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  • nathan cr 2 weeks ago

    can you plz make on hermit craft server its so cool and you could launch your self into space 🙂

  • Jamie Donaldson 2 weeks ago


  • Gregory Lazatin 2 weeks ago

    I’m guessing that the location looks like mars

  • Greaterspy 31255 2 weeks ago

    It from hermitcraft season 4

  • RedMikePumpkin 2 weeks ago

    You should make a mars base in that world

  • RedMikePumpkin 2 weeks ago

    You should make it so that you can ride the rocket

  • Jif * 2 weeks ago

    Is it the hermicraft 4 world?

  • siddhant Chhallani 2 weeks ago

    You must be a scientist you are the best

  • Crazyshooter 135 2 weeks ago

    The Mesa biome looks like mars

  • Nextcar500 2 weeks ago

    Season 4 Mesa biome start

  • Nishaanth Balakrishnan 2 weeks ago

    doesn”t rockets be powerd by fuels and dont they seperate in stages ??so can u makesome flame under it and some some parts seperating

  • Daniel White 2 weeks ago

    good job mumbo. impressive as usual 😀

  • BishopJAC 2 weeks ago

    Wow! Aerospace engineer!!! As I always say! Genius!!!

  • Heath 2 weeks ago


  • TheElementalOwl5 Owlsandme 2 weeks ago


  • James Sharpham 2 weeks ago

    The Mesa looks like Mars

  • Scarlet Shadow 2 weeks ago

    You like the area coz of hermit craft season 4?

  • OmegaDoesThings 2 weeks ago

    Genuinely wish there was a love react for videos, because this one was… *puts on sunglasses* out of this world.

  • GraveTheReaper 2 weeks ago

    this build for the Hermitcraft 5 Finalle

  • Artin Khoshkholgh 2 weeks ago

    Play fortnite

  • USonicPlays 2 weeks ago

    ‘Ermitcraft 4

  • Mr. Noodle 2 weeks ago

    To the MOON!

  • Marc Boutilier 2 weeks ago

    try using the structure block they are really handy

  • Dr. LukaG 2 weeks ago

    The rocket looks like R-7 rocket from Russians

  • William Madl 2 weeks ago

    S4 Urmitcraft biome For the win!

  • Jolo Balino 2 weeks ago

    design your rocket it’s like a perfect and like a real life

  • The Slime Diamond 2 weeks ago

    Mesa because it looks like mars

  • Timmy Dapdap 2 weeks ago

    I always want
    To go to the
    Moon in Minecraft!

  • Ngô Nguyễn 2 weeks ago

    You should have some smoke below the rocket

  • Dylan Lewis 2 weeks ago


  • Minefest MC tricks and tips 2 weeks ago

    Hermitcraft se4 seed

  • Vortex Lord 2 weeks ago

    NASA Aprove! Clap clap*

  • Bayley Anderson 2 weeks ago

    One of the coolest redstone projects yet! Loved it!

  • Das Blaue Schaf xD 2 weeks ago


  • CaptainBushyBear 2 weeks ago

    does it not look like mars

  • Connor Loughrey 2 weeks ago

    Good as vid Pls build on the hermitcraft server one day Bumbo

  • TTPS OU Ke 2 weeks ago

    because it looks like mars?

  • DragoFury 2 weeks ago

    Where’s the shuttle on the side of the rocket?

  • Rathori Khass 2 weeks ago

    I thought tank was impressive, but after the walking robot and this I have no doubts left that Mumbo can build literally ANYTHING

  • Reece Gibson 2 weeks ago

    Build a working volcano that erupts! P.S. I haven’t thought this through…

  • HeavenCrafter 2 weeks ago

    no downloads? sad

  • Red ExplosiveZ 2 weeks ago

    How about you use facecam every video you make :L

  • Gregory Cole 2 weeks ago

    Hermitcraft Season 4, the Mesa. Season 4 is the best season.

  • Kyryzard 2 weeks ago

    Remember the missile silo from season 4?
    Pepperidge farm remembers.

  • lawrence wei 2 weeks ago

    Stop making grian cry again

  • lawrence wei 2 weeks ago

    Forgot to add the booster rockets

  • KSIPGAMER 2 weeks ago

    Please give us this build/map

  • KSIPGAMER 2 weeks ago

    Your videos never seize to amaze me

  • James Scott 2 weeks ago

    You like the location because that’s your favorite biome.

  • Fizz Be With You Aquino 2 weeks ago

    Mumbo Jumbo Is The Best!!

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