• RayquazaBoy89 Games 2 weeks ago

    Beef idk why blazes aren’t getting damage by water but in updated Minecraft it should

  • JSRuers66 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only on that thinks its weird to see Beefs hand not bloody?

  • bones669 adam 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you change the walls around yr spawners to gold.. diamond..iron..and emerald blocks instead of hiding them?

  • Fresh Mayo 2 weeks ago

    Regarding your ‘stash island’, were you not planning on replacing the walls of your spawners with their respective blocks (gold, iron, emerald, diamond)? I’ve been expecting you to do that this whole time. x.x

  • tbone 2 weeks ago

    #bow problem: a hopper underneath the first hopper would pull out the bows, since they can’t go in the chest (i believe)

  • MrSplendid 2 weeks ago

    Bro, why not charge people for island visits? It costs you nothing and they get the achievment

  • DeathMetalinfedel 2 weeks ago

    Visit Bdubs island and see what a cactus farm should look like and make a good cobble farm. You can make a crap ton of money from diamonds with fortune and them beacons w/haste ll

  • Joshua Bangert 2 weeks ago

    Whenever you get stuck down there use /is go to get back up top. Plz shout out TBOTA if u use this. Also ur amazing😛😛😛

  • FeelItRising 2 weeks ago

    raise the dang spawners up

  • Rhett Doolin 2 weeks ago

    You should use /is go anytime you fall into your pits or need the get back to the middle of your island.

  • Brian Hyde 2 weeks ago

    Make an item filter for arrows and bones (so you’ll have 2 filters) then make have the bows put into a dispenser and shoot them into lava thus only having arrows and bones! There are ton of tutorials on this and it would solve your problem and they are fairly simple to build it takes up around a 2 by 3 space per filter

  • rednekdavis _89 2 weeks ago

    U need to get the fly Park from the drop party keys or try to by one so u can fly and work on ur island

  • Robert Collings 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you decorate the insides of the iron golem farm with diamonds, emeralds for the slimes, etc.

  • rednekdavis _89 2 weeks ago

    U should learn how to use the building printer to

  • I Just Triggered You. Lel. 2 weeks ago

    Look up an item sorter and build it for your skeleton farm. Only the arrows and bones will go into chests and the bows will not. You can lead the items that don’t get sorted (bows) into a hopper leading into a dropper that points into the void. Then you can build a hopper clock next to it that activates the dropper every second or two (with hopper clocks there is very little lag).

  • Siddhant Roy 2 weeks ago

    Yo beef upload more Skyblock videos these are fun!

  • Kyle Medd 2 weeks ago

    Your blaze farm and skeleton farm might be slightly affected by the light let in through the glass where they drown. You should either extend the tunnel they go through, or make the glass solid blocks. Keep up the awesome videos!

  • keidor041 2 weeks ago

    That’s Dick Dastardly not Mario.

  • DuelScreen 2 weeks ago

    LOL! Beef called me a genius!

    I hope the cactus solves your stuck slime problem. If it doesn’t work it’s probably due to changes they made to the mob AI. So if not contact the server admin. I’m sure they’d be interested in adding that functionality if possible since it should provide an efficiency boost for the server. Fewer entities, you know.

  • Kayson Hillyard 2 weeks ago

    Beef you should just build a sand generator

  • Cassidy 2 weeks ago

    Beef do “/points shop” and see what you can buy

  • The Gaming Zombo 2 weeks ago

    try to right click the banners

  • Jon Wit 2 weeks ago

    i guess my sub box isnt working today only listed one of your videos for some reason.

  • Ellen 2 weeks ago

    btw, if you ever stuck somewhere inside your island (spawner etc), you can use /is go to teleport to the top of your island, instead of mining your way out

  • RiverSiege 2 weeks ago

    Things are working at the moment so maybe not necessary anymore but magma blocks deal constant damage to mobs standing on top of them, WITHOUT burning drops. A little bit of ingenuity needed but they even work under water streams so you can make conveyer belts that deal damage with them.

