MASSIVE MINECRAFT ISLAND FARM! If you enjoyed this video check out


  • Caleb Gebo 3 months ago

    neubie noob noob

  • cabulang show 3 months ago

    Chicken eats seed cow eats weat and sheep eats what cow eats

  • sales1161 3 months ago

    More gta pleassssssssss

  • sleepy head 3 months ago

    U guys should make another video of mine craft

  • cabulang show 3 months ago

    Hey is a thing in Minecraft and ocelot is a cat

  • Purpledin TeamMsp 3 months ago

    Do a chicken farm where the chicken lays an egg then it goes into the chest

  • Justin - Roblox and Vlogs 3 months ago

    Jelly is legally dumb. There is red stone blocks

  • JADE , 3 months ago

    jelly search your own skin on Minecraft and change the barn to brick block and changes the sponges to Hay bale because theres an actual Hay bale in Minecraft so just so you know and separate the horses to the animals

  • Abby Aguja 3 months ago

    jelly can u play minecraft more than gta huh

  • Enes Cihanlı 3 months ago

    Use bay hale

  • Srinivas Reddy 3 months ago

    U are the best

  • Tara blend 3 months ago

    The other side of the brige then the eats ther

  • CruGrady 07 3 months ago

    They can eat

  • Samuel Aycock 3 months ago

    But Jelly is still the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ΑΘΗΝΑ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΙΔΟΥ 3 months ago

    There is actually hay in minecraft

  • Wiki pedia _Xox 3 months ago

    I have a suggestion. Why don’t you build a house underground or underground house for the animals. One of the two would be good. Like this so Jelly can see :3

  • منى الظاهري 3 months ago

    Jelly you are so cool 😎 man bring it in man

  • Sinh Son 3 months ago

    is not going to eat the animals

  • Sinh Son 3 months ago

    but a wolf can eat the sheep

  • edwyn lopez 3 months ago

    Uhh jelly there’s hay in minecraft so you don’t need to put sponges

  • random guy 3 months ago



  • Gabi Gomez 3 months ago

    Jelly u know there is actually real hay bales in Minecraft for your animals

  • kalyis clark 3 months ago

    They have hay in the game

  • Brett Chapman 3 months ago

    how do you get on minecraft Jelly

  • Xavier Mitchell 3 months ago

    They have hay blocks

  • Raiyan Hassan 3 months ago

    but i am not mad at you
    Jelly & Sanna
    Love You guys!

  • veigsi cool 3000 3 months ago

    The vlog

  • Xander Sheehy 3 months ago

    You can ride lamas

  • Fluffy - Agario and CLASH ROYALE 3 months ago

    Why dont you use actulal hay instead of non-wet sponges

  • Timothy vasquez 3 months ago

    More Minecraft make more at least to 30 episode

  • Alfie Bowyer 3 months ago

    You have a hayblock

  • cool boy 92 3 months ago

    There is hay in minecrft you know or are you a booba

  • LitKid_Americo 3 months ago

    But jelly… wolves eat sheep. Nothing else but sheep. They can be tamed into dogs. Just dont spawn any sheep around wolves.

  • Dany So 3 months ago

    Do more video please

  • rajaridhuan 3 months ago

    one noob minecraft couples

  • You should spawn ocelots because if you feed them fish they turn into cats

  • rajaridhuan 3 months ago

    jelly you should use concrete block

  • Kane and Julian 3 months ago

    You can make a dog if you get a wolf and keep giving him bones until he turns into a dog

  • Savage_girl Crazy_ gal 3 months ago

    Ship name jellanna

  • Wiwiek Chandra 3 months ago

    Piay more minecraft!

  • Wiwiek Chandra 3 months ago

    Tame horses and ocelots to keep you safe from creepers in the next episode

  • x ninja 3 months ago

    Occolots dont eat animals they eat fish

  • Riley Fish 3 months ago

    Guys there is a hay block in the game FYI

  • Daniel Pie 3 months ago

    Jelly I’m a big fan please do more Minecraft videos

  • Cristopher Arciga 3 months ago

    Instead of the human brig you should make a tunel I really want to see that

  • Estela Huerta 3 months ago

    You should make allot of more space and then build a wall to keep mobs out

  • Riwaj Riwal 3 months ago

    Jelly try going to nether in next ep 😀 like so jelly can see !

  • Patel Asif 3 months ago

    there is hay

  • jereld susanto 3 months ago

    He is playing pocket edition cause we can see your charachter on the top left

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