• JOE Hopkins 2 weeks ago

    Hey python How about building a meeting evil stylish dame / Bridge maybe even building a small settlement around it

  • Copeland Corbett 2 weeks ago

    make a bace in the nether and the end.

  • Ilija Donev 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python , Can you make a cellar in your mansion

  • Jaydawgz 2 weeks ago

    Love the Idea of putting up things to show the person that suggested that room but instead of putting up signs you should use item frames and an item what resemble the room and name the item the name of the person that suggested it. E.g For the Aquarium use a fish, for the Libray a Book

  • JaguarBrickFilms 2 weeks ago

    Python, if it’s not too much trouble I would really love it if you brought back the fan art of the video. BTW, love the series. 🙂

  • Doralingus & Assorted 2 weeks ago

    your base is looking really good, its the main reason why im watching your single player series.

  • Yash Bhise 2 weeks ago

    Python, a suggestion, the aquarium seems a little blurry. You could add more kelp and sea grass to increase visibility in the aquarium. Great videos, love watching.

  • Dini Agustini 2 weeks ago

    Ferry nove build

  • Yaishwein Raj Balaraj 2 weeks ago

    The youtuber name is dallasmed65

  • hanna 2 weeks ago

    By the way your tip really helped.

  • adriel ulrick lasheras 2 weeks ago

    wow you watch Dallasmed65??

  • Chelsea Halama 2 weeks ago

    You should do a skyblock series!! Also, make a vineyard and wine cellar in the mansion; that would be cool!

  • Matthew Owen Vlogs 2 weeks ago

    I started watching this series since episode 1! I’ve loved this series and hope you continue it, Your A Great Builder Python! You deserve way more subscribers, I expected you to have at least 100000 subs! Please give keep this series going!!😊😄

  • Tony Hamilton 2 weeks ago

    Python, loving the new(ish) series. Keep up the great work!

  • dem91603 2 weeks ago

    To be honest, the past by the mansion is nice but kinda small and constricting.

  • The pokecactus49 2 weeks ago

    nice vid craig!

  • GamingPineapple23 2 weeks ago

    Do hermit craft again, that was my favorite series

  • Sadaf furquan 2 weeks ago

    Do a hermitcraft vid plzzzzzzzz.

  • Stephen Strickland 2 weeks ago

    can you make a atomatic wheat farm

  • Fortnite Master-4231 2 weeks ago

    Honestly your videos are great keep them up and btw I am getting back into Minecraft

  • ANTHONY FEHR 2 weeks ago

    you should make a room in the mansion a living room and a in side swimming pool

  • Maggi Camargo 2 weeks ago

    When are you going to add seconds or third floors to your mansion ,by the way I love your advice and thinking on minecraft!!

  • Het smiecht 2 weeks ago

    I think the overgrown leaves don’t really fit with the idea of a modern house.

  • Princess Luna 2 weeks ago

    Python, you could make a grand hallway somewhere. I think it is a pretty cool idea. Btw I love your videos, keep up the great work.

  • RulerC 2 weeks ago

    Python. Are You Going To Attend Minecon Earth In London On The 29th Of September? You Could Join Grian And Mumbo By Supporting Minecon!

  • Danielle Minard 2 weeks ago

    Python you could add a bedroom in one of the rooms

  • Davina Grewall 2 weeks ago

    How about making an observatory room in the mansion because it’s on a hill/mountain thingy so it’d have amazing views. You’ll also be able to see Flora Valley and Python Industries! Love your vids Python!!😄

  • Anuj S M 2 weeks ago

    PythonMC you have stated it a few times now that you will have villages roaming around in flora valley and you even went ahead and villager proofed all the entrances and stuff. Maybe make a villager breeder of some sort and populate flora valley. It well then feel a lot more alive and finished. Love your vids.

  • Ethan Miller 2 weeks ago

    Python your mansion is starting to look like a bunch of random cubes. you should add something like a round tower

  • Ryan Martin 2 weeks ago

    Python, why don’t you put signs over the maps to show which is which

  • TownOfTyrone 2 weeks ago

    Would you consider making a room in your mansion a room that is just based on your fans for example you could have the common question of the day in the room

  • Ambz Beekz 2 weeks ago

    you shout but a king chair

  • Nexture ッ 2 weeks ago

    Podzol was added along time ago

  • xavier wonch 2 weeks ago

    Python you should go to the tundra and tame wolves and go to the jungle to tame ocelots and make a pet room!! love your videos keep up the graet work buddy!!

  • Lego Ninjago 2 weeks ago

    Can you explore please???? I wish there wouldn’t be as many building episodes.

  • Cephachrome 2 weeks ago

    omg 50K subs. Half way from 100K

  • Gorilla Antics 2 weeks ago

    Someones probably said this, but a trophy room would be pretty cool in the mansion, just a thought

  • king jj 13 2 weeks ago

    U could put an office in one room

  • Madison Elaine 2 weeks ago

    Hey python just wanted to say I started watching the series about 2 weeks ago, and got completely hooked on it, keep up the great work and the positive vibes✌🏻

  • Ravenskai 2 weeks ago

    love everything your doing and I thought that it would be cool if you built a animal pen near/in some of your future builds. love the adventures 🙂

  • Kian Laprade 2 weeks ago

    in steed of red creeper im a blue creeper

  • chase Lattimer 2 weeks ago

    python I think you should put a trophy room in your mansion with diamonds and gold and more

  • phantom 21 2 weeks ago

    Hey python!
    I am wondering.
    Will you ever build role play type rooms like restrooms ext.
    By the way congratulations on almost hitting 50,000 subscribers!

  • Israel Pastor 2 weeks ago

    How do you find find dihmaonds

  • Damon Garris 2 weeks ago

    Nice vid, since u said the courtyard is gonna be a ender build u can build an egg shaped build for the walls and the roof an make it out of obsidian black stained glass and purple stained glass .

  • nuekonochiii 2 weeks ago

    Python, about 4 days ago i found your channel looking for a better survival series to watch and i watched 50 episodes throughout those 4 days! Also for a suggestion from me is that you make a room in the mansion for a showcase of special things you’ve aquired for ex. Nether stars, dragon eggs, etc!

  • Ag Danish 2 weeks ago

    hey python i like the way you decorate your flora valley and the mansion its really good and i hope you add on more vilager at the flora valley to make it more like a town

  • Sparkly Donkey 2 weeks ago

    You should build a drowned farm with a zombie spawner over water and then they go into a tunnel where they drown and you can hit their legs. By the way grate vids

  • Putra Fairuz 2 weeks ago

    Hello python’s

  • Christopher Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    Remove the carpet in your enchanting room. It prevents you from getting high level enchants.

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