  • Scott DuBois 2 weeks ago

    When ur in a spawner just do /is go and it will take u to the top

  • NoobSniper 2 weeks ago

    Yep, realized after the fact that a single hopper system can’t filter out anything since it would simply deposit itself into the chest. I tried haha 🙁 Great solution to the slime farm, that makes a ton of sense. For the cactus farm, while it may not produce thousands of cactus per hour, it is efficient in that MOST drops will fall into the water. I’m sure you’ve seen the massive 100+ block tall cactus farms at some point. Those end up being more profitable purely because of their gross size and number of cactus. But I think most would agree that your current design is much more aesthetically pleasing 🙂

    Regardless, that iron farm is definitely going to be your big money maker. Throw a void chest (when you get one) in that system since both poppies and iron ingots can be automatically sold and you’ll be afk, making BANK. They recently changed the way the mobs stack (and drop loot). The entire stack will die and drop their loot if they’re killed by an environmental factor (cactus, drop damage, or in most cases, from lava damage). It not only reduced lag on the server but made most farms significantly more productive. Keep stacking those spawners to the top and you’ll be making 200-300k/hour alone from them.

    GG on island level 500+!

  • TigerEye16 Roffel 2 weeks ago

    I’m not really used to Beef’s new minecraft hand yet XD

  • Ralia_StarSh¡ne 2 weeks ago

    use glass panes instead of fences and put just on in between two cacti not in the corner of four, I think thats more efficient

  • TheMschreiber 2 weeks ago

    Beef I got to show you something on my island.

  • Manchlax 2 weeks ago

    Love this video beef!

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Make item elevators so it’s easier to collect

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Beef make a super fast Cobble farm and make a haste Beacon

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Beef try putting the iron golem farm and the blaze farm together maybe the iron golem will kill kill the blaze and the lava will kill the golems just an idea

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Beef u could put a piece of stone block up for sell for 100k and someone will buy it lmao

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Ladder climbing simulator 2018

  • humane monkey303 2 weeks ago

    Lol who else yelled out “CHALLENGES BEEF!!”

  • Cole Scharffenorth 2 weeks ago

    I think you need to make the islands point more drawn out. So make the distance from the top of the island to the point longer. I hope this makes sense + love your vids.

  • Cole Scharffenorth 2 weeks ago

    Make an item filter for the skeleton spawner

  • Rouverius 2 weeks ago

    It sounds like you want a “Compact Automatic Item Sorter” but it looks like a very redstone heavy project. Up for a challange?

  • Yukon_Hero 2 weeks ago

    If you want vines, plant a jungle tree. If you can’t find the sapling in the shop, buy jungle leaves and break em. Also, the guy who mentioned putting items in the hopper is correct, but you have to lock it by using a comparator, setting the items it locks to 22. Put 22 bones in it, and it will only take bones. Anymore than 22 in the hopper will go into the chest.

  • Charlotte O'Neill 2 weeks ago

    How to join server?

  • ywjpheej yang 2 weeks ago

    beef the trick is to wish for the opposite of what you want.

  • Laurence Cotter 2 weeks ago

    Making money moves? Cardi B reference Beef?

  • danthemanxf 2 weeks ago

    hey beef, in the old days a sign would trigger the cactus to drop also, so you could theoretically remove all the fence posts and replace them with signs to have no collision with the above items – test first though – other option is maybe the fences on the higher level will guide the items to fall straight down and not land on the fences below

  • danthemanxf 2 weeks ago

    another tip is to plant your crops in rows, alternate crops from each row – there is a bonus or something (or a penalty avoided) when the surrounding blocks are tilled and irrigated soil, planting in rows is most efficient because when it looks around the crop it looks for the same crop, row is most efficient despite having 2 next to it

  • Chemiical Alert 2 weeks ago

    Make a beacon island and make them all different colors then inside the island can be your storage room

  • Jacob Code 2 weeks ago

    Apparently beef has never done an item filter with hoppers.

  • Black mits 2 weeks ago

    On the cactus farm you need platform space wood sand cactus fence post then wood sand cactus fence post in that order

  • Hopetoun Street 2 weeks ago

    Anyone know how to join this server I put the ip on the description in to minecraft and it didn’t come up w/ a server

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