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Today we build a


  • Gota. Io Good 2 weeks ago

    Heart? ❤

  • Alexander Cross 2 weeks ago

    It looks very cool!

  • Alexander Cross 2 weeks ago

    well, the first design.

  • Alexander Cross 2 weeks ago

    to look at

  • ToastGhost1 2 weeks ago

    It looks like the camper van

  • Sim Sim 2 weeks ago

    His redstone skills is awesome

  • Zugglybug games 2 weeks ago

    The world is bugged, I can’t find the bunker, can I try using coordinates? My download may be corrupted

  • Spencer XYZ. MC 2 weeks ago

    @Minecraft Make a turn on/off toggle for dropper clicks and dispenser clicks.

  • INSTINCT GAMER 2 weeks ago

    This was made on my b day

  • manolisgaming 808 2 weeks ago

    master Mumbo can you make a how to at this base?

  • FunGi Mushroom 2 weeks ago

    Grian should be proud

  • Msp: XKadashi 2 weeks ago


  • nice vid what is your next projects on the filming channel

  • Kitsune Hanson 2 weeks ago

    Now the real challenge would be to live in something that small for hermit craft. Also, your exit launcher, does it work for survival? Know that some things that work for a creative player won’t for survival. And do you have enough time to use elytra?

  • yoshiflash5 2 weeks ago

    So so epic my dude

  • Dont mind me 2 weeks ago

    Its crazy to me that you do this off the top of your head, its just INSANE

  • Mrextreme 2 weeks ago

    Can you do redstone lessons or something like that

  • A Welsh Fellow 2 weeks ago

    Mumbo is so nice to his fans

  • Geeky 35 2 weeks ago


  • This Redstone build is actual quiet pretty inside! Well done mumbo

  • Yashab Daniel 2 weeks ago

    An infinite water source underwater….. nice

  • ChaosNe0 2 weeks ago

    Disappointing. I was waiting for the flooded underwater cave with a separate pool in its center and a roof made of glass to view the sky through the ocean. (And don’t forget the pier that reaches from the base to the pool through a wide, naturally looking cave-passage)

    Just kidding, it would be cool if you built all your cool structures in one world and linked them narratively. Exploring that would be mindblowing.

  • Myles Scafe-Gallegos 2 weeks ago

    Quick question, how do I find the bunker? You spawn in the middle nowhere.

    (edit): Nevermind I found it

  • The mining Luigi 2 weeks ago

    This reminds me of Mumbo’s base.

  • Hey Mumbo just wanted to say that i really enjoy watching ur videos. Been getting back into minecraft after quite a few years and ive just been loving it. Im watching season 5 of hermitcraft whilst im playing myself and its a ton of fun. keep up the good work!

  • Mindle 2 weeks ago

    you forgot the missile silo

  • EnderGamez 2 weeks ago

    Love it mumbo! Keep up the great work!

  • Salty Seltaeb 2 weeks ago

    Lighting would’ve been nice

  • SniperGamesOP 2 weeks ago

    Mumbo: Now I don’t know about you guys, but

    Me: I’m feeling twenty-two

  • SniperGamesOP 2 weeks ago

    10:16 lightning timed perfectly XD

  • Xavier Steffes 2 weeks ago

    An infinite water source in the middle of the ocean? Is that necessary?

  • Mary&AJ H 2 weeks ago

    i think mojang should either add an underwater boss or tameable sharks that act like wolves that dont drown that is tamed with fish.

  • Burning Mammoth 2 weeks ago

    Who remembers when redstone used to be cactus, sand, and a crap ton of signs.

  • Connor Leary 2 weeks ago

    I love it but I would like some more Let’s Build series

  • ShadowMagyk 2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know the coordinates of the entrance?

  • Sid Kelavkar 1 week ago

    Would it be difficult to connect it all together, so when you come through the door it all works, and when you leave everything retracts.

  • _Climate_ 1 week ago

    Underwater bunker… But no aquarium?

  • Rasn_Knight 1 week ago

    I’ve been watching you for 3 years now, and this is definitely one of my favorite underwater projects you’ve done so far! Good job!

  • Christopher 1 week ago

    wha? no hidden crafting table?

  • ahmed4363 1 week ago

    Grain Would be Very happy to upgrade the Inside of the base
    and one of your best bases since 2018
    Haha <3 u Mumbo... Actually everyone does XD
    ur thumbnail looks awesome
    ok i'll shut up... UR AWESOME.. i can't shut up 😐

  • yolo spinner spinner 1 week ago

    the best video from the best youtuber

  • deathsteal1 1 week ago

    Have the boat drop on the slime then have it shoot to the ocean top then shoot you

  • ergi syurya 1 week ago

    team work with grian to make bunker you work the redstone and grian the building

  • hypnautic Wolf 1 week ago

    How do you get out!?? (Not the emergency exit)

  • Kalle Borup 1 week ago

    And then we got the bub bub bub bub

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 1 week ago

    Fabulous bunker, but how do you get out? Does the airlock work in reverse?

  • JustABritishNerd 1 week ago

    The AFK fishing farm still works, although you have to be wary of phantoms as once I got 3 and also a drowned with a trident when I came back.

  • Oogle Mascot 1 week ago

    @MumboJumbo why not put a pressure plate by the corner aquarium then it activates the blocks. A step and view.

  • Amir Grossman 1 week ago

    You are awesome I love your redstone videos

  • backspace890 1 week ago

    aquariums mumbo! aquariums.

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