famous?

  • Oak Zap Gamer 8 months ago

    he had 55 levels

  • GX Gamer 8 months ago

    Kenny doni is comming for u

  • OrangeFox Addiction 8 months ago

    Congrats on 400k Kenny! You deserve way more though.

  • Oak Zap Gamer 8 months ago

    you have 400k subs

  • Joe G 8 months ago

    kenny you got so many noobs in your chat i feel sorry for youz. example 20:40

  • GAMING WITH D.O.D 8 months ago

    Congratulations on 400k Sub

  • Sevy Kandy 8 months ago

    Did u like drunk vikk music

  • Daniel Gibbs 8 months ago


  • BahjatTehKinq 8 months ago

    Gratz on 400k kenny!

  • Joel lim 8 months ago

    Hype for 400K SUBs!!!! Go! go! go!

  • Abdul A 8 months ago

    I was DYING at 50:00

  • Gaurav S 8 months ago

    Mine nether rack with a diamond pick to get many mining lvls

  • Louie mosca 8 months ago

    Besides season 1 this is the best season

  • PinguPlayz - Gaming 8 months ago

    ur so mean to Doni ;'(

  • Real world problems with alec ft. Rj and brook 8 months ago

    go to nether with efficiency V and mine netheracj easy mcmmo levels

  • Megadwarf 47 8 months ago

    now u cant make anvils for repair skill :'(

  • Megadwarf 47 8 months ago

    Congrats on 400k!!!

  • Aaron Flores 8 months ago

    omg Kenny has 400,000 subscribers

  • C4 Gaming 8 months ago

    Kenny make a boxing ring for all unarmed fights next to the arena. You can make bets and everything

  • fitness turtle 8 months ago

    kill zombie pigmen for axes

  • Niek Luijendijk 8 months ago

    How do items fall on the fround like that?

  • Donald Trump 8 months ago

    Pete: kenny let me know when you have low health
    *kills kenny*
    Kenny: I’m low!

  • Majik518 8 months ago

    Kenny, silk touch diamonds with Mcmmo. You have a chance of getting double ore and then you can fortune it for up to 4 diamonds.

  • manfest man 8 months ago

    ayyyyye congrats on 400k u deserve bc ur the funniest youtuber ik even funnier than lachlon

  • Bryan plays 8 months ago

    Subscribe to my channel I’m trying to get 50 or more subs in the first month

  • LivingWild - Minecraft & More 8 months ago

    Congrats on 400k subscribers

  • JumbledCables -Or also known as MadlyEvilWaffle 8 months ago

    level up acrobatics first, ez farm

  • Tayber16560 8 months ago

    I missed it I was here for 1min

    pete “tell me when you’re low”
    *kenny dies*
    kenny “i’m low”

  • Nicholas Richlen 8 months ago

    Kenny! What is the texture pack I love it?

  • the boss 8 months ago

    Did you record you chilling with vikk?

  • Monika Johnson 8 months ago

    Kenny get a beacon for your arena so you can turn on/off the regen buff to heal people
    Like so he can see it

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