Today we take on the challenge of creating a carpet bombing flying


  • Original Pixel 3 weeks ago

    Does this work in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition?

  • Clevern Ame 3 weeks ago

    Needs a Stuka siren

  • Flip Flop 3 weeks ago

    Hey, so i was wondering is it possible to make a double piston door but the blocks extract in the same direction with a double piston extendor? Because im not a redstone pro then i can’t figure out if it is possible.

  • AssassinSlime 68 3 weeks ago

    Try making a flying machine that you can sit in and shoot bombs and missiles out of it.

  • to whom it may concern 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo. it needs to use a TNT duplicator and it needs to be wider and they should be slightly offset or timed differently so it makes a chess board pattern rather than stripes.

  • Stephen Venardos 3 weeks ago

    Can? You make it look like a plane?

  • Matteo Sinclair 3 weeks ago

    use despencers

  • EwhaZz 3 weeks ago

    You should make a “Moving-Firing Tnt cannon”

  • Ryan Vickers 3 weeks ago

    It’s cool but I do wonder what is the point when there are other designs that use TNT dupers which I think you’ll agree is objectively superior to having a finite quantity (and they also drop far more frequently)

  • Ivan Sadovenko 3 weeks ago

    Create a carpet bomber line; which destroys everything in its path. Also use a tnt duplication glich

  • The magic Potato 877 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo Jumbo: making abstract art in its best form

  • Duel Force 3 weeks ago

    rideable flying machine pls

  • JohnFord706 3 weeks ago

    War machines by Mumbo!

  • sneakyseeker s 3 weeks ago

    can you make a tutorial of this?

  • Doug Holmes 3 weeks ago

    This gave me an idea. Do you think you could build a missile the flies straight up and then shoots TNT off in a bunch of directions when it hits the build limit?

  • Jimmy Hancock 3 weeks ago

    Now build a mobile missile launcher 😀

  • Laukinton Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Add slime tnt catapult

  • brian dudley 2 weeks ago

    now, can mumbo make a carpet bomber that has a working tnt replicator on it like his cobblestone farm?

  • Rccamo3 2 weeks ago


  • John Dread 2 weeks ago

    I built a moving TNT cannon with the new update but its like maybe 66 block range for a ridiculous amount of redstone stuff, not to mention the reset is manual (as of right now)

  • The Sandbox Gamer 2 weeks ago

    Make the TNT in a feedtape so you can hold more of it. Also add an impact bomb on the front of it so it does ridiculous destruction

  • chessking 7524 2 weeks ago

    You would be extremely lucky if your house was between the 2nd to last TNT and the last TNT.

  • Wrathful Abyss Gaming 2 weeks ago

    See that iron block that gets triggered?! Replace it with a dispenser and fill it. OMG. Fires the tnt

  • Isaac The Destroyer of Stuped 2 weeks ago

    You should make on with a tnt duplicator attached

  • Sam iAM 2 weeks ago

    Cool but useless

  • Harrison Ashby 2 weeks ago

    You should give it a self-destruct function so that if it runs into something it will obliterate itself, removing most evidence.

  • Krosh Bot 9000 2 weeks ago

    its not carpet bombing its regular bombing

  • The Science Show! 2 weeks ago

    Can you show how to make these?

  • Joseph Garabiles 2 weeks ago

    Probably make the magazine a dispenser and fill it with tnt

  • mathnerd1992 2 weeks ago

    Now, make it stop when it fires the last one so you can reload

  • Samuel Haines 2 weeks ago

    What if the flying piston feed tapes were used to enable Redstone machines be able to send protocol to other machines, like hormones?

  • water bottle Bros 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you just use dispensers?!!!!!

  • Philapple05 2 weeks ago

    Arm your base with an arsenal

  • Philapple05 2 weeks ago

    Imagine the house that is under the last peice of tnt’s dropping point: they thought their house was about to be destroyed and the next house after that thought they where safe, but then the tnt bounces ahead to the next house..

  • Philapple05 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft: Civil War

  • Lee Jin Wyn 2 weeks ago

    What about using a dispenser with tnt instead?

  • Bean 3333 2 weeks ago

    Really cool design! You should do some more windows 10 redstone because you can move chests and dispensers. It would be a cool idea to make a floating house with chests! Love your channel

  • mgabrysSF 2 weeks ago

    Have them drop tnt carts instead.

  • BishopJAC 2 weeks ago

    I love your ideas and your persistence 👍🏻👌🏻

  • FireTiger 2 weeks ago

    couldn’t you use a where the tnt that gets activated is? it would dispense much more tnt

  • Why yes I like tide pods 2 weeks ago

    The blitz of 1940

  • Mr Porkchop 2 weeks ago

    Please do a tutorial because I can’t work out how to make it

  • RandomPhail 2 weeks ago

    Minecraft should allow wireless remote detonation of TNT somehow.

  • erenucum1 2 weeks ago

    mumbo never ends a video without making the design bigger. this is the first time he has done that…

  • KingTwiggNL 2 weeks ago


  • Icey Playz 2 weeks ago

    If you make it a missile and figure out a Way to use a tnt duplication thingy for an unlimited amount of tnt and an explosion if it hits a building

  • CaTastrophy427 2 weeks ago

    Are droppers not a thing? That’d increase the magazine size to a few hundred, and with a hopper and chest, that’d be tens of thousands

  • Dooglaer 2 weeks ago

    Now that you’ve figured out how to do this, you should figure out how to make a tunneler of some sort (It goes in, grabs blocks, then pulls them out). Then hook it up to an automatic miner like your 2 farms.

  • Maciek Curulak 2 weeks ago

    Now make ultra-rapid tnt cannon!

  • Speykious 2 weeks ago

    Argh, I’m doing the french translating of this video, but this is so much difficult to retranscribe things like “it makes its way up like that and stays where it is, waiting for the piston to push it up. So there we go…” x_X’

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